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Treats for cats: how to choose, reviews, do it with your own hands - Morkot about cats and cats

Treats for cats - this is not food from your table. Even if "a bit", even if "only once."Such treatments will definitely not benefit the animal.

Cats' delicacies are not the main food, but a dessert, intended to pamper the pet and earn points for the owner.

Table of contents

  • The rating of the cuisine for the cats
  • How to choose the treat for cats with your own hands
  • How to choose the treat for your cats
  • Reviews of the treat for cats

What is the treat for the cat

The cats are enriched with vitamins and minerals, meat protein, specially preparedaccording to the recipes of "attractiveness" for a cat.

Treats for cats: how to choose, reviews, do it with your own hands - Morkot about cats and cats

Why give a treat?

  • to pamper the cat and give it a new taste sensation
  • to motivate the cat to start hunting for luscious and thus entertain the
  • to divert the cat from the fragrant host food and offer it a useful alternative to
  • so that the cat is not bored in the absence of the owner of the
  • to praise its taste forpatience( with such unpleasant procedures as pruning claws, eyelashes)

What kind of delicacies for cats are in the finished form?

  • Neutral

These delicacies for kittens and cats are only good if the host from time to time arranges entertainments of unprecedented generosity, as producers generously flavor neutral sweets with sugar. So it's not so neutral these neutral pebbles, pillows and marmalades, created for the entertainment of cats.

  • Vitamin

Visually they differ from the first group in form( most often it's all sorts of hearts, circles, mice) and in content. It contains vitamin and mineral complexes. That too, then it is not healthy - an excess of vitamins can damage the cat, so vitamin treatments should be given dosed and at a strictly certain time.

  • Nutrition

On the delicacies of high nutritional value the indication "snack" is indicated and they are usually produced in the form of sausages or slices of natural meat. There are no harmful additives in snacks and they can sometimes be a full-fledged meal.

  • prophylactic

As is clear from the title, such treatments( pastes, pillows, pills) appoint veterinarians for the health of the cat.


Before you buy delicacies, study the packaging - it will necessarily write the age from which they are allowed, the number and composition.

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Rating for cats


Veterinarians are unanimous in the fact that the domestic cat needs to be further fostered with vitamins and minerals. Treats for cats Orijen( 3 calories per 1 slice) contains vitamin-mineral formula, and almost 100% meat and 0% cereals!

Many find it difficult to find differences between Oridan's delicacies and Akan's delicacies. Both premium brands. In principle, there are differences in the finished feed. Yes, Oridhen is always more in percentage than the Akan, meat protein, but less carbohydrates. But in the delicacies the principle of one - a lot of protein and, as a rule, it is a protein of one species.
Treats for cats: how to choose, reviews, do it with your own hands - Morkot about cats and cats
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Rural cuisine for cats

Sausages, straws, slicing and even bubbles for cats - all this produces as a delicatessen by a Russian manufacturer.

Treats for cats: how to choose, reviews, do it with your own hands - Morkot about cats and cats

Rural cuisine for cats does not contain preservatives and dyes and is made from rare varieties of meat - duck, lamb, salmon.

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Treats for cats: how to choose, reviews, do it with your own hands - Morkot about cats and cats

Pads Paddies contain 2 calories each. During the day it is recommended to give cats only a few pillows( 4 pieces per 1 kg of animal weight).It's not good for kittens!

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Treats for cats: how to choose, reviews, do it with your own hands - Morkot about cats and cats

Original milk, vitamin preparations with herbs, pasta, mascarpone tablets, taurine pads, chewing sticks with vitamins - the German brand produces products for different age groups and different state of health of cats and cats.

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This brand produces both vitamin treatments for kittens and adult cats, as well as traditional sticks and pillows.93% of meat and the absence of GMOs are obvious advantages of the traditional delicacies of the Mnyms.

And vitamin drops, etc., in addition to the enrichment functions, are suitable for cleaning the teeth of a cat.

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Traditional delicacies for kittens and cats perform several more important functions - it helps to extract wool from an animal's body. Dental series takes care of the oral cavity, Vitaliti enriches with vitamins, Heabol - prophylaxis of trichobiozar formation.

Pro cat

The share of protein in the line of delicacies of this brand - 30%.A favorite cat's delicacy may be useful. Pro cat has options for cats with sensitive skin, and a series for oral care.


Fluffy delicacies and sausages of this firm are used both for the promotion and cleaning of teeth. We are all obliged to warn you that on the Internet there is often information that the brand uses the technical hydrogen peroxide in the formulation, which, by dilution, proves the preparation for the desired solution, also often uses low-quality meat with possible shelf life. As far as this information is reliable, we will not judge, but warned - armed!

Edel cat

The German brand puts cats and cats with cream soups and chewing sausages. Cream soups are not very high-calorie, and chewing sausages are distinguished by good edabelnostyu.


Felix relied on the originality of the flavors - here you have both cheddar, and gouda, and salmon, cod and trout. Our point is that it is better to keep the food and food of the economy class away from the cat.

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Video about the various treatments

Recipes for cats with their own hands

Ready-made delicacies - a versatile product that can be given to both those who sit on the finished menu and those who are on a natural diet.

But if you are a supporter of purely natural tested products, then prepare the treatments for cats with your own hands:

  • Mix in a blender: 150 g canned tuna, oatmeal - 150 g, 1 egg, 1 spoon of vegetable oil, cat mint, then form the ballsand bake them in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.
  • According to the same principle, you can prepare a mat with a mixture of beef liver( half a kilogram), 2 eggs, ground oatmeal( 300 g) and several olives. The mixture does not divide into balls, but unfold on a sheet and bake in this form in the oven. Cutting is carried out after cooking( cooking time - 30 minutes).
  • Make 50 gr of hard cheese on a grater, mix with 2 tablespoons carrot mashed potatoes, put out in olive oil. Add a quarter of a banana, 1 spoon of cream and let it boil. Grind 10 gr of chicken liver and pour it into a saucepan with other foods. Mix and remove the plate. At the end add 2 items.loatmeal and let the mixture stir. Do not pull a cat on your ears!

Video recipe

How to choose the treat for your cat

If you just want to pamper your cat, encourage it for good behavior, then choose soft treatments for cats - marmalade, jelly, balls, baked fillet.

For cats with a strong jaw and for animals that require prophylaxis of plaque, buy dry and semi-dry delicacies - gravels, sausages.

Cats at any age are recommended for the vitamins, selected for the age of the animal and the peculiarities of its existence.

For fluffy animals suitable treatments that prevent the formation of lumps of wool - paste, etc.

Preventive delicacies appointed veterinarian.

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How to give the treatments to cats

We have already mentioned above that the recommended daily dose should always be indicated on the package of delicacies.

But, as a rule, delicacies, brushes teeth, offer to cats 2-3 times a week after a meal.

Encourage delicacies give during the day 2-4 times.

Reviews about the treatments for cats

Irina: "My Scottish thick-footed cat was 2 years old when we decided to treat her with a bag of delicacies, Sanabel Thank-Snack. My cat is capricious, and here it is simply stuck out of hand! Of course, the first bag followed the second, and then the third one. We did not rejoice at the reaction of the cat. But it did not last a half a year, as in the cat on the stomach there were large sores. The veterinarian categorically forbade treats and we treated the cat for a long time. "

Nikita: "Sticks Mnimas began to bring a wife, and then I joined. A total of 4 sticks and all four of my two cats are worshiped. Each stick is packed in individual packaging, it is pleasing. But the sugar in the composition - not very pleased, but perfection does not happen? Some write that the sticks are enough for several dishes. In my case, the stick disappears in a matter of seconds. Can I have a kotpse?)) ".

Inga: "My Siamese cat was once a yard and since then it has problems with teeth. We clean them regularly and the cat still not used to this procedure( and, apparently, is not going to get used to it).That is why they bought "Silski lesoshchi" in the form of meat cut so that after cleaning the teeth to calm our Marquise. Pieces of delicious( I tried), not salty and very delicious in smell. My opinion is adhered to by Marquise and greedily eats everything we offer! "


The best treat for cats at moderate consumption will not bring harm, and the benefits of it are obvious. Read the inscriptions on the packages and do not substitute the tasty meals of the main meals!