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Gammat for dogs: instructions for use, price, useful properties

Gammat for dogs: instructions for use, price, useful properties

Gamavat for dogs - a complex preparation. But this is not a cure for any particular illness. It is a biotonizing agent used in the curative process from a variety of diseases, an ancestor of the body that is struggling with the disease.

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Useful properties of the drug

Gammat for dogs: instructions for use, price, useful properties This is an excellent universal prophylaxis.

Gamavit is sold as an injection. The main active ingredients in its composition are, first of all, sodium nucleate and a denatured placenta emulsified( NDE).

With the help of this complex of bioactive substances:

  • , an optimization of metabolic processes is carried out in the animal organism: protein, mineral, vitamin;
  • comes in the normal blood formula;
  • decreases the mortality of puppies, there is a more viable offspring;
  • dogs become more resistant to high stress and stress, and increases muscular performance.

In addition, this drug is an excellent biostimulator. It also promotes growth.

That's why the range of diseases for which the treatment and prophylaxis of which is used is so wide.

It is:

  • anemia;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • Pregnancy Toxicosis;
  • Pythometer for dogs;
  • postoperative period;
  • poisoning;
  • infectious and invasive diseases;
  • preparing animals for transportation, exhibitions and competitions.

A large number of studies, as well as the positive experience of veterinarians, have long confirmed the effectiveness of its use. The drug provides a quick recovery from any viral ailments, even as unpleasant as a plague. In the case of a dog weakened after an injury, severe childbirth, prolonged course of antibiotics, chemotherapy, stress, it will improve its condition. It will be a salvation to find, completely exhausted by prolonged stay on the street, and an excellent restorative remedy after surgery.

In case of intoxication, all kinds of hamoid are used as an auxiliary agent, and have proven themselves well in this role.

It will be a great way to prevent pruritus, childbirth, stress, and if you have to treat the puppies from anemia, rickets and various other illnesses.

Some videos on the subject

How to use the gammat for dogs

Gammat for dogs: instructions for use, price, useful properties Now let's go to the instructions for the use of gammatitis for dogs. Most often, gamma-wart injections are performed intramuscularly, you need to stab two or three times a month and a half in a week. In case of severe poisoning, the dosage is required for a five-dose, once administered subcutaneously( as well as intravenously or intraperitoneally).

When, after an infectious disease, the animal is depleted or dehydrated, and even developed intoxication, it will have to be stabbed about five days subcutaneously( or intramuscularly) twice a day.

Simultaneously with antihelmintic agents, when de-worming, possibly as a prophylactic measure, intramuscular administration of gammawatum to prevent anemia, as well as to remove toxicosis.

Antibiotics and antiviral drugs, as well as sulfanilamides - with these drugs it is safe to use a hamwort.

As a prophylactic measure, the drug is administered intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously, even given as a drink( per kilogram of dog weight of 0.1 ml).

As a therapeutic agent - 0.3-0.5 ml per kilogram of mass.

This tool can be considered conditionally harmless, because the gammawatts can be dogs of any age.

Price gamavita for dogs varies within 115-189 rubles.

No contraindications have been detected since its application, it is tolerated very well. It would not have been an individual intolerance. So, if you use this drug, you still need to look after the pet, despite the many positive reviews and assurances of veterinarians in his complete safety.