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Pitbull: the price of a puppy, a dog where to buy, a useful video, a dress, a meal

Pitbull: the price of a puppy, a dog where to buy, a useful video, a dress, a meal

No breed of dogs is hatched by so many controversial rumors and legends like a pit bull. The yellow press does not tire to write about the bloodthirstiness of these dogs, and the owners of the pit bulls claim that it is difficult to come up with the kinder, cleverer and more adept of the breed.

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  • Beginning of education and training
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If the dog, like any other dog, is not engaged at all, the dog will become an uncontrollable beast. Exactly the same as a Caucasian shepherd, like a Labrador, and even a small Thai Terrier. In order for dogs of this breed to grow intelligent, obedient, balanced pupil, the pit bull needs proper education, regular training and caring care. Buy them in nurseries, the price of the puppies of the pit bull is determined by the breeders.

Where to buy your favorite

The popularity of this breed is quite wide, so there are quite a lot of suggestions for puppies of the pit bull. It's not hard to go online and choose your favorite puppy. Or even easier - to walk in the bird market, and the seller himself puts you in the hands of a cute baby, but also will drop the price. However, it should be remembered - the life of the pit bullterrier, on average, from 12 to 15 years, and you choose a friend for a long time.

And this means that you need to buy a healthy puppy with a good, balanced nervous system. Therefore, it's better to ignore all the announcements in the newspapers, and at the bird market and completely forget the road - no one respects himself, the breeder will not carry his puppy to the market and will not mindlessly drop the price. But from sick and weak puppies, unscrupulous breeders are ready to snooze and for a scanty amount.
Pitbull: the price of a puppy, a dog where to buy, a useful video, a dress, a meal
You do not have to think that you can save, buy a puppy, cure it and enjoy a long life together. Most often, such puppies do not bring to the veterinary clinic. And if you manage to get it, then such heath amounts will be spent on treatment, which not every owner will get. In addition, one should only imagine what kind of nervous system has such a puppy and who of such a puppy will grow to not even mention the bird markets.

Puppies, even if you are not going to engage in breeding activities, should be taken only by responsible breeders, checked nurseries. You can find out about them in city clubs, in rock forums, you can personally get acquainted at dog shows.

One should not think that the prices for a puppy in a good nursery are always overcrowded. And the responsible breeder can buy a puppy at an affordable price. It is important to decide only for what purpose you want to buy a four-legged baby.

Even in good nurseries there are puppies who are healthy, with good data, but for some reason can not participate in the viscose and breeding work, for example, puppys, suffer from cryptorchidism( one egg instead of two).This disadvantage does not bring pain, suffering a puppy, but to participate in exhibitions and breeding activities, such a pet can not. So, the price for it is the lowest. But the owner, who is not going to breed offspring of these dogs, will be able to buy a beautiful friend of good blood at a very affordable price.

there are, likewise, puppies who in the future will be able to participate in breeding puppys and participate in exhibitions, but their puppies do not bear the breed value, they are ordinary, they do not have outstanding data. Such puppies are more expensive, but their price is not the highest.

And finally, the most expensive puppies are those that have not only a magnificent genealogy, but also represent the true value of the breed. Such puppies are very expensive, the price is difficult to pronounce because it can change instantly, depending on many factors. These puppies will not be able to afford for everyone, but if the owner cherishes a dream to breed their own puppys or open their nursery, then the price should not be oriented, it is necessary to take such a puppy necessarily.

You can buy a puppy in checked nurseries, from the responsible breeder.

There is one huge plus in this - a good breeder, as a rule, is busy with his puppies until the owner of the puppy becomes himself hardened knowing the doghead. Answers to any questions relating to your baby can only be obtained from him.

Beginning of education and training

From the first day of the arrival of a small pit bull in a new home begins the upbringing, training and training of the pet.

The first thing that should learn a kid - his nickname. It's not as hard as it may seem. Initially, the owner calls for a puppy when he wants to feed him. But the nickname should be repeated much more often than it is necessary to give the dog food. For this purpose, a simple reception is used - in a room where it should be quiet, the owner simply names the dog's nickname.

The voice must be friendly, not quiet and not too loud, the nickname must be pronounced clearly. The sound itself involuntarily attracts the attention of the puppy to the speaker, and he will turn his head, raise his eyes or even move. Any feedback should be encouraged. You can encourage it with delicacies, a joyful reaction of the owner, a toy. Later, the dog will take his nickname as a sign of "attention!".
Pitbull: the price of a puppy, a dog where to buy, a useful video, a dress, a meal
The next team, which is also quite easy to train a puppy, is the "sit" command. Dogs use, as a rule, two receptions for training this team.

You can use a physical contact. That is, call the dog to himself, using the nickname, then clearly say the command "sit", while maintaining the puppy for the chest and smoothly press the pelvis, fix the position, and then immediately reward the delicacies.

A reception is easier. Call the puppies for a nickname, and after the dog has come to you on call, show the delicacy, and, saying the command "sit", over the puppy's head bring this delicacy so that the puppy sat down. After that, immediately praise the puppy.

To fix, repeat these commands several times( 3-4 times), but do not be too careful to try to learn the puppy team at a time. It is better to repeat the exercise during the day.

From all written it follows that it is possible to deduce the formula of initial education of the pupil: first the name of the dog should be followed, then the team itself, then encouragement.

It should be emphasized that encouragement may not always be a treat. It may be a toy( as a sign of graduation), and gentle caressing and stroking, and just joyful verbal encouragement of the owner.

Dogs are very quickly accustomed to their nicknames, literally, in a few days. And after the nickname is well mastered, you should go to other points of education and training of the puppy.

Along with the training of puppy teams, one should hold and upbringing, which is mainly expressed in adjusting the behavior of the baby. All that is not allowed by an adult dog should stop immediately and always in the baby. No excitement, enthusiasm and admiration for the fact that, for example, the puppy climbed from bed to master, on a table, or settled down comfortably on a chair, having driven the guest away. The big dog will do the same and, in the future, nobody will be allowed to sit down in his favorite armchair. The dog should have a place to which she should be taught from puppys.

Joyful jumps to the owner or they should also be stopped immediately - this is an indicator of poor parenting. In order to escape the dog to jump to a person, it is best to give the command "sit" and only after the execution of this command, pat your dog. But babies can not always cope with joyful emotions, so to the too small pit ball, you can just go sideways, he will stop jumping. Then, however, give the "sit" command and wait until the team is executed.

Puppy is a kid, and you should not forget about it. You can not surround the child with one of the prohibitions, he should immediately be offered an alternative. You can not bite shoes, but rubber bone can, you can not climb on the table, and you can run around the ball, you can not sleep on the bed, but your own lounger is possible.

If the puppy should be raised from the first minutes, then serious teams should be trained with a dog only when the puppy is 3 months old. Some owners make a mistake by proceeding to the train with already 1-2 months. At this time, the dog is very tired, she is an interesting game, so she can treat the teams as games.

For example, by studying the command "to me", the dog may not perform it because of a stronger stimulus than the voice of the host. The dog can not concentrate, and there will be a feeling that commands can not be performed at all, and this can not be allowed. Especially with such a necessary team. Therefore it is not necessary to hurry.

When the puppies are 3 months old, it's time for serious training. It is obligatory. Pittle Terrier - a dog is very serious and strong, so she must perfectly perform any host team. However, an inexperienced owner can allow a lot of mistakes when working with his pet and not achieve the desired result. Therefore, you should contact the specialists. For dog training, there are cynological groups, experienced cynologists, special classes that can be conducted, both in the group and individually.

The first thing that happens in such dog "schools" is to practice obedience, or a general training course. It includes the most essential commands that are used in everyday life. But, most importantly, it's not even the teams themselves, but the owner's training to understand and communicate properly with their pet.

After the main training course is completed, the dog can be trained in all directions. Someone wants to go with their pet to attend a home care training course, who wants to improve the protective qualities, and someone is interested in growing a sports dog from his puppy. It will have to take place on other courses. The main thing is for the dog to listen to his master perfectly.

Useful video on the subject

Formation of baby food

In order for the puppy to grow not only intelligent but also healthy, it is necessary for him to prepare proper nutrition.

All those who keep dogs feed their puppies with three types of feed: ready to eat, natural food and food from the table.

Food from the table should be immediately deleted and forgotten. Here, this paragraph is mentioned only to emphasize that this is not categorically possible to feed. The fact that a person uses in his diet, the dog's body can not accept without severe consequences. A large amount of salt, spices, fatty varieties of meat and fish, sweet desserts - all this is disastrous for dogs.

Ready food - the right decision. However, the choice of such feed should be approached very neatly. Everything that is advertised on screens is not at all different from the high quality, and an experienced dog breeder will never take them. If you decide to feed the dog with ready-made dry or gelled feeds, then you should only buy premium food grade. Such feeds are very convenient - properly balanced carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals that are needed by the dog.

Not only that, there are a variety of manufacturers from all over the world for dogs of all ages, for breeds of different masses, there are special directions for dogs with diseases, even the activity of dogs is taken into account. Their only disadvantage is not a small price. Here the owner himself chooses - whether he should spend money on his convenience or pay for it money.

It happens that a very good ready-made dog food is not suitable; a pet may open a liquid stool, itching, eyes sore or other symptoms appear. To avoid this, it is best to consult with the breeder and feed the pet with the food that his mother eats. It is better to follow such a menu at the very first days of staying a baby in a new home. Stress relocation will be smoothed by the usual food.

Many dog ​​breeders prefer to cook their own food for themselves. The cooking process in this case is more labor-intensive, however, over time, becomes so commonplace that it does not deliver any worries.

With such a feed, only the cereals, meat and vegetables come. Groats are allowed buckwheat or rice. Used poultry meat, beef, veal, venison. Pork is not allowed to dogs, it's a crutch for a dog liver. Vegetables can be used either zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, colorado, etc. Beetroot can cause a liquid stool.

It is not bad at such a diet to give the dog, and especially the puppies, sour-milk products. Once a week you can include an egg in the diet. It is also given fish, but not fatty varieties and not river. Of course, in advance, the fish is cleared of bones and cooked.
Pitbull: the price of a puppy, a dog where to buy, a useful video, a dress, a meal
It is very common to hear that dogs give bones as food. It is necessary to treat the bones very carefully. Bones, by themselves, do not eat if they have no meat. In addition, bone poultry, and tubular animal bones, can not be given to dogs at all. When rigging, such bones break, leaving the edges sharp, like razors, which the intestines of the dog simply cut.

Such foods as chicken necks are so tightly packed in the gut that cause severe constipation.

In natural feeding, vitamins do not get enough, so once a month, you should take the course of taking vitamins. What to choose, you can consult with the veterinarian, and you can and ask the breeder.

It should be borne in mind that you can not feed the dog with dry food and natural food at the same time. The enzymes of the dog's body are so arranged that they can adapt only to a certain kind of food. Therefore, if you have a desire to transfer your pit bull from a dry food to natural food or vice versa, this should be done gradually.

So, we looked at all the features, photos of the pit bull, the price of the puppy and the dog( grown up), it remains to decide and take our best hairy friend.