Hemorrhoid Treatment

Charge for hemorrhoids: basic recommendations

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  • The importance of the sport
  • Useful exercises
  • Yoga classes
  • Therapeutic massages
  • Gymnastics during pregnancy

Charge for hemorrhoids: basic recommendations

As with any other illness, hemorrhoids require comprehensive treatment. Of course, ointments, pills, suppositories, folk remedies and even the

operation will have a positive result, but the disease is prone to recurrence, so the main thing - you need to change the way of life to completely get rid of an unpleasant illness.

The Importance of Sports with

Hemorrhoids The main factor leading to the formation of hemorrhoids is the blood clots in the pelvic organs. You can not prevent this by performing simple exercises that help strengthen the abdominal and perineum muscles. Charging should also be performed to normalize blood flow and improve blood flow through the veins in the internal organs.

The basic rule that should be observed in the treatment of this disease is the clarity and regularity of the exercise. After all, only in this case, you can achieve a tangible and stable result. Attending for at least 15 minutes, you can significantly reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, as well as the development of relapse after surgery.

Useful exercises

Charge for hemorrhoids: basic recommendations

With hemorrhoids you can swing, engage in running and other sports. Only weightlifting is contraindicated, as they cause increased pressure and, thus, can provoke the emergence of hemorrhoids. There are a number of simple exercises with which you can achieve positive results in the fight against hemorrhoids, and just always feel tone:

  • one of the most effective exercises is compression and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum and anus. Every day you have to do 2-3 approaches for 10 times, but doing the exercise can be anywhere, because it does not require any effort;
  • the next movement is done in the lying position, the legs need to bend and place on a solid surface. At each breath, the buttock muscles are compressed, and the pelvis rises to the maximum. On exhalation it is necessary to lower the pelvis, relaxing the muscles;
  • exercise "bike" is done lying down, legs need to mentally turn the pedals. With its help you can also strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and the press;
  • lying on the back to do legs in the air of the "scissors" movement. For this purpose, the legs are raised a little and the waves are made to the sides. This exercise helps to strengthen the press, as well as the pelvic and perineum muscles. The wider the waves are made, the more tangible the effect;

This charge is suitable for any age, it can be performed by a person who does not have a good physical fitness. You can also do "birch", but you need to be in good physical shape for this. It is necessary to lie on a solid surface, stick with your elbows on the floor and lift your legs, taking off the buttocks from the surface. So you have to stay as long as possible. With this exercise, you can strengthen the press, as well as strengthen the circulation of the limbs.

Yoga with

Hemorrhoids Yoga helps to increase the overall tone of the body, and also helps accelerate the treatment process when combined with other activities. A great variety of poses in yoga contribute to the normalization of the intestine, blood circulation, and blood thinning in the pelvic organs.

A large number of exercises allows you to choose the ones that you like most. It is necessary to perform them regularly and in good faith. For example, you can sit on the floor and straighten your legs in front of you. Slowly expiring to put the torso on his legs, and try to touch the head of the knees. Hold in such a position for 5 seconds and then slowly straighten. Run 5 times. The first week must remain in this position for 5 seconds, and then add every 1 second. You can do other exercises - poke the press, strengthen pelvic muscles and much more.

Therapeutic massage with hemorrhoid

Charge for hemorrhoids: basic recommendations

External and external hemorrhoids can be treated with massage treatments. Naturally, one massage will not bring complete healing, but will help improve blood circulation in the intestine and its work, eliminate the stagnation of blood.

Only a qualified masseur can do this procedure. The patient must first pre-empty the bladder and intestine. During the procedure, the patient becomes knee-elbow position, and the masseur develops techniques taken into the anus with a finger. To make the patient feel as comfortable as possible, wear a latex glove, and finger lubricate with vaseline.

Mostly a masseur produces two types of motion - vibration and stroking. Stroking should be done from the top down, and in the area of ​​hemorrhoids it is also easy to push. After stroking, the masseur produces vibrations. It is done with a finger, or with the help of a special device. After such massage it is necessary to perform a complex of procedures for strengthening the muscles of the rectum. It is worth noting that this procedure can not always be used, because in certain cases it is contraindicated.

Gymnastics during pregnancy

More than half of women after delivery are faced with such a delicate problem. Gymnastics for pregnant women with hemorrhoids does not harm the baby at all, and for the mother it is useful, because it allows you to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and the press, which is very useful during childbirth. It should be carried out twice a day for 5-10 minutes:

  • marching - standing straight, it is necessary, bending in the knees, to raise the legs as high as possible;
  • swing legs to make smooth swings in the sides, alternately with each leg;
  • slopes - standing straight, slowly and smoothly tilting to the sides;
  • sitting or standing, straining the buttocks and pulling the anus.

For hemorrhoids or for prophylaxis, you can swing press, run, practice yoga, gymnastics, walking, swimming. This will not only make you healthier, but will also contribute to faster and more effective treatment.

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