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Why do cats and dogs overwhelm, or an excursion into the history of taming animals

Probably many people have repeatedly heard the phrase "snuggled like a cat with a dog".It turns out that the hostility of two of the closest people to home pets was born long ago, once became the cause of the appearance of various orders. To understand the reason for the hostility of the smaller brothers, the

needs to look back far in history.

Excursion into history - the first point of

The first people were eating mainly by giving Mother Nature: various berries, roots, mushrooms;later large groups of people began to hunt for small animals, nevertheless the protein is much sharper than plant food, and even the caveman understood this. But in the mire of some partridges were attended by 20, and even 30 people. Do not eat too much meat. Here and there was a person to look for a helper, who can and drive the animal, and the farm will need. It happened more than 20 thousand years ago. The searches were delayed for a long time, but all the same the way out was found - the first donated animals, as well as the best friend of the person, became a dog. Now a man has appeared not only an excellent assistant in hunting, but also a good watchman, because the dog was mainly located outside the cave.

Why do cats and dogs overwhelm, or an excursion into the history of taming animals

More than one thousand years passed, and now a cat walking around, as is known, has taken a look at the man himself. They say that it was Murka who became the last tame animals. However, if you think. ..Has the man completely and unconditionally subjugated himself to a cat? Just look at how the dog behaves next to the owner, and what the cat does and becomes clear - the morchal still remained for animals, walking by itself.

At any time, when he wants to, the cat will come to get warm at the fire, and then go on his own affairs. The dog will be given away to his owner, but not in the house. One of the reasons for the hostility of modern Murka and Balls is that some scientists call it the cat could be in the house, and the dog - no.

Why do cats and dogs overwhelm, or an excursion into the history of taming animals

Yours do not understand

What does it mean if a dog is thrown by a tail? Of course, this is a pleasure, a kind of "hello" in the dog language, the joy of meeting or simply from what is finally a favorite host next to it.

And if the cat starts to wag their tail? It is better to go to another room, or you can get a claw-paw in your hands and even a soft spot - it's known to everyone. For turmeric swollen tail is the most important sign of aggression and irritation. If during the game with her favorite kittee the owner will notice the movement of the tail, he is likely to stop the game, because this action will express no interest, but anxiety and anger.

From the moment of fear and fear, the cats try to seem less: they squeeze their ears to the head, lower it, bend and try to diminish in size, squeezing and climbing. These same actions may indicate preparation for an attack. The dog presses the ears, bends, slightly twists its tail at the moment of subordination to the owner.

Why do cats and dogs overwhelm, or an excursion into the history of taming animals

Falling on the back and exposing the stomach, the dog looks as if showing it: "Pat, I obey and do not defend myself."However, the cat in the same pose is not ready for communication at all, but quite the opposite - it is aimed at attacking any of the most acute claws that put on the elongated legs for protection. Koteyko is clearly not inclined to submit.

Cat - the animal is freedom-loving and self-sufficient, it does not like flocks and companies, preferring meditation alone, and the dog constantly tries to impose its company. Balls are company animals.

Such examples of differences in behavior and movements can lead to many, but it will only strengthen the confidence of the person that the animals simply do not understand each other.

Also, do not forget that each pet is individual and takes owner's habits( of course, this does not mean that Barbosy or Murky will start, for example, to smoke).However, in a more sociable and cheerful owner, the animals will be more sociable.