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The world's smallest guy from the Guinness Book of Records - Mr. Pibbles

There are many dwarf breeds of dogs. Usually they are taken out specifically for hunting( such as taxis) or emotion( chihuahua, various breeds starting with that( toy)).But did anyone see dwarf cats? Of course, the right can be considered the Singaporean breed of

, the smallest of domestic cat breeders. Incidentally, this breed is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest of existing domestic breeds of cats. But there are exceptions.

There is now one very small cat on the planet. Very small - the length of the body of this boot is only 15 cm( of course, without the tail), and the weight - some 1300 grams! Imagined such a baby? But this is not a child at all, and the adult is quite a cat named Nick Peebles, who at the age of two had such indicators of weight and growth.

The world

Mr. Piberts's share( such a translation offers a number of sources, so each reader can choose the preferred version of his nickname) is rather complicated. Usually a cat can not grow for several reasons. This is a bad nutrition, and genetic defects, and a serious infectious disease transmitted in childhood. Why a little creature grows very small or remains so tiny - it is certainly not known. Veterinarians can not give an exact answer why the pet remained petty. After all, parents of normal size may well be a very small miracle. Periodically, such kids fell into the Guinness Book of Records, as the smallest representatives of domestic cats.

In the same way, Mr. Pibbles became the record holder. Unfortunately, the first owner of this baby did not like that kitten is small, some kind of "dead" in appearance. As a fan of the American television series, Robin named the cat in honor of the sitter character, the Dwarf Doll. Every day Robin disliked Mr. Pibbles a lot more and sometimes even raised his hand on the baby. In the end, he decided to fit the cat in good hands.

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The veterinarian Donna Sassman, who visited Robin to vaccinate his dog, had such hands. Mr. Pebbles seemed to her a very nice and clever baby, so Donna asked for permission to take him to her clinic. At the request of the host reacted with the words that if she could catch this cat - let him take. And the kitten moved to the Good Shepherd Veterinary Clinic in the city of Beijing, Illinois, USA.Long-term observations of Mr. Pibbles's condition have shown that the kitten does not think any more. A complete survey wiped out all the doubts - the cat was completely formed, this is an adult healthy pet. A few more analyzes and a known cause from which the cat does not grow. The whole thing in genetic changes, which led to the stopping of growth.

Having collected all the necessary documents, the veterinary clinic staff applied to the Record Book. So, in 2004, Mr. Pibbles was registered and recognized as the smallest cat in the world. According to Donnie Sassmann, who has sheltered the miniature combo, Mr. Pebbles is a very playful and affectionate, very active cat, despite its small size. She also remembered that the cat loved to sleep with the hosts between the mistress and Mrs. Sassman, pressing her little beloved to the neck of her beloved hostess.

Cat food is great. Mr. Pibbles must fully eat 4 times a day so as not to lose weight, because this baby can also be pulled in the vacuum cleaner. ..

The world

In mid-2011, another challenger for the title of the smallest cat in the world appeared. His Hedge from San Diego in his 15 weeks( slightly more than 3,5 months) has grown to 8 cm in the sole, and he only scored 800 grams in the weight gain. While it's hard to say, he will beat Mr. Pibbles's record, but the book of the application has not yet arrived.
In 2013, Mr. Pibbles was 9 years old. He is healthy and wonderful. And his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren turned out to be quite normal. And how to understand Mother Nature?

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