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Alabai: breed characteristics, reviews, puppies, upbringing, care, plus

Alabai: breed characteristics, reviews, puppies, upbringing, care, plus

A dog is our loyal friend, and sometimes an assistant in life. Ready to hold it and give it as much time as necessary. This is especially true for the Alabai. Characteristics of the breed and

reviews of the alabae can be found in the article.
  • Characterization of rock and features
  • Alabai has a history
  • pet needs a real leader
  • What to consider when buying a puppy
  • Choose the appropriate nickname Alabama
  • helpful videos on the topic
  • necessary education and care
  • diet Alabai should be varied
  • Education Asians are not as hard
  • Pros &Disadvantages of Central Asian Shepherd Dogs
  • Reviews Breeders Breed

Characteristics of Breed and Features

Breed Alabai has many names: Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Trkmenskyy wolfhound, Asian and others. These are strong and massive dogs. Their growth in the neck reaches 75 centimeters, and weight - up to 80 kilograms. They have a big head, big but not long muzzle. According to the characteristics of the Alabai breed and the ears and tails of the pupils, they usually stop at the first days of life. Wool in dogs is thick and rigid, about 6 centimeters in length. The average life expectancy of an individual is 13 years. Typical coloring is not diverse. Usually they are gray, white or black with burns. Less common are red and tiger.

As far as consumerism is concerned, everything is ambiguous here. Due to the complex nature, Alabai can not always live in one house with other dogs. However, they will be committed to their host. Not easy to take care of, but learn from hard work.

To date, the cost of puppies of the Alabai ranges from 5 to 35 thousand rubles.

Alabai has the history of

Alabai appeared on the territory of Russia. Experts believe that this breed is about 6 thousand years old. Alabais occurred as a result of crossing the Tibetan mastiff and shepherd nomad dogs from Central Asia. The breed was not intentionally deduced. Everything happened naturally.

People took the Alabai to protect their homes and shepherd duties. Dogs differed in reliability and great vnoslivastiy. Dense wool protected from strong temperature changes, and thick skin was not on the teeth of predators.

These dogs are still popular in many parts of Russia, Iran and Afghanistan. They are also produced in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In Turkmenistan, they are considered to be the national property of the country, and they have even been banned from exporting abroad.

Alabai: breed characteristics, reviews, puppies, upbringing, care, plus

A nanny needs a true leader

Today, these dogs can often be found in the courtyard of the house. For the millennia their character has not changed. They all also remained excellent assistants in the household. Alabai can feed goats and sheep. Tightly guard your home from strangers.

Despite the characteristics of the Alabai, they need a special approach. The owner should not be soft and timid. This dog needs a leader. Only this will obey Alabai. For each owner, such a special course of obedience is not superfluous. In his process, the dog must understand who is dominant here.

In relation to other dogs and strangers alabais are suspicious. Sometimes a neighbor's dog may even cause aggression in Asia. They are good friends with cats, dogs and other animals at home. BUT!While they do not pose a threat to them or to the family. For the sake of caution, it is better to walk them on the leash. The children of the shepherd are kindly placed.

Asians are not considered to be fighting dogs. But this does not prevent the Turkmen from holding in their homeland fights with their participation. There is no excess aggression in the Alabai. They are confident in their strengths, so good fighters come out of them.

What to consider when buying a puppy

If you want to take a purebred dog, it is better to choose a puppy in a nursery that specializes in this breed. Here you will be sure that you will sell this asian, without impurities of other breeds. Healthy and grafted.

What to consider when buying a young alabais:

  • have a puppy must not be old - no more than 8 years old;
  • to avoid serious illnesses, it is worth choosing from the litter, where 5 babies have not appeared;The
  • can be taken from a puppy's sucker at the age of 1.5-2 months;The
  • in the small should have good appetite, playful character and smooth brilliant wool;The
  • puppy should be medium-sized - not too thin or thick;
  • has all the necessary documents and vaccinations.

It is worth noting that Alaba's bitch is softer and more pliable than a dog. Therefore, if there are children in the house, it is better to take it.
Alabai: breed characteristics, reviews, puppies, upbringing, care, plus
There are also breed standards. According to him, the asian should have a scissor bite. Lips should be loose. The head is wide and the forehead is flat. Big paws, the tail is thick at the base. Ears are already on the 3rd day of birth.

Puppy must be healthy. There should be no tearing eyes, wheezing, excessive salivation. Nose in healthy dog ​​wet. Fur to the touch is plush, without bumps.

Select the appropriate nickname alabai

Alabai can tell about the character or any external features of the animal. You should not call your dog human names. Also, it will be easier to train if the nickname is not too long, consisting of 1-3 warehouses.

Variants of corresponding alabama nicknames:

Vulcan, Zenith, Conan, Kubat, Pers, Pharaoh, Berkut, Sherkhan, Urals, Earl, Chingiz - for boys.

Palma, Hera, Weida, Jura, Gerda, Gina, Lima, Bert, Lightning, Storm, Elsa, Alva - for girls.

Useful video on topic

Necessary education and care

The first thing that needs to be remembered for the breeders of the Central Asian Shepherd - this dog will not be able to live in the apartment. He will have little space. And for family members, it can bring a lot of inconvenience, clinging to new curtains and fluttering food from the kitchen.

The most suitable option for your pet will be the yard, preferably it is large and fenced. Alabai is a proud animal. It will be unbearable for them to stay on the chain. It is better to avoid it and allow it to walk freely on the adjoining territory.

Asian will be a great partner for a person who loves hiking or jogging. So do not forget to take it with you.

As for aesthetic care, everything is easy. Although the wool is thick, care for it is needed at a minimum. Pick up a dog once a week. With the exception of spring: they begin to molt, so you have to scour the fur every day. And it is desirable to do it on the street. In addition, you sometimes need to clean your ears and cut the claws. All these procedures the dog will calmly carry.

Alabama diet should be diverse

A caring owner of this breed should know a few rules regarding Alabai's food:

  • The bowls should be on stands with a height regulator.
  • You can not feed Asian sausages and tubers.
  • It is necessary to feed not earlier than half an hour after a walk.
  • The feed should be balanced and high quality.
  • Alabama diet should always be high in calcium. This is important because they are prone to joint diseases. In winter, asians need to be fed more often with high levels of carbohydrates and proteins. And in the summer it is worth enriching the food with vegetables, both fresh and boiled.

    Alabai is required 2 times a day. At one time. The dog can be transferred completely to dry food. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has everything you need for a healthy dog. Also in the diet of an adult dog may be present meat( except chicken and pork), fish( non-fat), cereals and vegetables.
    Alabai: breed characteristics, reviews, puppies, upbringing, care, plus
    A small puppy usually feeds more often - from 3 to 6 times a day. The menu is almost the same, only in smaller portions. Also, in the diet puppy should add cheese, eggs. Do not overdo it kefir and various beef trim.

    Asian training is not as difficult as

    As mentioned above, the Alabai are not so easy to cast out. However, until full maturity, it can be taught by several major teams: "Sit", "Lay down", "Place", "Nearby", "Not possible".

    Before you start learning, you have to be a friend of the alabama. To win his trust. If he does something wrong, you do not need to scream or use physical force. Suffice it to show its dissatisfaction with mimicry, intonation.

    Pros and Cons of the Central Asian Sheepdog

    With a serious and responsible approach, you can see more benefits in alabai. It's impeccable guards. They are very hardy and calm. Easy to care and smart. Well-educated alabais will become an indispensable family member in a country house.

    At the same time, they also have drawbacks. Unfortunately, but because of a proud nature, it is extremely difficult to teach them something. In addition, they are often too aggressive to other dogs.

    Nevertheless, the main thing to remember is that it all depends on the owner. Forbearance, a strong hand - and the dog will understand who the owner is in the house. Who needs to be heard.

    Reviews of breed breeders

    People who deal with this breed for years are convinced of the mind and allegiance of the Alabai.


    A wonderful guard. At the same time, it works great with young children. Will be a pleasant companion. Minimum care for hair. The main thing is not to buy from questionable breeders on the announcement. They offer cheaper, but without documents. Who knows what can grow from this puppy.


    Inadequate behavior is the consequence of an incorrect dog's attitude. It will be easy to learn if the approach is appropriate. Personally, my Asian team has studied all the teams on the teeth. With other animals in the house also works. There is one but: frequent walks. If you are not ready to go for a long time with him and run, it is better not to.