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High quality bathroom furniture

It is not easy to choose furniture for the bathroom today. This is largely due to the fact that such a product is offered a lot, the choice is simply colossal. How not to make a mistake when choosing? After all, the bathroom - it's a kind of classics, which should not be saved.


bathroom furniture should be selected especially carefully because in this room not only water processes take place, but time is spent here a lot.

When guests come to the house, they are the first thing to wash their hands in the bathroom. For all this, the most attention is paid. The apartment can be beautiful and cozy, but still the most vivid impression of the house is created after the visit to the bathroom. In most of the city apartments, the bathrooms are compact, which must be taken into account when choosing furniture for the bath. Cumbersome items will look in a small room not very attractive.

Any production to choose a product - domestic or imported?

A large number of people are interested in this issue when choosing such a product. There is no clear answer to such a question. The fact is that many Russian manufacturers in the manufacture of bathroom furniture use imported materials. There are many foreign manufacturers who use Russian materials for the manufacture of bathroom furniture.

If we talk about the differences between a quality imported goods and a domestic product, then they are. Most of the bathroom furniture of Russian manufacture is made for small premises. It is known that in many urban apartments in Russia bathrooms do not differ in large sizes. In this regard, bathroom furniture for domestic production can turn into a cozy even the smallest room.

High quality bathroom furniture

But the classic product of imported high-quality production is great for country houses. It will also be appropriate to look in large, elite apartments. It should be noted that it is very often possible to find furniture for a bathroom of imported production of compact sizes. There is between them and another very significant difference that matters to most consumers. We are talking about such an important factor as cost. Furniture for the bathroom imported production in most cases is an order of magnitude higher than domestic analogues. This is due to the fact that import production is certified and there are manufacturer's warranty obligations.

A similar product is manufactured so that they can easily use people with disabilities. When manufacturing bathroom furniture by domestic producers, this factor is not always taken into account.

If we talk about the advantages of domestic manufacturers of bathroom furniture, then this is the relative proximity of production to the end user. That is an excellent opportunity to make bathroom furniture under the order. It is such a product that is increasingly popular in Russia, in which nothing is surprising. Bathroom furniture, made to order, provides individual sizes of the room, here also includes built-in bathroom furniture. The needs of the owner of a home are met in the maximum way if he decides to buy furniture for a kitchen made to order. In addition to the functionality of this bathroom product perfectly decorates the room, which is also very important.

What to choose material?

If you talk about which material is most often used to make bathroom furniture, then this is a tree. There is a fairly widespread idea that a tree is not best suited for the manufacture of bathroom furniture. This position is explained by the fact that there is a high humidity in this room, so the goods made of wood will quickly swell. In fact, this is not the case: wooden bathroom furniture perfectly absorbs moisture( especially for alder).Contrary to popular belief, wooden furniture for the bathroom will only become stronger with time. And still, one should not overlook the fact that there is a large number of finishing materials that effectively solve waterproofing problems.

In the manufacture of bathroom furniture, material such as MDF is often used. It is repeatedly based on and is covered with enamel, making the MDF boards different in strength and moisture resistance. This allows you to effectively withstand all kinds of mechanical influences. Plastic bathroom furniture and chipboard furniture are also very popular. If a classic version is made, then the materials can be used: slate, marble, stone, ceramics, marble glass and many others. And here it is necessary to take into account that far from each product at a high price - really high quality.

About the Bathroom Furniture Quality Criteria

Every consumer has to decide on what criteria to guide him when choosing furniture in the bathroom. If you take into account such factors as design and beauty, then you need to be guided only by your taste. What can be liked by one buyer, while others categorically drop this furniture. But there is a criterion that is unique when choosing. The language in this case is about quality.

High quality bathroom furniture

How to determine how good a product is? If you listen to the advice of experts, then first of all you should pay attention to the fittings. If the product is equipped with metal handles, legs and hinges, then this indicates that it is very high-quality. If there are loops with traces of rust, then the quality is far from the best. Do not stop choosing furniture with brilliant plastic pens. The original attractive appearance of furniture for the bathroom classic will disappear very quickly.

When choosing such a product, special attention should be paid to coloring. This is especially important when buying classic bath furniture. It should be noted that the paint is not only aesthetic, but also practical. It is the paint that performs a protective function. This is especially important if the bathroom furniture is made of chipboard, not wood.

If you decide to buy a table( or cupboard) made of chipboard, you need to pay the most attention to the quality of the edge bands on the ends of the chipboard. If the quality is low, because of the unshielded areas of the particleboard will very quickly begin to absorb moisture. This will lead to the fact that literally in 2 years, such bathroom furniture will begin to fall apart in front of the eyes.

If you buy a classic product, you need to pay attention to the ceramic elements( first of all it is about shells).Find out if there are cracks you can hear. We must lightly strike the sink, you can hear a ringing sound. This indicates that there is no damage. And if the sound is deaf, then the product is not of the highest quality. This classic will not suit you. And in this case, it is recommended to spend some time, do not hurry. It's better to spend on searches for several hours than a few minutes. But then you can enjoy the wonderful design and functionality of the purchase.

Some recommendations

When choosing such a product, it must be taken into account that there is a lot of condensation in this room. Therefore, every item should be selected in the bath especially.

You can stop your selection on MDF.This material is characterized by increased resistance to moisture, enamel is not damaged. Very often you can find a product made of natural wood. And it's not just that all of this is very popular. The room is transformed into a place where everything looks aesthetically pleasing. If the choice is correct, you can not doubt the result.

High quality bathroom furniture

It should also be remembered that far not every high value product is of high quality. If you try and spend time looking for a product, you can get at a relatively small price. This circumstance is quite attractive. Due to this, most domestic producers can not complain about the lack of buyers.

Another recommendation is that you should not buy furniture in a bad mood, it's best to do this when you have a good mood.