Animal Care

The first birth in a cat - what to do

A cat that is not born for the first time has managed to accumulate the necessary experience, as well as skills for the care of their kittens. She shows care, love, feeds kittens. But if the cat is the first childbirth and she still does not have enough experience, she will recognize her own kittens by the

smell. It happens that the cat does not notice his kittens for a while.

This happens if the kittens appear with a caesarean section. If the cat had time to feed the kittens born before surgery, the likelihood of maternal instinct in relation to the rest of the kittens is very high.

The first birth in a cat what to do

For the first time, it is necessary to help some little cat in the development of new relationships and responsibilities. Try to calm the cat if it is too excited. Give her the opportunity to lick and sniff the kittens, feed them. Exclude everything that can disturb the cat. Children often seek to hug newborn kittens. Third parties, sharp sounds and smells cause an animal psychological stress, which can lead to a

weakening of maternal instinct. In the first few weeks, the psycho-emotional state of your pet is quite vulnerable. Try to save some time "nest" from the fuss and interesting looks. Especially if the cat is excessively tense and avoids communication with people.

If the cat is spoiled, you may have a problem of caring for the offspring of the cat. In such a situation, it is necessary to bring the kittens to the cat's nipples, to walk a bit, and then go quietly.

It may also happen that there may be no milk in the cat after childbirth during the day. This phenomenon is temporary, it is associated with a hormonal shift. In this period, the cat may even give up kittens. In agreement with the vet injected oxytocin or other hormones, it stimulates lactation. Contact with the kittens will also be restored.

Preventing the birth of kittens can also postpartum complications and infections. Mastitis, acute metritis, and milk fever can interfere with maternity feeding of kittens. In this case, the kittens are fed artificially, until the cat is recovering.

A cat may refuse a painful, weakened kitten( such a kitten, as a rule, has a lower body temperature).The cat is instinctively deprived of it to spend its efforts on growing viable offspring.

In most cases, the cat's refusal from their kittens is related to the lability of the cat's psyche and psycho-emotional disorders. If you will be able to provide a nursery calm psychological setting, create a sense of calm and security, it will become a kind of prevention of such violations.