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Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

Caring for rottweiler includes not only good nutrition and hygiene procedures, but also the choice of place of residence. Today we will talk about where Rottweiler will be better - in the apartment or on the street. Find out if you need a street dog's physical activity, and a domestic dog -

muzzle. Read about the features of Rottweiler content.


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  • The dog should have its own angle
  • Fresh air - Health pledge
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Homesresident of

Rottweiler is a great dog, but it can be kept at home. However, a lot of space will be needed to live the animal. In small-sized flats it will be difficult to get lost with a big dog.

This can slow down the development of the Rottweiler. For example, his socialization. Rottweiler's task is to protect the host, so he always treats the stranger with suspicion. It is difficult to keep the dog in place if the guests are too close.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

The dog should have its own angle

In the apartment of the Rottweiler it is necessary to allocate space for sleep and rest, feeding, toilet. It is necessary to do this in advance in order to immediately show the puppies the limits allowed and to accustom it to the regime. The kid should know where, what and when to do it.

It is better to choose a place for a dog to sleep and rest in a cozy place where it will not interfere with the movement of households. Lay a bedding or an old blanket there. Do not make the sleeping place too soft, otherwise the animal will have bedsores. Well, if the bedding will be pillow cases, which can be changed to the extent of pollution.

To keep the dog comfortable, there should be light and warmth in her corner, no drafts or dampness. However, Rottweiler can not be located next to batteries and under direct sunlight.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

While the puppy is small, the toilet is placed side by side and accustomed to it since the first days of the baby's appearance in the house. When the dog can go out into the street, teach her to go to the toilet while walking.

It is also necessary to take a place to feed and to train Rottweiler at the right time. With the features of feeding a dog you can find in the article "What to Feed Rottweiler".

Fresh air - a guarantee of health

The main condition of apartment accommodation is regular walks. The homemade rottweiler lacks sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Converting a watch dog into a lazy fat dog is unfair in relation to the breed. Moreover, dogs are prone to obesity.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

Walking with puppies is short-lived - half an hour a day. Do not load the tight body of the baby with special workouts. For the puppy enough jogging around the park.

When the baby reaches the year, regular hikes are up to one and a half hours. If desired, the dog can walk longer. Visit special dog sites. There the rottweiler will be able to get the necessary physical activity by overcoming the barrier of obstacles: barriers, ladders and others.

Anti-bite protection

Rottweiler is the very dog ​​you need to wear a muzzle during walks. This accessory will not allow the animal to lift dirty items from the ground, which will save it from poisoning. Also, the muzzle for Rottweiler will help to avoid conflict situations with passersby - many people are afraid of big dogs.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

There are many types of muzzles. For rottweiler fit:

  • metal mesh;
  • leather closed muzzles;
  • leather basket;
  • plastic;
  • bridles.

General characteristics of the

muzzle The mesh of the metal muzzle is made of nickel-plated wire. On some nets there may be a leather lining that protects the short wool of the Rottweiler from abrasion. Such muzzles are durable and do not require special care. Sitches does not impede breathing, but eliminates the possibility of bites.

However, the netting can not be used in the winter - the lips and tongue of Rottweiler can stick to the metal. And in wet weather, metal can be covered with rust. Because of leather inserts on the skin of the dog, often there are paddles. During training, you risk being injured by a metal muzzle.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

Locked-out leather muzzles can be completely secured by passers-by from rottweiler bites. They are tightly fixed on the muzzle of the dog, leaving only the nose free. To prevent Rottweiler skin from suffering, there are openings for air ventilation in the muzzle. Such a muzzle is comfortable in the cold and rainy season. But in the heat of it it is better to refuse - in it the animal will not be able to breathe, tasting tongue.

Leather "baskets" are used in any weather. In it the rottweiler and with the raised tongue breathe, and the water will pop up. He will also be able to raise garbage from the ground. So the "basket" is worn only on trained dogs, which unquestioningly listen to the owner. Another few minuses: the leather "baskets" need to be constantly cleaned and lubricated with special oil. Over time, they come to a standstill.

Plastic muzzles - a wonderful replacement for "baskets."They are also used in any weather. At the same time, muzzles prevent dog bites and easy care. But here it was not without disadvantages. Plastic can rub the skin of a dog or crack at an inappropriate moment.

For a walk in public places, a bridal muzzle will fit. He securely fixes the Rottweiler's mouth directly in the middle, preventing him from opening his powerful jaws. Wear-resistant and do not require special care bridges are suitable for any time of year.

Street resident

Now let's see if the rattweiler can live on the street. Living in the courtyard of a private house is an ideal option for dogs of this breed. The main thing is that the fence was tall and strong, and the gate was well closed. A sudden escape from Rottweiler may turn into troubles. If the dog takes the passer-by for the attacker, she will jump over the low fence and bite him.

However, the rottweiler can not constantly walk around the yard. Street dog will need its own place. It is impossible to keep a dog on the chain, it will badly affect the development and the psyche. It is better to build an enclosure. You can do it yourself or hire workers. In any case, you must comply with certain requirements.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

Comfortable conditions

The rope hook should be cozy. To achieve this, you need to correctly determine the place for it. Choose the driest area in the yard, preferably on the hill. Then during the rains inside the cage will not accumulate water. Well, if from the chosen place the dog will be able to see most of the yard and the gate.

Take into account the direction of the wind - from the side where it most often blows, the dog will protect the enclosed wall of the cage. Part of the cage should be in the sun, part - in the shade. An important detail is the area of ​​the cage. For rottweiler it takes a lot of space and ten square meters will be enough.

The floor of the cage is better to do with concrete so that the rottweiler does not break through the path to freedom. When pouring the floor do not forget about a small slope, which allows you to drain water - in the cage should be dry.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

If you plan to keep the dog in the cockpit and in winter, then you need to lay polished boards on the concrete. Do not worry, Rottweiler is able to withstand up to twenty degrees of frost. However, in severe frosts it is better to take the dog in the house.

In order for rottweiler to be inspected, one or two wall cages should be locked. The net is not suitable - the dog can easily break it and thus can break teeth or claws. Other walls can be made of brick, metal profile or smooth wood.

It is better if the door will be in the wall of the grid. It should open inside and have two constipation: from the inside and the outside. The roof can be made of slate or metal profiles, the main thing is that there are no cracks. Gaps between the walls and the roof are also not welcome.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

House in the house

Street rottweiler spend most of the life in the cage. Therefore, inside the cage you need to put a booth inside which the dog will be able to relax and gain strength. The Rottweiler booth must be a bridge so that it can enter, turn around, lie down and stretch out. But not very large, otherwise the animal will freeze.

It is better to buy or make a boat of dry softwood - it breathes, but retains warmth. If the rottweiler will live in a booth and in winter, then it is necessary to make double walls with a layer of heater between them. Do not leave cracks.

It is better to raise the tent above the ground by fifteen centimeters. For example, put on bars. In this case, the floor also should not have cracks. At the bottom of the booth, you can put a rug or pour a thick straw layer.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

In the cold, the entrance to the booth must be hung with an old rug or tarpaulin. Well, if the booth will have a removable roof. It will be more convenient to clean it. And in emergencies Rottweiler will be easier to get from it.

A clean and safe home

If you fill the floor of a cage with dry sawdust, you can get rid of puddles and bad breath. Replacing dirty areas with clean sawdust requires at least twice a week. In addition, be sure to take away the rest of the food to prevent the spread of fungi and mildew.

You need to handle the parasite booth. In the summer - once a month, in the rest of the year - once every two or three months. For disinfection, lysol or formalin will fit. Rottweiler can not enter the booth until the solution is completely dry.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

The owner - the best friend of

If the rottweiler lives in the cage, this does not mean that you can forget about it. The lack of master's attention and forced loneliness can badly affect the psyche of the animal. The dog will either fall into depression or begin to show aggression.

Regular communication with the dog promotes its proper development. Feeding, playing games, talking is great. But Rottweiler also needs to be let out of the fence in the yard and even run into the house. He must contact all members of the family. Only in this case, the dog will know who and what to protect her.

To maintain a good physical shape, with Rottweiler, you need to go for walks outside the fence. Fresh air and sunlight strengthen the immune system of the dog. A long run in the park or in the forest helps her get rid of the accumulated energy. Going for a walk, be sure to put on a rottweiler muzzle.

Aviator for rottweiler, rottweiler in apartment with photo and video

Now you know how to keep Rottweiler. If you have something to add to our article, share your thoughts with us.

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