What hay is better for rabbit eating?

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In special literature and on rabbits' websites, the issue of feeding animals is often discussed, in particular, hay for rabbits is better, bought or harvested on their own.

What hay is better for rabbit eating?

In conditions for full development of

it is necessary to ensure that the food is not worse, and maybe better natural.

To understand the problem, you need to know the biological characteristics of these animals. Rabbits are part of a rodent, they feed on vegetarian food, like rough( hay, grain, branches and bark of trees), and juicy( green grass, root crops).As in all herbivores, the intestines in them are very long, have special germs, where the cleavage of cellulose occurs under the influence of bacteria. As a result, the rabbit's body is formed with nutrients and vitamins.

What hay is better for rabbit eating?

The dried grass serves to feed, from which rabbits make a nest before the whining.

If you save a rabbit food rich in fiber, he will feel hungry, even getting a good amount of other food, and there is no need for

to speak about a good state of health of animals.

In addition, teeth in rodents grow all their lives, and the rabbits roast them by eating rough food. In the absence of such food gnaw cells or furniture if the rabbit is decorative and you keep it as a pet. If you care about preserving wooden objects, a rabbit cage should always have dry grass.

The dried grass serves to feed, from which rabbits make a nest before the whisk. To grow up in it and to choose the caress of leaves - a favorite lesson for animals.

Even if you feed your rabbits with a special compound feed with vitamins and minerals, which is much more expensive than hay, to give this product for good health is necessary.

Hay quality

Rabbits are very sensitive to food quality, so the hay harvest for them has some features. If you have a rabbit farm and hay is bought or harvested in large quantities, you need to know that the meal of these animals is best suited for meadow digger, dried several days in place of slope and sour cream in small shoots. Well dried herbs should be soft, with green leaves, have a pleasant smell.

What hay is better for rabbit eating?

Bean hay are very nutritious and have a milk effect.

Keep hay in ventilated sheds or under the canopy. With mold or frozen, it is impossible to give animals - it can lead to death. In addition, it should not contain fines and dust, the respiratory system in rabbits is very sensitive, and it can cause rhinitis. Before feeding such a grass it can be transversely forked in a separate cell from the room and sprinkle with water. An adult rabbit needs up to 300 g of this feed per day, young( 3-4 months) - 100-150 g.

Some rabbits specifically grow bean plants( vika, esparset, peas) for the preparation of leguminous hay. It is very nutritious, but it needs to be given together with cereal or grass, so that the animals did not have a bloated bowel. Beans in a mixture with a pie have a milk effect, they are given by feeding rabbits. Very useful nettle hay. It is harvested in May until the flowering of the plant, when the stems in the nettle have not yet coarsen. Fresh chopped nettles in large quantities can cause diarrhea in rabbits, and nettle honey, rich in vitamins, does not have such an effect.

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Own Hay Purchase If you have several rabbits or one pet, hay is better for them to pick up on their own. Plants( dandelion, nettle, loboda, dwarf, burdock, etc.) are collected far from roadways that bundle brooms and dry in the shade. It is possible to add in the broom the wormwood, chicory and tansy, they have a wort-like effect and improve digestion.

It is unacceptable to get into poisonous plants in the hay( lure, dwarf, bell, dumpling, valerian, lily of the valley, birch bark, milk and some others).

What hay is better for rabbit eating?

Pyramid Feeding Rabbits.

If you do not know the plant, it's best not to add it to your pupils.

The diet for rabbits must be diverse. Animals feed mainly on grass in the summer, in winter, the ration increases the amount of grain, preferably crushed, mixed fodder, introducing into it and juicy root crops, fruits or potatoes, but in small quantities. But hay should enter the diet year-round.

The only exception is that when fed for a week or two before slaughter, the amount of it is reduced to a minimum. When disturbing digestion give a few stalks of dill, wormwood or chicory.

It is best to keep the shoots in a special feeder or suspend it to the ceiling of the cell, otherwise it can be contaminated with excrement, which will lead to the disease. Be sure to leave the dry grass at night, the rabbits are quite voluptuous and can eat up to 30 times a day. Together with hay, the cells should always have water and "salt-lizard".In January, a lot of potassium, and rodents, as well as other herbivores, sodium is required for its neutralization, contained in rock salt.


This salt with mineral additives can be purchased at specialized pet stores.