When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth?

When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth? Lilies - elegant decorative flowering bulb plants that produce a pleasant aroma. Even in ancient times these flowers were considered to be the embodiment of sophisticated beauty and purity. The perennial plant of the family Lilies with a varied color and decorative nature of the flowers attracts many florists. The question of planting lilies: spring or autumn - worries many gardeners, and until the unanimous opinion of the gardeners did not come.

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  • Plants Nine planting of bulbs sprouted

A bit about lily biology

When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth? There are currently more than 75 species of lilies growing in the wild. Using them, breeders brought out new varieties and hybrids that grow well on garden plots and flower beds.

Lilies are cultivated in two ways - bulbs and seeds. The first method is very popular and effective. Plants grown from seeds are more resistant to pest infestations and disease. They are easier to bear cold winter. But this method is quite complicated. It takes a lot of time and patience. The first flowering in cultivars cultivated by seed method, may occur in 5-6 years. Therefore, most flower growers grow lilies of bulbs.

When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth? Depending on how properly landed lilies, their subsequent growth and flowering will depend on. Despite the fact that this plant is unpretentious in care, many florists under inexperience make a number of mistakes in the process of growing it. As a result, the plant does not blossom or even die.

Since it is a perennial flower, first of all it is necessary to choose the right place for its landing correctly. Remember lilies do not like frequent transplants. You can plant lilies both in the spring and in the fall. For those who want to get early flowering plants, it is recommended to plant bulbs early in the fall so that they managed to take root in the winter.

Also not worth pulling with the planting of bulbs purchased in the summer. Most likely, they will not be suitable for growing flowers next spring. In the onion, lilies dry faster than, for example, in tulips. Losing moisture, such a landing material becomes less productive.

Luminous and soft bulbs should be planted immediately in the ground.

Preparing a plot for

When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth? The onion seedlings are carried out in the spring, if necessary, by changing the soil on the flowerbed or by landing them on a plot where flowers grow, in which the period of growth ends in the autumn.

Before planting the bulb in the spring, the area should be thoroughly digested. After that you can plant the plants. In one place lilies can grow five years. This should be a site with well-drained and moisture-prone soil. Lilies grow poorly on difficult soil. Therefore, for their planting, use half of the suspended or loamy soil. In addition, the land for planting these flowers should be nutritious. Before discharging the bulbs into the soil make mineral and organic components. The second time the soil is fertilized when the first sprouts appear in the spring.

Many flower growers are interested in the depth to plant bulbs? The depth of wrapping of the bulbs depends on their size. Large bulbs are planted in wells up to twenty centimeters deep. For young bulbs of small size it is necessary to prepare not deep pits. When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth?

Landing of high-growth varieties with large flower buds is carried out at a great depth. Lilies with stem roots are even deeper. Plants in which the ground sheets are collected in a socket, planted at a depth of about two centimeters.

When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth? In addition, the depth of wrapping the bulbs will depend on the composition of the soil. In sandy land, planting material is planted deeper than, for example, in difficult ground. Deep planted bulbs are protected from drying in the summer, freezing in the winter and early spring. The root system of colors develops better and forms more children.

You can make a beautiful composition at once from several varieties. Plants are planted in groups of several pieces at a short distance from each other. Ideal distance between bulbs - 10-12 cm. The children appeared on plants, it is possible to dig into depths up to five centimeters. To ensure the intensive development of young plants, each well is fertilized with fertile soil containing mineral components.

There are several options for lathing:

  • One-line ribbon. The bulbs are planted at a distance of 10-15 cm. The spacing should be less than fifty inches.
  • Two-row tape fitting. Used for middle-aged varieties. The distance between plants is 15-20 cm, between the rows is 25 cm, and between the ribbons is about 70 cm.
  • Three-way tape discharging scheme is used for low-lily varieties of lilies. The distance between the bulbs - 10-15 cm, and between the rows and the ribbons, the same as with a two-row landing.

When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth? Typically, the lush types of lilies are planted closer to the edge of the road, taller species in the middle of the plot.

Choose a sunny spot to plant these flowers with shade in midday. This is the best option, which will ensure long flowering and full-fledged growth of garden lilies. Ground-covering plants, for example, violets or daisies, will be excellent protection of the lower part of plants from the burning sun. In addition, they will keep the soil moisture, which is very important for these garden flowers. Mulching is a very effective method that facilitates the care of lilies, and provides plants with additional moisture. The sprouts are mulch with organic matter - dry grass, crushed bits of bark or needle.

Nuances of planting bulbs sprouted

When is it better to plant lilies in autumn or spring, and to what depth? Another issue that many florists are interested in: "How to plant germinated lilies in the fall?" After all, you will agree that many have had to buy already sprouted bulbs of these flowers. But few know what to do next. Of course, it's best to plant bulbs when they are in a state of rest. But the planting of already sprouted bulbs in the fall is not excluded. It is produced in the beginning of autumn, so that the bulbs managed to take root in the winter.

There are two ways you can do in this case:

  • Sprouts continue to sprout. When they reach twenty centimeters, they are very neatly cut off by twisting. Released bulbs are planted in the soil in the fall - in September.
  • The second option is to plant bulbs in the pots for the winter. When the threat of recent frosts in the spring, the flowers are planted in open ground.

It is worth remembering that in the first case, the bulbs will be weakened, so they are covered with a covering material for the winter.

In the second case, the risk of plant losses is unlikely. But taking care of such flowers will be quite difficult. The conclusion is - try not to buy sprouted bulbs for growing in the fall, and you will have less trouble.

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