Hemorrhoid Treatment

What is better to treat hemorrhoids - ointment or candles Relief

Everyone who has a problem with hemorrhoids knows how difficult it is to find the right remedy for getting rid of an illness. Choosing a medication to treat hemorrhoids is not easy for a policeman, it's hard to figure out which medications( ointment or candles) is better if you do not have professional knowledge.

A competent physician will prescribe therapy only after examination and examination of the patient. Medicinal product is selected taking into account the diagnosis, the severity of the disease, the presence of other pathology, individual characteristics of the patient's body( child or aging, pregnancy, susceptibility to allergies).Proctologists and patients prefer combinations with broad possibilities for influencing all symptoms of hemorrhoids. These funds include Relief( candles and ointments).


  • 1 Description of the preparation
  • 2 What to choose
  • 3 How to use

Description of the preparation

What is better to treat hemorrhoids - ointment or candles Relief Relief - a group of drugs that provide a comprehensive therapeutic effect on the damaged rectal mucosa and pathologically dilated hemorrhoidal veins. This tool has been specially designed and designed to relieve all major manifestations of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Available in the form of two dosage forms - rectal candles and ointments, which have a specific composition and features of application in various types of hemorrhoids. The basis of the entire line of drugs Relief - the use as the main component of oil from the liver fish of the family shark. This is a natural source of vitamins, trace elements, which help to heal morning wounds, cracks, thus reducing the painful sensations and improving the patient's well-being.

The composition of individual formulations of Relief differs according to the components, which determines the variety of therapeutic actions of this group and the wide possibilities for choosing the therapy of different types and stages of hemorrhoids.

What is better to treat hemorrhoids - ointment or candles Relief What Different Medicines Relief Group:

  • Traditional Ointment In addition to oil shark liver extracts, the vasodilating drug contains phenylephrine and auxiliary substances( including tocopherol - vitamin E).Due to this composition, the ointment relieves itching, reduces inflammation, hemorrhage, accelerates the healing of morning and cracking.
  • Traditional candles, , consist of phenylephrine hydrochloride, shark liver oils, bean cocoa butter and auxiliary substances. Provides vasoconstrictive, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Relief Advance( form of a candle and ointment) contain an anesthetizing component of benzocaine, a very important addition to the need for pain relief of hemorrhoids.
  • Ointment and rectal candles Relief Ultra have a strengthened composition due to hydrocortisone and zinc sulfate, resulting in pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, anti-spasmic, drying and healing effects.
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    What to choose

    Relief preparations are among the most common and sought after drugs for hemorrhoids at present. Indications for application are wide and clearly defined in the instructions:

    • treatment of hemorrhoids in the initial uncomplicated stages( the choice of the required dosage form is carried out depending on the type of hemorrhoids and the severity of the symptoms);
    • therapy for erosion and anal fissures( Relief Ultra candles)
    • treatment of perianal eczema( Relief Ultra ointment);
    • additional help with constipation( Relief of traditional composition);
    • complex treatment of proctitis( any form);
    • for painful diagnostic manipulations( Relief Advances);
    • postoperative period( Relief Advance).

    What is better to treat hemorrhoids - ointment or candles Relief For the treatment of external forms of hemorrhoids it is better to use ointment, for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids better suited rectal candles. Ointment in this case, too, can be used with a special applicator. For those who want to save, one can calculate how much different forms of the drug are, and choose the appropriate option for yourself. If combined hemorrhoids, it is better to buy an ointment for use both externally in the form of applications on the nodes, and inside the introduction with a tip.

    Despite its great popularity, one can not forget about the contraindications for use:

    • allergic anamnesis on the components that are part of the Relief drug;
    • intestinal tuberculosis in the active phase;
    • granulocytopenia on blood tests;
    • cases of thromboembolism in history;
    • suspicion or presence of a tumor in the rectum;
    • acute intestinal infections;
    • diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2;
    • children under the age of 12;
    • with caution - during pregnancy, breast-feeding, and patients with hypertension and blood coagulation disorders.

    How to use

    Do you have hemorrhoids?

    Mikhail Rotonov: "The only remedy that is suitable for a complete hemorrhoids treatment at home and which I could recommend is. .." Read more. & Gt; & gt;

    The instructions provide general guidance for use. However, each specific case requires an individual approach from the doctor. General rules for local hemorrhoids treatment:

    • should be washed with cool water and soap before the treatment procedure;
    • candles and ointment are used up to 3 times a day( in the morning and in the evening, as well as after the act of defecation);
    • perform procedure better lying on the side, do not get up for half an hour;
    • at the same time can be used with ointment and candles;
    • course of treatment is determined by the doctor - from 10 to 20 and more days;
    • local treatment can be combined with other types of hemorrhoid therapy;
    • preparation in the factory packaging must be stored in the refrigerator;
    • lack of effect within a week from the onset of application is the reason for the discontinuation of the drug and consultation with a specialist.

    The best remedy for treating hemorrhoids is the drug that the doctor prescribes according to a well-defined diagnosis and specifics of the course of the disease in a particular patient.

    Patients may have individual sensitivity to one or another drug, so the opinions about the different medications can vary greatly. It is important to remember that local treatment addresses the problem of relieving the patient's condition, but not a radical escape from the disease.

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