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How to decorate a child up to the holidays?

Every child dreams of an original holiday. The design of the room plays an important role in this. It is easy to decorate without a lot of expenses. In this article, we will look at the main ways to decorate the children's room before the holiday.

How to decorate a child up to the holidays?


Balloons can be filled with helium

and placed under a ceiling or placed on the floor. Thematic compositions in the form of figures look good. For example, for the birthday girls will come flowers from colorful balloons, and the boy will like dinosaurs and heroes of favorite cartoons.

How to decorate a child up to the holidays?

From the novelties parents are increasingly choosing luminous options. Inside such balls are diode bulbs of small sizes. They are also picked up by shades. In the evening, the light dissipates around the room, giving the celebrations an unusual atmosphere.

How to decorate a child up to the holidays?

Children often play with balloons. If you write notes with desires and put them inside, then the fun gets new content. An alternative to the paper "message" will be small gifts that will become part of fun competitions for kids.


solution Print the appropriate images or hang beautiful photos on the walls - a great way out! In addition, modern polygraphy offers quite a lot of services at a very low cost. Any catalog of photo wallpapers for children contains interesting pictures, but the image can be chosen independently.

How to decorate a child up to the holidays?

Make the design of the room to the holiday individual will help and curtains. The fabrics print photos, which will definitely please the birthday. Their cost is low, and the effect is weighty.

Beautiful windows

Depending on the season, choose the decor for glass. In winter, they are traditionally decorated with snowflakes, New Year's figures, sparkles or light snow. The following items and tools will be needed:

  • Children's Creations
  • Stationery Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue or Soap
  • Brushes
  • Small Capacity

With a toothpaste that is pre-soaked with water, intricate patterns are displayed on the window..In such a mixture add, if desired, sequins. After the holidays, the drawings are washed away with a simple damp cloth.

How to decorate a child up to the holidays?

Sticking paper snowflakes to glass is much of a childhood. Thumbnails or workpieces are posted on the Internet. The soap solution is used for fixing on the window.

Light d├ęcor from hand-made materials

Tapes, beads, artificial flowers will save if there is no free time and money. Bright textiles( tablecloths, blankets on the furniture) give a solemn mood.

Large ribbons are tied to the bows on the back of the chairs, and their color must be contrasting with the fabric covers. The small ones are comfortably decorated with cutlery, furniture, dressing balloons.

How to decorate a child up to the holidays?

Beads, decorative pins with buttons for the wizard offer to combine in the composition. After that, they are hung on prominent places and supplemented with colored flags, inscriptions on sheets, garlands of flashlights. Pictures of cloth slices in the form of panels will make the interior original.

Garlands are made of felt. Circles of multi-colored material overdue on a typewriter. It is better if there are many garlands, and underneath a whole wall or corner in the child's room is allocated.


Vinyl stickers do not spoil the wallpaper, paint, but look very festive. In addition, low cost and a wide selection will make parents happy. After the event, you can leave the stickers, and pick up shelves or decorations to the picture.

How to decorate a child up to the holidays?

There are various solutions that do not require much effort or material investment. Make a children's holiday truly fabulous for everyone, regardless of abilities, family budget and child's passions.