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Select the socket for the bathroom

During the renovation of the bathroom, the owners put the design solution in the first place, paying more attention to the color scheme, the shape and type of plumbing. Any outlet in the bathroom is selected taking into account additional requirements to the electrical part. In the selection of the

outlet, the appearance plays an important but minor role, since security is at the forefront. Bathroom room has a class, which is subject to increased safety requirements and installation of electrical equipment. Due to the effects of high humidity in combination with temperature variations, electrical appliances and equipment must be adequately protected, and in the immediate vicinity of the water the degree of protection is particularly important.

Where will an outlet in the bathroom be located - planned at the end of the project. It depends on the location of the plumbing elements, the wiring of the plumbing tubing and the location of the furniture. Mounting boxes are used for mounting, the choice of which is carried out according to the parameters of protection against moisture and the type of wall material( drywall, concrete, brick, wood).

The bathroom wire is mounted in a wall during installation, laying it inside special protective cable channels. This can be done in case of damage to the replacement of wiring without damaging the surface of the entire wall, which is especially important when using a tile in the bathroom. The cable itself is a triangular or double-conductor with a grounding wire with high corrosion resistance. The ground wire connects to the appropriate terminal bus, designed to balance the potential in all electrical systems.

Selection of sockets and security devices

The installation rules for the installation of electrical equipment in a bathroom assume the use of a PLC( protective shut-off devices) in places where conductive current elements can get moisture or there is an impact of aggressive media. The bathroom is such a place. Detergents, hot steam and water should not get inside the outlet. But if it still happens, the supply voltage should stop. Plugs and circuit breakers do not interrupt current supply at small values ​​inherent in leakage current( 30-200 mA).An Inexpensive Home Removal RV can be made as a separate differential relay or embedded in a main switch for feeding electricity to the bath.

It is necessary to use the installation of the RCD correctly and to split the supply of electricity to this humid part of the apartment.

If the water enters the box, the outlet will be blocked along with the wiring line, and the other part of the apartment will not be exhausted. To do this, it's enough to choose a relay or a differential automatic device, designed for a current of 10-30 mA.The socket and the devices connected to it( razors, hair dryers, washing machines) will be protected from failure when the moisture gets into its current-carrying parts, for example, when exposed to the wire, the circuit to the housing.

The installation of sockets and connection of the PLC involves the work of a qualified specialist. All electrical and bathroom installations are selected on the basis of international standards for the degree of protection against dust and moisture penetration. The first digit after the lettering of the IP in the marking means protection from dust, the second - from moisture. For example, IP68 means that the device can work even if it is placed in a damp earth. For use in toilets and bathrooms is sufficient IP44 degree of protection. For this, the socket contains internals that prevent the penetration of the spray inside the box. The dense outer cover of the outlet serves for the same purpose, protecting the holes with the contacts.

Having made sure that the marking of protection is consistent, you can continue to choose the appearance to pay attention to ease of use. The device has a good outlet for direct access to the terminal, and the terminals themselves must guarantee a long term connection with the wire from aluminum and copper. Screw connection using two plates is used for clamping of aluminum wire, for copper it is enough to use a spring clamp. For reliable fixing with each other mounting frames and boxes there are special tabs. The frame with screws is connected to the mounting box until the complete removal of the slots. The height of the socket should be placed above the level of the washbasin or tap to reduce the probability of penetration of moisture on the current-carrying surface of the plug socket.

Power Distribution Zone

According to the rules for installing the electrical equipment, the bathroom should be divided into four zones according to the safety class. In the most dangerous of them zone 0 is not allowed to accommodate any electrical equipment with a voltage not higher than 12 V, including sockets. This area is itself a washstand, a bath and a shower cabin. In the next zone 1, which is limited by lines made vertically from the edges of these plumbing units up to 2.25 m in height, the use of devices with a degree of protection of at least IP45 was allowed. Only Zone 2 is allowed to accommodate such switching elements as a socket or switch. This zone is remote from baths, washbasins and shower cubicles at 0.6 m with a degree of protection not less than IP44.There is another zone 3, which starts at a distance of 2.4 m, where the degree of protection IP01 is tolerated, but this is already relevant to most of the existing sizes of bathtubs. But keep in mind that protection can not be superfluous. The right option is the choice of a more secure socket, it provides additional safety for both devices and for human life.

To ensure the safety of apartment dwellers, it is necessary to ensure the reliable grounding of all electrical appliances in the bathroom. In each outlet, there should be an earthing contact and an appropriate protective zero wire( PE).Grounding provides in the event of damage to the isolation of current-carrying elements of devices and the voltage drop on the electrical conductive body part of the protection against short circuit. Automatic switches will be able to ensure the timely disconnection of the damaged electrical circuit and prevent equipment failure and life threatening rights. In case of impossibility to provide grounding, the protective zero-wire sockets are displayed in the electricity meter of the apartment or house and connected to the neutral wiring.

Type of socket outlet for the bathroom

The socket is selected on the basis of increased requirements to the material composition of the body, alloy or metal contacts in the points of connection and to the front panel. For this purpose, manufacturers use special non-combustible plastics. Ceramics wins on the thermostability of plastics, but it yields to its electrical conductivity and is more dangerous. Contact groups of sockets are made of material with good electrical conductivity to ensure reliable contact. Less commonly used are different types of steel, and silver or silvered contacts are used, oxygen-free bronze phosphate copper.

Select the socket for the bathroom

The socket market is represented by a huge number of domestic and foreign manufacturers: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, PRODAX, PHILIPS, ABB, LEGRAND, 3UNG, GIRA, etc. The design of most socket models is modular. For the same setup box you can pick up a huge range of frames, switches and outlets according to the design, color of the front panel. This will allow to repair and change the design of the bathroom in the future without replacing the installation elements and the mechanism of the contact group of the outlet. Enough to buy a new decorative panel.

Material of decorative panels can be very different. In cheap variants it is used white plastic, in more expensive one can find colored and metallized plastic. There are panels made of glass, fiberglass, carbon fiber and wood. In order to protect their products against forgery, the manufacturer or his representatives carry out certification of their products for the market of each country. Serious trading organizations provide their sales points with copies of such certificates.