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How to install a ceiling from drywall in the bathroom?

Each of us has a lot of time in the bathroom. How to make it comfortable, cozy and safe? Let's talk about how you can make a ceiling of drywall.

Building Material Requirements for Bathroom

It is important to remember that the bathroom has a constant high humidity.

Therefore, the material for the bath should have moisture-proof properties. Otherwise, the process of its damage can begin shortly. Also, fireproof, sound absorbing materials of building materials are needed here.

Gypsum board is a great material for construction and decoration, made of natural and non-toxic raw materials.

Pros and Cons of Drywall

As a building material, it has excellent physical and technical properties.

Its use allows:

  • Create a smooth surface by hiding cracks and inequalities
  • Create a variety of complex shapes, curved surfaces
  • Save money because its use is cheaper than
  • Protect the nature and health of people as it does not contain synthetic additives
  • Maintain safety, since gypsum is a non-flammable, fire-resistant material that does not contain toxic components
  • Reduce the risk of mildew, as this building material regulates the humidity in the room buryingit's excessive moisture or emit it in the environment
  • Keep the comfort in the living room as it is a breathable building material that has a lot of time
  • It's good to keep warm as its accumulation is contributed by the structure of this material
  • Protect from noise in adjacent apartments, as ithas excellent sound absorbing properties
  • Make the installation process of this building material simple

How to install a ceiling from drywall in the bathroom? Thus, it has many advantages over other building materials.

At the stage of designing a ceiling from drywall you need to select the material. Suitable gypsum board GVL, thickness of which is 9.5 or 12.5 mm Why choose this model? It is suitable for ceiling from drywall because it has water-repellent properties.

The downside is that the ceiling in the bathroom from the drywall can be damaged by the flood. In such a situation, he soaks.

Installation of ceilings with your own hands Typically, a specialist installs a ceiling from a drywall. But it is possible and independent installation. It is necessary to consider that the ceiling from drywall is a rather difficult design. 1 sq.m ceiling from drywall weighs from 15-20 kg on average. Use materials of thickness 9,5-12 mm.

You can not do this alone. It's best to work together. It's easy to do. Execution of such installation is similar to wall covering with the same material.

How to install the building material in the bathroom

How to install a ceiling from drywall in the bathroom?

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Fixing the sheet with a screw using the
  • framework Fastening the sheet to the base
  • How to mount the frame on the

    There are several steps involved in this work:

  • Preparation work
  • Make a markup to secure the
  • guide profilesFollow the
  • guides. After making marks, insert the
  • dowels. Insert and secure the screwdriver profile.
  • . Install the
  • profiles. Install the
  • Profibus profiles.e bearing profile with cross-section
  • Installation of ceiling
  • Perform ceiling lining
  • It is better to lift a sheet using a special lift
  • Need to guide and secure it with a screwdriver
  • Then you need to emboss the main frame
  • Each seam pat you with a putty to make it tight
  • Seams need to be glued with a serpentine bandage, shovel and polish them
  • Ceiling processing
  • You can do coloring
  • Paint can be used any
  • But be sure to use it competentlySelected Soil
  • Instruction 2

    How to install?

    In order for the installation to be carried out in a qualitative way, the following rules must be observed:

    • Sheets can be installed vertically, as the building material is easily deformed
    • Sheets need to be laid only horizontally
    • The bath should only use moisture resistant marking GKLV

    How to install a ceiling from drywall in the bathroom?

    Instruction 3

    How to fix the sheets on the ceiling of the bath using the mastic

    • This material can be fixed without the use of profile
    • Qiudo work using gypsum plaster
    • Prepare surfaces
    • If there are cracks in the seams, open and fill them with
    • Cleaning the ceiling with dust,apply with a primer
    • . Apply the mastic to the sheet
    • . After creating the center of the strip, lift the sheet and press it.

    . Instruction 4


    • . As the bath is a damp room, only a waterproof putty
    • should be used. First of all, it is necessary to make a coat with a primer in 2 layers, the secondis applied after the first
    • completely dries. Then a self-tapping cap blanket is made. They need to drown by 1 mm

    So you can completely do the ceiling in the bathroom.

    It is very important to provide good ventilation. To do this, it's best to make a ventilation hole in the door.

    Installation of drywall in the bathroom. Video