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Mastopathy in cats - treatment, causes of the disease

Mastopathy in cats is a very dangerous disease, which is considered to be precancerous. Therefore, when the first symptoms appear, you must immediately go to the veterinarian! It is better to be safe than to watch the animal suffer, and cry children who are accustomed to Murke.

Causes of the disease

To date, the exact cause of the disease with mastopathy is not established. Many veterinarians are inclined to believe that sex hormones are the most severely affected by the formation of nodules. It is noteworthy that cats, which have been sterilized to the first lobes, practically do not suffer from this disease. In a favorite, whose sterilization was carried out to the second leg, the chance of getting sick is reduced by about 25% compared to the cats that may feel the joy of motherhood.

Mastopathy in cats treatment, causes of the disease

Symptoms of mastopathy

During false or normal pregnancy, an increase in the mammary gland of a cat occurs. After swelling they begin the process of lactation. After some time it ends, and the mammary glands decrease and come to normal. This condition is called physiological( temporal), unlike pathological increase, which is constant. Externally and with palpation, it resembles small balls inside the mammary glands, the consistency of which is often slightly elastic or soft. Mastopathy manifests itself immediately in the form of a small tumor, within which dark content is visible.

Treatment of

It is known that in humans, mastopathy does not necessarily go into cancer, that is, it is considered an optional precancerous disease, then the cat's mastopathy, in the event of a late start of treatment or treatment at all, can develop into a cancerous tumor. Some cats do not survive to this point because of their age. Due to objective reasons, the diagnosis is a complicated process. Only histological examination will say exactly whether it is benign or not, or not. And samples for research are obtained only during the operation. After it becomes clear what treatment is best suited.

Treatment can be both medication and surgical. During the operation, the cat is removed from the mammary glands, which means - in the future, no kittens. In a medicinal method of treatment, various antitumor drugs, rasticks, injectable immunoprecipitation agents are prescribed. Treatment is prescribed by a veterinarian only. Usually, the animal leaves in the hospital to complete the course and to inject at the right time.

Mastopathy in cats treatment, causes of the disease

Prevention of

Due to the failure to establish the exact cause of the disease, it is difficult to determine what will serve as a prevention. However, it is definitely known that if you sterilize cats under 2 years of age, the risk of developing mastopathy, breast tumors is significantly reduced.

The decision to hold or not to sterilize is taken only by the owner of the cat. The number of births has no effect on the risk of developing the disease. Nevertheless, it was possible to establish that those cats who took medication against the lobes are much more at risk to pick up the mastopathy.