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Median Canal-like Nail Dystrophy - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prophylaxis

Onihodystrophy is a pathological change in the nail, which manifests itself in changing their color, shape and structure. There are several forms of nail plate dystrophy. Diseases may be caused by physiological or psycho-emotional disorders, infection( most often, fungal) or

mechanical trauma of the nail plate.


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Nail structures

To understand how developing dystrophy, it is worthwhile to find out what structure hasnail. It is a plate of horny substance, which, due to the special structure of the cell location, is of sufficient strength. Parallel to the surface of the plate are keratin fibers, consisting of a special protein.

The elasticity of the nail is ensured by the presence in the structure of fat molecules and water. With a lack of water and lipids, the plates become very fragile, easily crumbling.

The nail plate is surrounded on three sides by the skin rollers, and the fourth end is free. The basis of the nail is a matrix, located under the nail root. If the matrix is ​​damaged, the nail plate increases with a defect.

Causes of the development of

Median canal-shaped nail dystrophy causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention

Mechanical nail injury is one of the causes of the disease.

Nail dystrophy can be triggered for various reasons. Most often, such a state of nails, caused by some kind of systemic disease( psoriasis, red lupus, deprive red, etc.) or congenital pathology.

However, median canal-shaped dystrophy, in most cases, is caused by external influences, that is, mechanical damage to the nail or matrix.

Often, middle-level dystrophy develops due to certain patient's habits( habit of nicks).If the patient constantly carries a physical impact on the nail, then he may develop this pathology.

The action may consist of biting the nail, pinching it with other fingers. In most cases, the patient makes such movements unknowingly, automatically. Such obsessive actions can be caused not only by bad habits, but also by neurological disorders.

Rarely kanaloobraznaya dystrophy is a consequence of nevoid changes. In this case, the tendency to develop nail dystrophy can be transmitted genetically.

Clinical picture of

Symptoms of canal-like dystrophy are rather specific. In most patients, dystrophy affects the nails on the thumbs of the hands, however, there are exceptions. A medial groove is formed on the nail plate, from which horizontals strip in the form of a tree. As a result, the plate becomes wavy, on the outside it resembles the surface of the split washboard.

The width of the groove can be 1-4 mm, sometimes more. The groove may be located, strictly in the center of the nail plate, and be displaced in the side side. There may be a furrow in the proximal, and at the free edge of the nail plate. Sometimes she goes through the entire plate.

If the cause of middle nail dystrophy is self-damaging, then the periosteum rollers are often formed by foci in the form of limited erosion, covered with hemorrhagic crusts. When such skin lesions appear, the risk of developing secondary infections is greatly increased. This develops inflammatory process, accompanied by suppuration, the appearance of edema and severe pain syndrome.


Diagnosis requires an external review and anamnesis. It is necessary to find out in the patient there were no cases of nail degeneration of kanaloobraznoy in the family.

If in the course of the examination it will be established that the patient suffers damage to the nail himself, as a result of unconscious obsessive actions, then it should be sent to the neurologist and therapist for examination.

Diagnosis of any diseases of the nail plate necessarily involves laboratory tests aimed at eliminating the bacterial or fungal nature of the disease. At canal-like medial dystrophy, when the behavior of laboratory tests does not occur, the pathogen is detected.

In addition, in the process of diagnosis, it will be necessary to exclude the presence of systemic diseases that can cause dystrophic lesions of the nail - psoriasis, lichen and other chronic dermatoses. It is important to exclude the presence of systemic infections, which can also contribute to the development of nail plate dystrophy - syphilis, tuberculosis, and others.

Treatment of

Treatment of canal-like varieties of nail dystrophy is carried out in a complex manner. Necessary correction of the patient's psycho-emotional state to help him get rid of the obsessive habit. In addition, therapeutic measures are being taken to strengthen and heal the nails.

It is often difficult to convince the patient that the cause of the defeat of his nails is an obsessive habit. The fact is that most patients carry out obtrusive movements unknowingly, without noticing them. Therefore, patients often stubbornly deny their involvement in the process of damaging the nails.

Median canal-shaped nail dystrophy causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention

Treatment is best done under the supervision of a neurologist.

Meanwhile, the success of treatment depends on whether the negative effect on the matrix and the nail plate will be halted. Therefore, treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a neurologist.

It is necessary to appoint a patient for sedative preparations of mild or moderate effect( the choice of drugs and the scheme of their admission is developed individually).In some cases it is necessary to use psychotherapeutic methods of treatment, including hypnosis.

To protect nails from damage at first, mechanical methods can be used, that is, fingers with damaged nails simply zabintoyvayutsya or glued plasters.

To strengthen nails, use nourishing and regenerating varnishes or creams. In addition, the appointment of vitamin and mineral complexes.

Popular methods of treating

For the treatment of middle nail dystrophy, folk methods can be used with the following recipes:

  • To remove nervous tension and to quickly get rid of obtrusive movements damaging the nail, you can use plants that have a mild sedative effect - valeriani, peony root, tincture and so on.
  • Restore the nail plate will help the sea buckthorn oil. On a drop of oil it is necessary to rub in sick nails twice a day.
  • Useful bathtubs with added sea salt and essential oils. For procedures, use cedar oil, peppermint, turnips.
  • You can prepare a nutritious mask. To do this, take creamy cream( 20 ml) and shake them with jojoba oil( 10 ml), add 5 drops of vitamin A. The contents are rubbed in the nail, and the mask can be washed only in 2 hours.

Forecast and prevention of

The prediction of kanalo-like dystrophy of nail plates depends on the cause of these changes. If it is mechanical damage, then after the termination of adverse actions, the nail is gradually restored and further grows healthy. In the presence of nevoid changes, the forecast is complicated.

Prophylaxis of the development of nail dystrophy is to exclude damage to the plate itself and the formations of the submandibular hematoma and nail matrix. In addition, you need to regularly take vitamins and monitor your diet.


Median canal-shaped nail dystrophy causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention Median canal-shaped nail dystrophy causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention Median canal-shaped nail dystrophy causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention Median canal-shaped nail dystrophy causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention Median canal-shaped nail dystrophy causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention