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Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting


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  • 2 Types of Coatings
    • 2.1 Dispersion
    • 2.2 Alkyd
    • 2.3 Polyurethane
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Wood is one of the most common building materials due to its availability and other positive

qualitiesHowever, the tree is known to be exposed to moisture and therefore needs to be protected by paint and varnish coating, and the latter must meet a number of requirements. Below, we will familiarize with existing water-resistant paints on wood and their species.

Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting

Varnish-resistant paint coating

General information

Waterproof paint for wood is of different types, it can vary in composition, appearance, some properties, etc. However, they are all combined with one of the main quality, resistance to moisture. Even in direct contact with water, these compositions retain their properties.

When choosing a waterproof paint finish you need to pay attention to the following quality:

  • Environmentally friendly
    - Compositions in the process of application and sealing can emit toxins, or be completely harmless;
  • Drying speed - can range from several hours to several days.
  • The appearance of the - may be glossy or matte.
  • The durability of depends on the composition and quality of paint and varnish coating.

Taking into account these parameters, one can choose the most suitable LKP for one or another occasion.

Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting

In the photo - acrylic paint on wood

Types of coatings

Recently, in stores you can often find the following types of waterproof wood paints:

  • Dispersion;
  • Alkyd;
  • Polyurethane;
  • Butter.

Below, let's take a look at their features.

Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting

Latex paint


The peculiarity of water dispersion paints is that water is used as a solvent. Due to this, they do not smell and are completely ecological.

also have the following qualities:

  • Quick dry.
  • Resistant to atmospheric influences.
  • For a long time protect wood from environmental influences.
  • Do not burn out in the sun.
  • May be both frosted and glossy.
  • are vapor permeable.

It should be noted that the water-dispersion moisture-resistant paint on wood is several types:

Type Specifics Acrylic Makes a matte film on the surface, does not hide the picture of a tree. I must say that the cost of acrylic paints is the lowest among the dispersion compositions. Latex has a high strength and abrasion resistance. At the same time a higher price. Silicone is the most reliable and durable among the water-dispersive LKP.This coating can form on a surface that is painted both matt and glossy surface. The only drawback is the high cost.

Due to its environmentally friendly and fast drying, dispersion warehouses are great for internal work. However, their properties allow to perform external work.

Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting

Alkyd enamel


Alkydnye enamels for wood are made on the basis of alkyd resin. Unlike water dispersion compositions, they have a strong, sharp, toxic odor, which is weathered after application.

Alkyd waterproof paint for wood has the following properties:

  • Creates a waterproof glossy film with a bright, rich color on the surface.
  • has resistance to minus temperatures.
  • Has Abrasion Resistance.
  • Fast Dries.
  • Composition is well laid out, distributed over the surface with a uniform layer without divorce.

Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting

Application of alkyd enamel

It should be noted that alkyd weatherproof paint for wood is inexpensive compared to other LKP, therefore recently it is in great demand. And it is used for both external and internal work. In particular, thanks to the abrasion resistance, the coating can be used for staining floors.

Pay attention! When performing internal work with alkyd enamel it is necessary to provide ventilation of the room.

Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting

Polyurethane enamel


Polyurethane waterproof paint for wood has a number of positive qualities:

  • Waterproof;
  • Resistance to chemicals;
  • Resistance to mechanical influences;
  • Durability.

Like alkyd enamel, polyurethane formulations produce a toxic odor in the process of application and drying. Their main advantage is high strength, however, it should be borne in mind that this LCK is quite expensive. Therefore, it does not always make sense to use polyurethane weatherproof wood paints.


Not so long ago these warehouses were the most common and used everywhere for external and internal work.

However, in recent years, they are used less often, for a number of reasons:

  • are highly toxic.
  • The surface is cracked quickly and begins to peel off.
  • Yellow in the sun.
  • Long dry.

The only advantage of them is the low cost. It should be noted that in recent years, oil paintings are manufactured only by domestic producers.

Water-resistant paint on wood and its species. Features of painting

Wood-based coating with waterproof coating

Painting features

The quality and durability of the painted surface depends not only on the choice of coating, but also on the quality of its application. Therefore, let's consider how to properly paint a tree with water resistant LKP.

So, the instruction is as follows:

  • It is necessary to start the work on surface preparation - it is necessary to clean the wood from the old coating, if necessary, to shave and scratch it.
  • Then the paint is prepared - carefully shaken, if the composition is painted, then it is added the necessary amount of color to get a different shade.
  • Next, the composition is applied with its own hands on a wooden surface with a thin uniform layer. For this you can use a spray, a paint roller or a brush.
  • After the first layer is coated, the coating is applied again. In most cases, two layers are quite enough to get a uniform color and a smooth surface.

Glad! Before painting the wood can be covered with antiseptic primer, which improves the adhesion of the LKP, as well as protect the wood from the influence of microorganisms, mold, etc.

On this painting process completed.


At present, there are many types of paint-resistant paint. Therefore, you should choose depending on the type of work performed, the conditions of use of the painted surface and your own preferences.

You can obtain additional useful information about the above topics from the video in this article.