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Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors

Laminated interior doors - not only a functional element of the room, but also put a stylistic design. It is worth knowing what a laminate is on the door, and what are the advantages of such designs.

  • Laminate construction:
  • production technology Product variation and nuances when acquiring
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Laminate construction:

Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors production technology Interior door blocks are a very important component of the interior of any room. From the appearance of the door leaf in many respects, the overall look of the room also depends on time. With a significant difference in the door structure in relation to the style of production from the given style of the overall design of the room, a picture on the photo dimming and the door as a foreign body immediately thrown into the eye.

As an integral part of every interior, the overlapping between the premises is precisely those key points that underline the literacy of the design. So can enter into dissonance with the interior. It is important to know what constitutes the purchase of a door structure. It is extremely important, before the final choice of the door, to get acquainted with as much information as possible.

The beauty and overall appearance of the cloth is in direct dependence on the external coating of the design. The fabrics are covered with a variety of materials: Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors

  • Veneer;
  • Coloring;
  • Wood;
  • PVC Film
  • Laminating.

The highest consumer demand among the products provided in the construction retail market, the palm championship holds laminated products. Typical kind of door fittings are appreciated for beauty. Modern technological innovations allow to make lamination of a covering in such a way that in fact it is not distinguished in terms of appearance and even tactile feeling from the rocks of natural wood. To all, the cost of laminated products is relatively high, as is the quality level of the factories, in comparison with qualitative indicators of canvases created from an array of wood. It is worth knowing that, with regard to some parameters, indicators even surpass the natural material.

Technologically, the process of producing laminated door ware manufactures is not particularly tricky: Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors

  • The basis of the web is the frame, which is most often created from a natural solid wood of coniferous species( pine).
  • On a manufactured frame, MDF-material slabs are fixed in production conditions. In fact, the door leaf is already ready, but at the current stage of production, the products are still far from the final result, which embodies a beautiful door product.
  • To enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the design, the door frame is laminated. The process of lamination occurs when using a special composition of synthetic resins in tandem with high pressure.
  • The laminate itself is a very durable film material. The film is able to simulate the surface of any breed of natural wood. However, a synthetic film can be completely white and colored with a flat surface, and color with the presence of any drawing. Laminate can personify personal photos, transferred in a special topographical way. So it is permissible to transfer photos of any paintings on laminate, such decoration decoration becomes the last time a tendency.

    All production is aimed more at creating laminated surfaces on the door leafs in the form of the surface of the tree, as the most popular product, which more easily fits in the style of any interior of the economic and middle class. Inexpensive laminate designs are considered an economical option when repairing middle class housing, as shown by consumer testimonials.

    Product variability and consideration of nuances when acquiring

    Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors products Laminated doors are a direct proof of the variability of interior products. Many color solutions designed specifically for the lamination of overlappings, in more than one segment of the factory you will not find in the market of door products. The variability of the products is made up of the organic fitting of the ceiling element of the photo-design of any interior, which gives the opportunity to play in a new way the living, office and any other space.

    The gain in an economical solution to overlays when purchasing laminated fabrics is felt not only in relation to the value of wood products, but also in comparison with the widespread products of the economy and the middle class of veneered blocks. The creation of an economy variant door with laminate coating is carried out on the line of automated and modern equipment. This is how times the production process of manufacturing a door for the economy and the middle class is cheaper. The quality of the product is not inferior to any factory, which is judged by a lot of photos and testimonials of happy owners of overlappings with laminate and numerous photos.

    Laminated Door Structures, Accessories and Installation Work
    Average Prices

    Simple Door Design, Laminate Flooring Laminating( Catalogs)
    from $ 20 to $ 38

    Laminated products with stained glass or with figured glass inserts( photo incatalogs)
    from $ 70 to $ 110

    Doorbells, boards( most often the catalog only shows the cost of the door leaf)
    from $ 15 to $ 30

    Installation of the door unit
    from $ 35 to $ 60

    However, some reviews lead to a solutiontion that when buying manufactured goods, should pay attention to some nuances that are pictured in the catalog do not see. The production of laminated structures in virtually all companies is aligned on an identical line:

    Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors

    • Used line of automated European advanced equipment;
    • Selected the most qualitative materials for the construction of structures.

    Serious production teams to create their own products are all serious, without losing quality when lowering price policy. However, there is always a chance to come up with products of very low quality, so it is worth paying attention to numerous consumer reviews and to clarify, not handmade production of a particular product.

    When choosing an affordable door option, it is advisable to ask what kind of coating is applied to the surface. Production is most often used by the cheapest option - laminated paper, impregnated in the production conditions with resins. As a covering of a surface of the doors the paper with dense indexes is used, however, the typical appearance is not durable, comparing the consumers' responses. The paper has negative operational properties:

    • is expanded from the surface of MDF or fiberboard;
    • May cause mechanical damage, easily scratched;
    • It is difficult to clean from various contaminants, if cleaned, then with damage to the surface without the chance of recovery.

    The only advantage of a typical surface coating of a door product is the cost below the economy options. For a surprisingly low price on the door, it is worth abandoning the purchase. Laminated ceilings of interior space can also be subdivided into products of different classes in terms of cost and product quality.

    Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors

    Laminate surface refers to another type of coating - most often it is a film called dvuhromnym laminatinom. This coating is a polymeric film material with high levels of resistance to exposure to direct sunlight and is not subject to mechanical damage. Technologically, the production of coating this coating occurs by merging the film with the surface of the raw material base. However, there are several types of film used to diminish the surface of the door blocks:

    • Fabricated from the two-layer laminate is practically not exposed to the adverse effects of the environment: humidity, mechanical damage, temperature difference. Although, many reviews say that the surface does not have a special indicator of longevity due to its loose surface texture. Care for such kind of door products should be productive. Fabrications are an economical solution to overlays.
    • Laminated door leafs on a paper basis are the most unreliable product. Any kind of exposure( moisture, mechanical damage, temperature variations) leads to instantaneous deformations. The economical variant of this class of products can be used only in premises with constant index of low humidity and one temperature.
    • Melamine film is an excellent surface coating for laminating: the material does not burn out under direct sunlight, it does not suffer damage when scratching. The door box, covered with melamine film, does not deform under the influence of changes in temperature indices in the building's structure.
    • The best quality for laminating door blocks is the product of fiberglass film. Fiberglass film is rather inexpensive, so when buying products with a typical surface, it is better to stop your choice of natural materials used in the manufacture of door products: products made of solid wood or veneered fabrics.

    Laminated production of the economy class variant is carried out on the foreign equipment with observance of all requirements GOST.For production purposes only materials with an index of environmental friendliness are used. In the processing of laminated products of domestic production, often use high quality from the best manufacturers of laminates( or synthetic veneer), transmits the structure of timber even expensive and valuable rocks, both in visual perception, and in tactile.

    Particular features of the

    Laminated door: the perfect solution for interior doors When searching for door products of the economy variant class, it is recommended to pay attention to the door mdf laminated, endowed with a number of qualitative and prevailing features typical for everyday use:

    • Door products with lamination insensitive to temperature variations and have properties of water repellent effect;
    • Due to the durable coating of resin impregnated, the linings have fire-fighting properties;
    • High surface resistance to various types of mechanical damage: cracks, scratches, chips;
    • Have a long lifetime when using fabrics when exposed to solar radiation.

    Laminated door products, which are increasingly gaining popularity and numerous owner feedback, are a rational choice for practical people.