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New ZTE Axon Elite

New ZTE Axon Elite

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    Features of the ZTE Axon Elite

    Specifications of the truly flagship mobile phone ZTE Axon Elite surprise

    with its power. The gadget received an extremely efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, which boasts eight cores and a 2000 MHz clock. This 64-bit chip with three-dimensional accelerator Adreno 430 is the top-notch in the entire line, which speaks for itself. Also, the flagship has a high-quality sound chip called AKM 4961 and 3GB( DDR4) of RAM.

    5.5-inch diagonal screen and Gorilla Glass 3 glass with antimicrobial properties have FHD resolution( 1080 by 1920 pixels).Here is a matrix CGS LCD, with its edges curved. ZTE Axon Elite internal memory is 32 GB( expandable with MicroSD card).The main 13-megapixel camera with auto focus has an additional 2-megapixel module and a dual LED flash. The secondary 8-megapixel camera functions as a front-facing module with a wide-angle lens. Axon Elite supports LTE networks, two SIM cards, and is equipped with a battery of 3000 mAh.

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    Prices ZTE Axon Elite

    The Chinese smartphone ZTE Axon Elite has a great deal of benefits. At the same time, its price is really amazing, and in the positive side. The manufacturer set the price tag at 420 euros. Since this is an international version, the price of a smartphone is relevant for the whole world. It is noteworthy that for a flagship device in 2015 this price is more than acceptable. It's worth noting that the device can now be purchased in some countries. In Russia, ZTE Axon Elite will also be on sale.

    New ZTE Axon Elite

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    Latest news ZTE Axon Elite

    ZTE Axon Elite has top performance. However, all the charm of the device is not limited to powerful iron. The Chinese smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. As it turned out, not only is he responsible for identification and security. Yes, Axon Elite is able to recognize the user's voice and read a unique retinal image. The design solution also gives a pleasant impression, especially the front part. The decorative speakers are thrown into the eyes, as well as the screen, which occupies practically the entire surface.

    ZTE Axon Elite smartphone is a notable top-notch gadget with advanced biometric authentication. At the same time, the Chinese flagship has a beautiful and fresh appearance, dissimilar to the others.

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    Photo ZTE Axon Elite

    New ZTE Axon Elite

    Top triple biometric ZTE Axon Elite

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    Video ZTE Axon Elite

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