Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Fufanon, has other names - Malatheon, Fufanon Super, Taran - one of the most effective means against domestic insect pests. This drug is an organophosphorus insecticide of a wide spectrum of action, which has a contact, intestinal and fumigant effect against

of various species of insects.

The drug has an average toxicity for humans and animals and can be used in residential areas( from small apartments to agricultural warehouses) against cockroaches, ants, fleas, etc. In everyday life people often use Fufanon and from bedbugs. Reviews about this insecticide will help you to study the characteristics of the drug in more detail and understand the peculiarities of its use.

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How effective is Fufanon?

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Review # 1: I try Fufanone from all that I've tried. Very effective against these creepy bed bugs, and still against ticks - I use it for prevention in the garden. Here's just the money I have to make sure that insects do not get used to it, just in case. So far not worried.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Review # 2: Fufanon is an import carbofos, nothing new. Hazardous, with a terrible smell, but surprisingly effective from bugs and other unwanted flying creatures, is produced in liter bottles.

Review # 3: But Fufanon did not help us. Three times sprayed the apartment, the last time did not even dilute the concentrate - it's useless. Tired of fighting, had to cause disinfectants.

Review # 4: Fiddles on a removable apartment - they were the sea. I was advised by Fufanon Super from bugs, ants and cockroaches - sold in any store like "goods for garden and garden".Ravled in water, sprayed, a week airing. For prevention once more processed in a month - there are no bedbugs.

Review # 5: Understand, it's useless to fight badges on your own! We tore them in all the known ways and means, including Fufanon - after it the effect was longer, but the bugs still came back after a while, and they even became more! Only experts call, but after all they do not give a guarantee.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Review # 6: Bed bugs tortured - biting our whole family, biting such huge cones on the body, itchy! Flipped up the bottom of the apartment - not found, processed all the tool from the bugs of Fufanon, reviews on the forums speak about its strong action. And the insects really went almost immediately, and have not returned yet.

Review # 7: Excellent helps from bedbugs. Distribute the Fufanon according to the instructions, handle all the bases, doors, corners, furniture, and go somewhere to live for 3-4 days. Then come back, ventilate the room, do a good wet cleaning, render things in dry-cleaner or interspersed at high temperatures - just so, boring and unpleasant, but really helps. The main thing is to gain patience and to adjust to a successful result.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

As can be seen from the reviews, Fufanon can really help in the fight against annoying insects, but the effect will depend on many nuances. For example, if there are bugs in your neighbors, then only one of your actions will help a little, and pests will come back again. In this case, it is worth joining forces.

Hazardous Fufanon For Human?

Review # 8: My struggle with bugs is a variable success. He worked with Fufanom all that was possible, this smell did not scare me a little. A week later thought that again bites - it turned out, the allergy was working. The remedy may be strong, but dangerous for humans.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Review # 9: It seems to me that Fufanon is not the best way to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment, yet toxicity, odor and other things will not have a beneficial effect on health. If you are prone to allergies, do not take risks! Apply in the garden - so safer.

Review No. 10: Fufanon, of course, smells very much - a year from the smell was deprived, and then felt weak, barely noticeable. But if you want to remove insects, you will have to suffer and go somewhere for a couple of days after the treatment of the apartment, otherwise poisoning is inevitable.

Feedback No. 11: So, Fufanon is effective against bedbugs, but it is very dangerous for a person. In direct contact, it is rapidly absorbed through the mucous membrane, affects the liver in particular and on health as a whole. Should I take that risk? So many services now, will remove any insects.

Review # 12: If you use Fufanon or Fufanon Super, trying to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment, grasp the respirator and gloves, otherwise you will be poisoned. I myself am an asthma who worked this attack for a long time, but he brought himself, fortunately, not injured. Well ventilate the apartment and do a good cleaning. Hope my feedback will help someone.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Thus, people's thoughts make it possible to draw a very important conclusion: Fufanon, like other insecticides, requires competent treatment and the obligatory use of personal protective equipment for the hands and respiratory organs, since it is a drug that is toxic to humans.

Fufanon in the fight against bugs: expert opinion

As a rule, people are more inclined to trust the reasoned opinion of professionals, and this applies to all spheres of life, including the choice of means to fight insects.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Expert Review: Imported Fufanon is a well-forgotten old worn for us, only cleaner and more qualitative, and therefore less toxic. From the positive nuances I will mention the affordable cost and low cost( all the same concentrate).Of the negative - the smell, strong and caustic odor, which is difficult to eliminate.

I do not recommend using the drug in the apartments, as if in a suburban area for your city. The house - only in extreme cases and with special care. You can use it for prevention, good price permits.

Expert review: If you are not the first to process an apartment from the Fufanom bedbugs, the larvae can develop a pronounced protective response to the components of the drug, and getting rid of pests will be very difficult.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Fufanon and Fufanon Super it is better to alternate or mix with other powerful insecticides by diluting them in a concentration of 50-60 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water and treating the room no more than once for 21 days. Drugs can be purchased at any SES.

Reviews about tool Fufanon in the fight against bed bugs

Expert Review: In the first independent fight against badges, I would advise you to use substances of the fourth grade of danger to humans( Fufanon has a third class).The fourth is good in that it does not give a strong influence when it hits the objects and objects - when you insect insects from the rooms you can not do anything.

If you are confident in your strength and determinedly determined, Fufanon can be used for the removal of the bugs, but for this you will need safety glasses, a respirator, gloves and a lot of patience. The smell of the drug is strong, but over time it will go away, and this is probably the only disadvantage compared with the effectiveness of Fufanon, which, by the way, is a widely used remedy in the disinsection.

How many people, so many thoughts - this simple truth has been repeatedly proved. Nowadays it is unlikely that someone is blindly following other people's recommendations, but they can be taken into account, especially if it concerns human life and health.

Maybe you managed to get rid of bed linens successfully with the help of Fufanon and have something to say? Or do you disagree with experts and want to share your personal experiences?

Even if you have a simple question on the topic - write in the comment field below. We( the site administration) greet them, because we understand that it really helps many people to make their lives and lives of their loved ones free of parasitic insects.

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