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In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women's dresses for New Year's Dogs

What color do you associate with the New Year? With a green colorful elegant fir tree, with orange tangerine color, or with a white glow of snow?. . New year is always a fireworkscale of colors, it's a time of fashionable wonders, because it's time to choose the most important outfit of the year.

New Year's Eve

is not only a bright holiday but also a tradition. Whatever colors were fashionable in the coming 2018, it is worth paying tribute to the mistress of the coming year - the Yellow Eagle Dog.

What colors do the colors of the year prefer, and with which fashion shades they combine? In what color to meet 2018?We haveten to answer all the questions.

Who will stop choosing a luxurious long dress, who will wear elegant trousers, and someone will prefer a small modest dress. Black? Of course, in the most solemn and merry night of the year, which lays the foundation for the whole year, I want bright colors, I want fashionable colors and trend combinations. After all, if you meet the year is fashionable, then it will pass on a fashion wave.

Brown, yellow, green - the main colors of the New Year's night

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

To choose the yellow, brown or green outfit from the first hours of the new year. For a New Year's night in a yellow color, stop on a long dress with a chiffon skirt.

Ideal for warm canary color shades, as well as bright lemon and tender color of daffodil. In a bright yellow shade, it would look great to have a strict satin dress with asymmetrical shoulders. In a brownish or mustard shade, dresses of brocade look good. If your choice falls on the rich shade of milk chocolate, look at the velvet costumes.

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

According to some esoteric teachings, velvet clothing attracts money, which means that it will give you financial luck from the very beginning of the year.

The green color is also liked by the Dog. It belongs to the elements of the earth, and any colors associated with vegetation, will help you to secure the support of the mistress of the year. In green, satin and silk look great. We advise you to pick a dress from these fabrics. For a solemn night suits and panty suits of emerald color will fit.

New Year colors of noble beverages

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

Meet the New Year in color, timed to. .. alcoholic beverage. These shades always look magnificent, and at the subconscious level, they are tuned to the festive mood. The most current color of the beginning of 2018 will be reddish-brown cognac color in this category. In this shade are beautiful dresses made of velvet, and dresses with a chiffon layer with a skillful embroidery with gold thread.

The second most popular is the tender shining color of champagne. The most successful in "champagne" look are elegant casual dresses with flared upholstery, generously decorated with rhinestones or paetkami.

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

If you want to add to the image of red, it is worth turning to deep guilty shades. They have not gone out of fashion for many years: and the classic burgundy, brown earthy shade of Marsala. Both wine variants are ideal for velvet, lace fabrics, and also suitable for a laconic dress-shirt of medium or maximum length.

Glitter of precious metals

Another chic version of New Year's color - a shade of one of the precious metals. The win-win variant is golden. Dresses from golden brocade or smooth silk are beautiful in any style, although the long looks look like long dresses with a narrow silhouette.

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

Incredibly fashionable in 2018, silver can also be put on New Year's Eve. Elegant trousers, light gray, silver jewelry and pearls are a great holiday outfit for those who like classics. Fashionable women's dresses in silvery paettes on thin straps will be trendy all year round.

Brilliance of bronze and copper will be a stylish choice for New Year's Eve. Pleated skirts of brilliant fabrics of saturated-bronze color in combination with a brown satin blouse - for a festive holiday."Little brown dress", embroidered with bronze paettes - for a friendly party. Dresses with magnificent copper color organza skirt - for meeting guests.

The new 2018 year in pastel colors

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

Actual next year's pastel tones, perfectly suited for the solemn night. Take a look at the powdery shades of pink and orange, soft tones of coral, yellow, lilac and beige.

In all shades will look great trouser suit with wide trousers and a women's fitted jacket. Suitable shades for air chiffon dresses, as well as elegant dresses with bushy with a heart, translucent top and sleeves.

Trousers in white are not so relevant this year. If you want the maximum light dress, choose the lightest shades of coffee or cream, yellowish tone of melted milk, or cold berry shades - light pink and generously diluted blueberry.

Classic colors for New Year's Eve

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

In addition to all these trendy colors, one can not forget about the classic. This, of course, is black, and dark shades of blue, green and purple. You will choose a little black dress, or a dark blue "grass" sweater with purple shortened trousers - your image will be charming, due to the saturation of color.

Well, in classical dark colors, look like silk hats with lace, which fit into a trouser suit, and chic dresses with velvet and organza. You can also choose accessories of dark colors: black lacquer shoes, fur boa of blue or brown fur, purple miniature handbag and jewelry with colored precious or semiprecious stones.

In what color to meet 2018: fashionable women

Summing up, we will list all the colors that match up to the 2018 meeting:

  • Brown, yellow, green in any shades except bright colors, synthetic;
  • Wine shades: from burgundy and martial, to light beige shades of champagne and white wine;
  • Glowing colors: gold, silver, shades of bronze and copper;
  • Pastel shades of pink, lilac, beige, blue;coffee and cream, beige;
  • Classic black, blue, violet colors.