How to grow hydrangeas from seeds from China correctly

A great decoration of any garden or home will be hydrangea. This plant has a huge variety that allows you to decorate your garden in a unique and unique way. At the same time, many florists prefer to grow this flower from the seeds. This article,

, tells you how seeding is carried out, and which care for young hydrangea is needed later on.


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Choose seeds

Hydrangea multiplication is carried out in a variety of ways. In some situations, for the production of a new plant, use seeds from Asia( China, Japan, etc.), where this flower grows in the wild.

How to grow hydrangeas from seeds from China correctly

If you choose the seeds as a breeding option, then you have to pick the planting material correctly. The seeds of hydrangea that you will use to grow at home should meet the following requirements:

  • be integral and undisturbed;
  • has no traces of disease, freezing, etc.;
  • assess the characteristics of the variety whose representative you plan to grow at home.

When choosing a landing material, an aspect such as frost resistance should be evaluated. Hydrangea is a flower that grows in subtropics. Therefore, far from all varieties are able to properly tolerate the climatic conditions of our country, including severe winters. If a young plant is planted in open ground, then it is necessary to choose those varieties, which are characterized by at least a slight frost resistance.

Planting Process

Planting of flower seeds does not include pre-seed preparation. Therefore, seedlings for growing plants at home can be sown directly into boxes specially prepared for seedlings. But some florists have argued that it is possible to achieve excellent similarity with the preliminary sprouting of gardening material. For this, the seeds are poured on diluted cotton wool and placed on the bottom of the saucer. After that, they are covered with another layer of cotton wool. Then pour the boiled water in the saucer and leave the resulting structure in this position for several days.

How to grow hydrangeas from seeds from China correctly

In this case, it is necessary to periodically check the seeds, since they can be covered with mucus or begin to smell unpleasant. In such a situation they should be rinsed immediately in running water and repeat the procedure again. Seeds that have been sent to germination can be planted only when they swell or form a rootstock. If you did not sprout the landing material, the landing will be carried out with dry seeds.

When growing seeds of hydrangea at home, you need to take care of the soil. The optimal is the earth, which contains peat, sand, coniferous, turf, forest or leaf soil, as well as humus. If there is no way to make such a soil mixture, you can use the ground, recruited from worms.

If hydrangea from seeds is massively multiplied, it can be used to grow it wooden boxes. At the same time at home, you can use an ordinary flower pot. Whether used to grow a pot or a whole box, the seeds need to be covered with glass. For a pot will fit and ordinary glass jar.

How to grow hydrangeas from seeds from China correctly

Let's consider the planting process in more detail on the example of wooden boxes:

  • in this situation you need a fairly large wooden box, the depth of which should be about 15 cm;
  • pour into the drawer ground. At the same time, to sides it is necessary to leave about 3-5 cm of free space;The
  • then sow dry seeds. Note that sowing should be without dredging in the ground. From above they also do not need to cover the land;
  • then plentifully pour the soil with water and place glass on top. It can be replaced by a film.

Film is removed when the first stairs have appeared. In this period it is necessary to monitor the soil moisture. For this occasionally airing of the land is carried out. According to the same principle, seeds are sown in a flower pot at home conditions.

If the seed is immediately planted in open ground, then the landing process is carried out as follows:

  • duplicate a small bed;
  • scatter chaoically dry seeds;
  • then weigh them and sprinkle with sand. Instead, you can pour a layer of ordinary earth with a thickness of about 1 cm.

How to grow hydrangeas from seeds from China correctly

Please note that the seed should be planted in the open ground only with its good warmth. Therefore, the best time for this is May and the beginning of June. In this situation, the first shoots appear in three weeks. Using the seedling method of seed germination, you will receive a significantly young plant earlier. At the same time the flowering of the bush will also begin earlier.

When using the seedling method, when the first two leaves are present, seedlings should be planted in separate pots. When reaching the bushes 7-10 cm, they can be planted in open ground( if the street is spring).If the weather in the street is not favorable, then the bushes are transplanted into a pot with a depth of 10 cm.

Remember that growth is important for hydrangea. Therefore, before planting the seedlings, it is necessary to choose the optimal place of landing. This plant loves cool and shady places. In the choice of place it is necessary to avoid situations falling on the flower of direct sunlight. Otherwise the bush will often hurt and burn. Also, the chosen place should be protected from strong winds. At a permanent place of growth hydrangea can be planted in the spring, summer or autumn.

Video "Seedlings"

Care and Growing

How to grow hydrangeas from seeds from China correctly

So that the seeds eventually have a healthy and healthy shrub, planting or young plants need proper care. For young bushes care provides for the following manipulations:

  • dressing. Fertilizers should be bought in special stores. For this flower, the acidity of the soil should be at pH 5.5.If you want to get a bush with blue colors, then care means adding sulfate, sulfur or aluminum salts to the soil. To make the color transition smooth, make these substances uneven;
  • watering. Care here involves keeping soil moisture constant. During the drying of the upper layer of the earth, re-irrigation is carried out. Remember that pouring the plant is not recommended. Care should be taken to optimize the water regime;
  • weeding weeds from weeds;
  • preventive measures to prevent the emergence of pests.

In addition, caring for hydrangea involves cutting. But there are timeframes for implementing it:

  • first trimming is carried out when the bush has reached 5-6 years;After the first trimming, the
  • should be cut annually.

During the trimming, it is necessary to remove dry and broken branches from the bush. This procedure is carried out in the spring. As you can see, young bushes care is not very complicated. But when you perform all the necessary procedures, your hydrangea will not only beautifully bloom, but will become a strong and high bush.

Hydrangea Reproduction and its Types

How to grow hydrangeas from seeds from China correctly

Hydrangea can be multiplied in several ways:

  • seeds. This method has been described in detail above. Let's just note that seed propagation is not the most popular method;
  • cuttings. This is the most common method of flower propagation. The best planting material here is the green cuttings. They should be received in the middle of July. Under the green petiole is meant the irritative part of the stem, which has one or more kidneys. The petioles, when cultivated at home, can be placed in a jar;
  • layouts. Propagation with cuttings occurs in early spring until the buds dissipate. The method involves laying in the soil shoots in a specially prepared for this furrow. Concealed shoots cover the ground and soon they are formed on the roots;
  • descendants. This kind of reproduction involves a neat separation from the maternal bush of the sparse escape and its cultivation to an independent seedling.
  • seedlings. This is the easiest way to reproduce, as it only provides the right choice of the place of landing and the implementation of the procedure itself.

Based on the above data, you can easily grow hydrangea at home even from seeds that will become a real ornament to your garden.

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