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Choose and install a hood in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place where we rest after heavy workdays, taking contrasting showers or soothing and relaxing water treatments. Due to the temperature variations in the bathrooms, a large amount of steam is formed, which turns into condensate flowing through the walls, engineering and mirrors of the


Higher humidity in the bathroom results in the formation of fungi, bad smell, mold and unhealthy microclimate, premature spoilage of washing machines and floor coverings.

In order to improve the ventilation of the room, it is necessary to install a good ventilation system or an extractor in the bathroom.

Bathroom extractor can be made by yourself or you can buy it in a specialist store. The very same ventilation system can be both natural and coercive.

Natural Ventilation is a system of ducts that are better to perform in an upright position, to ensure better output of steam from the room. But when installing the pipe in an upright position, it is necessary to constantly monitor it, because in the cold season can drain the walls of the condensate, which is formed due to the cooling of the pipe and warm air flows from the room outside. But the forced exhaust pipe is installed in the case:

  • if the traction of natural ventilation does not work;
  • if it is not provided for by the house plan;
  • if the room has a sauna, steam generator and other equipment.

Select and install the

bathroom extractor. When choosing the extractor for the toilet and the bathroom, it is very important to pay attention to the characteristics of the equipment. You must also choose the installation from the bathroom floor area.

Choose and install a hood in the bathroom

When installing the hood in the bathroom, it is necessary to make sure that under the door there is a slit that will provide fresh air. In the absence of such a gap, the efficiency of equipment will be reduced to zero.

The modern market for ventilation equipment offers a wide range of customers, depending on the needs and capabilities of the buyer. Currently, among the presented models for bathrooms you can choose a manual or automatic hood extractor. The latter are equipped with motion sensors that include a device when someone enters the room. The integrated humidity sensors in the bathroom will allow the device to be used only at elevated rates and will help reduce the cost of electricity, and the built-in timer will turn on or off the extractor at a given time.

With regard to the noise when working with the hood, all modern devices work quite quietly, but still not absolutely silent. If the noise is excited during operation of the hood, the ventilation shaft can be treated with sound insulation, and the unit installs a muffler.

When installing the hood you can trust the craftsmen or do your work with your own hands, which will save you money. The first task before mounting is to choose the installation location. Typically, such units are installed under the ceiling in front of the door, since the circulation of fresh air will facilitate the operation of equipment. If the wall has a hole of natural ventilation, you can insert a fan into it, if necessary, increase the "nest" with a chisel, hammer or Bulgarian. It is better to apply a colorless silicone sealant to the walls of the surface of the device to the wall, eliminating vibration and unnecessary noise. Fasten the hood most often with the help of liquid nails, screws or dowels.

We do our own exhaust system

You can make a hood with your own hands for the bathroom in the houses or cottages. To do this, you must make a hole in the wall under the ceiling itself. For an area of ​​5-7 m2, the hole should be 150 mm in diameter, which will ensure good ventilation in the bathroom. Using a rigid knee, we install a pipe of length 2-3 m so that it protrudes 50 cm above the roof, to ensure the effective circulation of air.

If, after installation, there is no ventilation, check the draft by opening the door to the bathroom. If the draft has appeared, then it is worthwhile to make ventilation openings in the lower part of the door, if not - it is necessary to install a fan to supplement the ventilation, which will ensure the forced ventilation of the bathroom.

Knowing how to make a hood in the bathroom, you can forever forget about the bad smell and mildew in the room.