Animal Care

Adult cat castration - Behavior after surgery and care

After making a very important decision - cast cat cat - Get some behavioral changes and change your pet's priorities. The optimal age for castration - seven seven - from 7 months to 7 years. Nevertheless, according to the veterinarian, this range of

can fluctuate in one way or the other.

Adult is considered to be the cat that has crossed the two-year barrier, so it is important to know at least the month and year of birth of the animal. If the reason for castration of an adult cat is the deterioration of his character, there is no sense to subject the animal to the effect of anesthesia and put it on the operating table. Most likely, habits and habits will remain. Only in 10-15 cases of age the character and behavior of the cat will change. But is it worth risking the health of a pet because of the probability of 1 to 10?


If the indication for castration is the habit of the cat to label the territory everywhere and without parsing( be it a sofa, a wall or leg of a chair), it should be borne in mind that the behavior of the pet may not change and here, then there will appear "patches".About 15% of all adult cats after the cavernous surgery all continue to restrict their possessions. The only plus - after the removal of the testes, the urine of the cat loses its "unsurpassed aroma" and not so much its smell is felt.

If a pet managed to take a walk and was with a cat( even once), it would be useless to teach him the manifestation of desire and rare( but still) complaints. Periodically, the desire of the cat will appear, it will never disappear. The reason for this lies in the pituitary gland - it is there that males produce male sex hormones. Agree, the pituitary gland no one in the common sense will not be removed.


Cat behavior after surgery and care for it

Remember that an adult cat is not a little kitten. Therefore, in the postoperative period( about 5-6 days) it is necessary to allocate a quiet calm place to a pet, where he will be able to give plenty of money to the owners for such humiliation. The best option for such a place is a bathroom, or rather a coil or battery. Animals react differently to anesthesia, therefore, it is necessary to monitor the cat 4-5 hours after surgery - they will prove to be the most complicated, because the pet( as, indeed, the person) will start to "drive", double in the eyes, there will be disorientation. The doctor will warn you that the first few days after the operation the cat should wear a special cone to prevent the lining of the seams.

To avoid the manifestation of inflammatory processes, the day after the operation is necessary to treat a place under the tail of diamond greens( in the people "green") or peroxide;You can also sprinkle with streptocide. Immediately I want to warn that this lesson is not for the faint-hearted.


It is desirable to prevent the appearance of drafts so that the cat does not catch a cold so the affected site. And remember that an adult cat is not a kitten. It is more difficult for him to accept the idea that the owner is so bothered about it( or otherwise it will not be called).Therefore, one can not require him to stop labeling the territory, arrange races for survival on parquet, or sing songs while sitting on the windowsill. Instinct is not going anywhere. ..