Liquid smoke with your own hands: manufacturing methods


  • 1 Curry Method
  • 2 Method Tea and Rice
  • 3 Method Cigarette Smoke
  • 4 Method Foil and Matches

Many people like to eat smoked food. It can be fish, meat, fat, sausage and other specialties. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make them at home, as it requires the smoke of

and special equipment. Although, if you really want, you can use liquid smoke. With it it manages to achieve the effect of smoking and at the same time do not waste much effort. Just add a few drops in the marinade, or just the meat, and it's like it's just from the bonfire. However, this tool can not always be found in stores, so you might be interested in how to make liquid smoke with your own hands. It should be immediately stated that this is not easy, but the result is worth it.

"Curry" method

It should be understood that it will not be possible to prepare a real liquid smoke, since in the production of special conditions for burning sawdust. Then smoke is collected and filtered to remove dangerous components. At home, all this can not be done, but there is a chance to achieve a similar taste that comes from the flavor.

Liquid smoke with your own hands: manufacturing methods

is suitable as a base for Curry dressing. For this you will need:

  • packaging Curry dressing;
  • fresh mayonnaise with low fat content;
  • garlic head;
  • soy sauce.
  • To begin, all the ingredients must be thoroughly mixed, and the garlic must be pre-grounded. If all was done correctly, then it will be possible to get a marinade, which is tastes like smoke. He needs to put the fish, meat or any other ingredient and leave for about 3 hours. By the way, the meat will turn out to be soft and juicy, which, of course, plus.

    The Curry seasoning itself does not allow you to use different flavor enhancers. With them, though, the food is appetizing, but it does not change that they are harmful to health.

    Method Tea and Rice

    A rather unusual way to achieve the effect of smoking. Although it will not help to make liquid smoke at home, but will allow you to achieve the desired taste of the product. The main thing is to follow instructions carefully to make it happen.

    What you need:

  • rice( quantity depends on the weight of the products intended for cooking);
  • mixed black and green tea( it is important that they are natural and without additives);
  • Sugar.
  • All products must be mixed and tightly wrapped in foil. It needs to make holes to get ventilation. All this must be put in pieces of meat when they are fried. Once the meat is fried at high heat, it must be reduced. Then that which is in the foil, will begin to smoke, which will provide the effect of smoking. Of course, you need to know the measure and not leave the meat on the smoke for too long. Enough 30-60 minutes, depending on the piece.

    Method Cigarette Smoke

    For smokers, it will not be difficult to use this method. It is somewhat more difficult than the previous ones and does harm to health, however, it has the right to exist. It should be used when for some reason others can not use it.

    What you need:

  • clean glass;
  • cigarette packaging;
  • freezer.
  • The principle is very simple. To begin with, put a glass in the freezer so that its walls are frozen. It will help in the future to remove all harmful substances that are present in liquid smoke. They just settle on the walls and do not fall into the dish.

    When the glass is ready, you will need a person ready to start smoking and exhale cigarette smoke. How much for this cigarette will be needed - an individual question for everyone. You need to watch as the glass is filled. By the way, to exhale the smoke it is necessary in a vessel, that everything has turned out.

    When the required amount of smoke is collected, it can be easily poured into another container, or immediately on the dish. The result should be a smoke effect if everything is done correctly.

    Method Foil and Matches

    This method is similar to the previous, but is more safe for health. You need to freeze a clean glass. During this you can prepare foil. It needs to put about 10 matches and tightly wrap it in the handset. One end needs to twist and leave the other one as it is.

    The open end is placed in a glass. It is important that he does not touch the bottom, otherwise it will not work. The twisting end needs to be ignited and do not remove the foil until all the matches inside do not light up. As a result, there should be quite a lot of smoke, which can then be added to the dish. It is this way and it is recommended to use if you want to get real smoke. Its a plus is that it is suitable for non-smokers, and also does not harm human health. The very same thing is getting worse than using a purchased liquid smoke. In addition, you can be sure that the substance is really harmless and does not contain a large number of carcinogens.

    Real liquid smoke is not easy to get, and it's not always possible to achieve the true taste of smoke at home. Therefore, if there is a possibility, it is better to use the purchase option. It is sold in liquid form in a bottle, as a spray or powder. It can be added either in meat or fish with roasting or smoked, or in different soups to get an interesting taste. The main thing is to adhere to the recommended dosage so that the food from the beneficial is not harmful. If everything is done right then the result will be tasty meat, which is difficult to distinguish from what was done on a bonfire or smoke.