Why do chickens fall on feathers on the back, necks?


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The question why chickens fall out is very relevant for the owners of these

poultry. Immediately give an exact answer is difficult, they are bald for completely different reasons, and it is up to the owners to determine what is the main factor of this phenomenon. Why do feathers fall out with what to do and how to keep chickens from baldness and from an illness like alopecia?

Why do chickens fall on the back, necks?

Homes in the household

People living in households sometimes face the problem of chicken plumage loss. The most frequent zones of damage are neck and chest, sometimes biting and poultry on the back. In addition, the feathers become fragile, sometimes the chicken loses even a fluff. Such a phenomenon can occur at any time of the year and its features are completely unlike the seasonal mating of the hens. This is a disease called "baldness".

If to be attentive you can notice the development of alopecia at the very beginning. How to distinguish a disease from seasonal molting? Everything is quite simple: natural laziness does not discolor the feathers, but only drop the feathers from the lower layers. If the chicken bites the neck, then there is a serious cause to worry.

What can this disease lead to? In case of untimely provision of assistance to the bird, and may get rid of all its plumage in a short time. Such baldness occurs more often if the chicken is meat or meat and dairy breeds.

Causes of Alopecia

First, let's look at the reasons why layers lose their feathers. The main cause of alopecia is always the wrong diet. Noticed when a person lack of vitamins in the body, it immediately affects the appearance? So, the same happens with domestic birds, only the main indicator is the baldness of the chicken. If the body of the carrier lacks such minerals and vitamins as iodine, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, then this will definitely cause the development of alopecia in the poultry.

Why do chickens fall on the back, necks?

Fox neck is a clear sign of the

disease. But there are other reasons for this: if the conditions for keeping the chickens( bad lighting, ventilation problems, closed and unplugged place, dirt, parasites) were violated, .If the food is okay, the conditions of maintenance are also in the normal state, and the parasites are absent, then the cause of baldness itself became the feed( or rather, its lack).

In the process of seasonal molting in the trigger their body needs twice as much food, if the latter is not enough, then may well fall and need poultry. If we sum up the factors, then the reasons that chickens get rid of feathers are:

  • malnutrition( or lack of nutrition in vitamins and minerals required by the body, or lack of feed itself);
  • parasitic organisms that emit fluff and feathers;
  • inappropriate conditions( little light, dirt and stagnant air, no walks).

How to solve the problem of chicken feathers fallout?

What to do if the birds drop out of the feathers? The key to proper treatment is to correctly determine the cause of the disease of your poultry. Therefore, we will consider each of the factors individually, as well as what possible symptoms and what treatment to provide the bird.

Why do chickens fall on the back, necks?

feathers in chickens

unbalanced nutrition The sign of malnutrition in chickens is the lack of shine on the feather, falling feathers, and may reduce the level of fertility. In such situations, you need:

  • to add more vitamin and mineral supplements to the feed( they can be easily found in stores);
  • to vitamins in food should be added sulfur( about 0.3 grams with each meal), sulfur can be changed to Glauber salt;
  • for the recovery of minerals use a manganese or iodine solution( you need to drink them one day in the morning).

Symptoms of Alopecia

The main areas of the disease are the back, neck, tail, chest and abdomen. Often the disease progresses so much that the chicken becomes completely naked. When the sick bird begins to examine, it is noticeable that the skin has become inflamed, sometimes even bruises.

Why is it important to notice alopecia on time? When ill, chickens not only lose all their feathers, they begin to lose weight, weight loss falls to a minimum. In rare cases it happens that cannibalism develops between birds;immunity decreases, birds can easily cope with any illness.

Why do chickens fall on the back, necks?

With the loss of plumage in the poultry, the

immunity decreases. Alopecia treatment of

Here you can turn to folk medicine, because the organic means is the best. If the hoof, horns of any pet to wipe the flour and constantly add chickens to food, then it will prevent the loss of feathers and restore their growth. Apply such a remedy until the result is clear( instead of horns you can collect the same feathers, and add them to chopped chickens).

Disturbed conditions

If the cause of the fever falls is in the wrong keeping of the bird, then everything can be fixed quite easily:

  • to remove all dirt, carry out in the room disinfection;
  • check ventilation, ventilate the room;
  • make a larger window so that the sun can get into the room( sunlight is doing a great natural disinfection).

Well, your chickens should spend at least an hour on the street every day, this gives you a perfect temperament of the body, helps to squeeze muscles and so on.

Why do chickens fall on the back, necks?

To control the disease it is necessary to improve the conditions for the maintenance of chickens

Parasitic organisms

Parasitic organisms - one of the frequent problems that arise when keeping chickens. If the birds do not eat enough nutrition or conditions of detention, then the hygiene of the room becomes the most important point. In such a situation, the owner's task is regular and timely cleaning, frequent disinfection of the room.

As an anti-parasite, always use ash. It is necessary to put in a chimney a trough or another vessel filled with ash. Chickens will swim in it, and this is a peculiar natural cleansing of the feathers, so pests like puhoids will not appear exactly( keep in mind that it is better to stay in the ash all the time in a room where birds live: so it will be more reliable).

With affordable financial feasibility, ultraviolet light bulbs in the smoker should be installed. Why do you need it? In the winter, thanks to the lamps, the chickens will begin to wear well, and the ultraviolet will fill the lack of vitamin D in the body of birds. Good alopecia prevention is bone meal, cabbage, legumes and root crops( these products help to restore the feathers of layers).It is recommended to enter the diet of oats, cake, and reduce fatty foods.

Why do chickens fall on the back, necks?

In the fight against parasites, irreplaceable ash baths

There are a number of reasons why chicken feathers can fall. Depending on the factor changing the treatment of the bird. It is important to note the developing disease in the early stages( and the fallout of feathers in chickens is an alopecia).If you have noticed a disease, it is necessary in the shortest possible time to determine the cause of its development, to eliminate irritant factors and start treatment for sick poultry.

A worrying host will always remember the prevention, and then his household will not be endangered. Be careful about the hens, and then in the treatment of them from the loss of feathers will not be needed.