The use of Elkara for newborns. In what cases, use and dosage for the baby.

Human metabolism is a very complex process involving many different substances. One of these is L-carnitine( levocarnitine) - vitamin BT, without which it is impossible to obtain energy during the splitting of fats. Normally, it should be produced by the body itself in sufficient quantities of

, but this is not always the case. Then the product Elkar - comes from the artificial source of L-carnitine .

When Elkard needs a newborn

The baby's body is very fragile and not adapted to the environment, so it often crashes. Especially when there are problems during childbirth and in the postpartum period.

The purpose of Elkara is shown in the following cases:

  • Genital trauma, asphyxiation. Medicines compensate for lesions received by the brain and nervous system
  • Respiratory distress syndrome
  • Lack of
  • Body mass below normal birth or insufficient gain subsequently
  • Reduced levels of protein and hemoglobin in blood
  • Incorrect metabolic processes
  • Poor sucking reflex and appetite
  • Diseases of the skin( seborrheic eczema, psoriasis, red lupus)
  • Weak immunity.

For newborns, can only use a 20% solution of Elkara( another 30% concentration) in doses of 4-5 drops twice a day. For half an hour before feeding the drug is stirred in a small amount of fluid and give infants. Some experts recommend for dextrose solution 5% dilution.

When choosing the time of admission, it is necessary to take into account the ability of the medicine to increase the activity and excitability of the child. If you give it in the evening, you can get sleepless nights for the baby and, of course, for parents. It is better to drink the baby in the morning, before breakfast and in the afternoon.

Usually the standard course of admission is 30 days, at the discretion of the pediatrician the term can be extended for another 2 weeks.

Disadvantages of the

product Elkar is considered to be an absolutely harmless product that can be used from the very first days since its inception.

However, it is capable of causing some unpleasant reactions for which drugs should be discontinued.

  • Allergy
  • Increased nervous system excitability
  • Gastric and intestinal disturbances( pain and colic, loss of appetite)
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness of the muscular system

Not all symptoms can be detected in a baby, so when using the drug, you must constantly monitor his urine carefully. If she gets an unpleasant, odorless odor, Elkar ceases to give the newborn before consulting a pediatrician.

Most likely, it will recommend a lower dosage. Completely cancel drugs only with categorical intolerance.

Features of Elkara

As a very effective means, indispensable in some cases, the preparation differs in the remoteness of the action of .Most likely, the first results will be visible only in 5-7 days from the beginning of admission. By this time appetite and sucking reflex will increase.

The blood composition will only improve until the third week of administration, and thus hemoglobin and serum protein levels will increase. And you can also judge the increase in body weight.

.Experts comments.

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For infants suffering from various digestive disorders( eg, dysbiosis), enzymes must be prescribed during Elkara's course of administration. They help to improve absorption of drugs in the intestine.

The drug is not recommended for the treatment of infants, whose only problem is a small prey to the mass. If the child is mobile, active, fun - he does not need Elkare .

With increased excitability, the medicine can only damage .In any case, it is not necessary to demonstrate amateur activity and to experiment with the brittle organism of the infant. There are specialists - pediatricians and neonatologists who will help you choose the right remedy for the baby.

Consumer Reviews

Son in infancy was added little in weight, he was ill in the first month unceasingly. Our pediatrician recommended Elkar - 4 drops 2 times. Before giving, I gathered all possible information about the drug and decided to eat the baby. Literally a month later, we no longer mentioned either the colds or the lowered weight of the body. Now he is already 7 months, after a month's course on the problems there is no language. Of the shortcomings - only the price. According to our incomes, it is too high.

Anna, 28l.

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I gave birth to Anna earlier in the month. She was so small, thin. And we could not gain weight - he ate very badly. Elkar was advised to take us back to the maternity hospital. I immediately began to give it. After a week, the result was very pleased! Anytiy appeared appetite, began to suck well, rounded a little. A month later, she recovered by 900 grams. Medications are still taking, we have been extended for another 2 weeks.

Marina, 33g.

We were born with a huge bunch of problems - premature birth, birth defects and insufficient body weight. The drug Elkar was prescribed by a very knowledgeable pediatrician. He explained that the medicine will help restore normal weight and improve the nutrition of the heart muscle. We are going through the third week of the course, shifting to the face. Most pleased with the appetite of the son, eating just fine. There is a hope that at least the weight will normally go down.

Svetlana, 25l.