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Magnetic brush for washing windows and double-glazed windows. Thinking - buy it or not?

Magnetic brush for washing windows and double-glazed windows. Thinking about buying or not? Today, most of us have long since been surprised by the miracle goods that have been plagued by many. Although, you look at some of these products, and you understand that still what a convenient thing has come out. How did you think that before? But today the fantasy of engineers works very well, and the consumer

appreciates the work of engineers, that is, willingly buys the things that they offer him. Today, for example, at the peak of the popularity of the magnetic brush, which is successfully used by many for window cleaning. Pretty interesting device. Reviews about her for today are quite positive, as with her work she copes quite well. Yes, and not strange. There is nothing to break down, so there is such a brush for a very long time and it does its job well.

Magnetic Brush. A simple and effective window cleaner. What is it comfortable with?

It's clear that TV ads look very attractive. It seems like everything is very good, and when you read reviews, it's difficult to find the bad ones. Yes, not always critical reviews are not the most true. Let's try ourselves to figure out how convenient such a magnetic brush is. And then it is up to you to make a decision, buy this appliance or wash the windows in the old way.

If you have windows with single glazing, the thickness of which is no more than 5 mm, then the simplest model will fit you. She quite successfully saves you such windows.

If you have single-chamber packages installed, you can use another kind of magnetic brush. Such double-glazed windows are much thicker, up to 24-mm.such a Brush consists of 2 halves, and when washing the windows they are bred on different sides of the window. So, if the distance between these halves will increase more than this, then the magnet itself in such a brush simply will not hold the outer part of the device, and this part of you will fall.

The most powerful brushes, and according to the most expensive ones, today include those brushes that can handle even thick double-chamber double-glazed windows. In them, the glass is quite thick( up to 4 mm), and in the glass pane of such thick glasses as many as three. It is such powerful brushes used by professionals. They wash them with transparent roofs in the winter gardens, as well as in large greenhouses and greenhouses.

How to work with a magnetic brush?

First, everything is done usually when we clean the windows, that is, we prepare a solution, which we will bring them in order. Next, we take care of the brush, divide it into two parts, and wet a little sponge on this and the other part of the brush, washing the composition. To do this, we simply immerse our sponge in the cleaning fluid itself. After that, the sponge will need to be insured. This is done with a safety rope. Its loop will need to be put on the arm, and then put the outer part of this sponge on the hard-to-reach surface of the window. The second part of the magnetic sponge is simply set up in front of the first one, but from the inside. In this case, the magnets will work and tightly attracted both of these parts of the brush to each other. Everything, now the brush is ready for work.

Magnetic brush for washing windows and double-glazed windows. Thinking about buying or not?

If you bought a brush in accordance with your windows, that is, picked the model correctly, then the result of the work will be visible immediately, almost from the very first movement. To get your work done quickly and much more efficiently than before, you need to conveniently position the brush in your palm and just start the window from the inside, as you always do. No special technique in this case is not necessary. The half of the magnetic brush you fix on that side will do all the same as you do from the inside. That's right, at just one time you can wash your window right from the 2 sides, that is, from the inside and, most difficultly, from the outside. If you have a desire to buy such a brush, then you can do this if you click a banner a bit higher. You will receive Glass Wiper brush, which will perfectly handle the task of washing windows in your home.

How does this brush work, you can take a look here in this video.

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