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How to sew a comfortable carrying case for a cat with your own hands is a form and an instruction

Rest in a country house or in a country house is, of course, great, but not every owner will leave his pet at home one for 2-3 days. The best option in this case is to take the pet with you and allow him to enjoy all the charm of nature. Agree, the

walk around the house on the slopes will not replace a full-time outdoor recreation. The question arises, how to bring whiskey to the country? It will not be possible to keep all the way in her hands, because the animal will break out, and the master's hands will grow tired. In this case, the transfer for cats is best suited.

On the other hand, quite a large plastic cradle, it takes a lot of free space, not very convenient for short trips. A basket or raccoon suit is much better.

The modern market in abundance will offer the transfer of any colors and sizes, different in shape and material, from which they are made - as we choose them, we have already written. The pricing policy of carrying is sometimes impressive, if not every owner can afford such a purchase, knowing that this carriage will be useful only a few times. And why not try to carry it with your own hands? So you can get the desired size, the desired color and a convenient shape, which will please the owner, because it will be convenient to wear it, and a kitten, which will not be tight inside the transfer.

How to sew a comfortable carrying case for a cat with your own hands a form and an instruction

Where to make a transfer?

Any clothes( jeans jackets, leather, trousers of hard material, jeans), a very dense cardboard for the base of carrying or the bottom of an old unnecessary bag, scissors, a sheet and a handle for schematic sketches, a needle and a thread, as well as a cocktailwith fantasy, patience and a bit of free time.

Creating a Transfer

The optimal form for a self-made transfer is considered to be a conventionally triangular form. To create it requires a solid foundation, two rectangular sides of the fabric, a triangle for the sidewalls of dense fabric, as well as with a grid. Optionally, you can insert a zipper and attach long handles to carry the carrying bag over the shoulder.

The old base of the bag should be optimally combined with the size of the pet, so that it was not tight, because the exact size of the transfer is the basis. From a light fabric, sew a peculiar cover on this base, in which the outer side will be sewn from dense fabric( jeans, leather), and the inner side( on which the pet will sit) - from a warmer, but not so dense material. The fleece is best suited. In this case you need to insert a base or cardboard and until postponed.

How to sew a comfortable carrying case for a cat with your own hands a form and an instruction

Write the size of the base on the sheet, estimate the length of the side walls and the selected fabric to designate measurements. If you travel a cat only in the summer, you can choose a light material - cotton or thin jeans, from which to cut 4 identical parts. These pieces are sewn from the reverse so that the fabric looks from both sides face. If desired, the front side that will be outside the carrying can be decorated with embroidery or pictures of cats, attach the fur or pockets - it is necessary to give the will of fantasy.

To create lateral triangular walls, which will serve as the back and front of the transfer, one part must be made of the net so that the kitty is not bored and he could look at the street through his window. The back part can also be made of cotton or fine denim.

How to sew a comfortable carrying case for a cat with your own hands a form and an instruction

When all parts are ready, they need to be sewn. You can do this manually or use a sewing machine, which can significantly reduce the time. Handles are made from the rest of the light fabric for carrying. You can make a short strap, and so as to wear a carry over your shoulder. It is already in the run only fantasy.

The most important thing in creating a transfer is a mood, because cats feel the emotions and mood of the owner, and they may feel uncomfortable in the transference that is done with nerves and anger.