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10 breeds of brooms, similar to wild animals


1. Shiba-inu - fox ore

2. Bedlington Terrier - sheep

3. Swedish valhund - gray fox

4. Small lion dog - big cat

5. Brussels griffon - evokes

6. AmericanEskimo dog - white-fox

7. Czechoslovak wolf dog - wolf


German dog - small horse

9. Chau-Chau -

bear 10. Shiquot - gray wolf

There are hundreds of dog breeds, each with its own unique externalappearance and character. Most likely, you think that many breeds have nothing in common.

In fact, all dogs come from some common ancestors - wolves. And although dogs are often not at all like wild animals, some of the breeds have a striking resemblance to other animals!

1. Shiba-inu

The popular Japanese breed Shiba-ing is widely known for its similarity to the fox. Although the breed has several directions, the red and white Shiba-inu are most similar to fluffy foxes. This is a very independent breed that sometimes behaves like a cat rather than a dog.

2. Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier has a truly unique look, and is primarily known for this. This breed is more like a lamb or a lamb than a dog. At first, these terriers were taken out to hunt for small rodents in the mines, but today they are used in various sports competitions. Bedlington terriers have soft wool and a rather mild temperament, compared with other terriers. But nevertheless, these are still energetic and intelligent dogs that will fit perfectly into the lives of the active owner.

3. Swedish valhound

Swedish valhund is a rare shepherd dog breed today with beautiful gray hair and short legs. Used as shepherds for livestock, these short-haired dogs are very hardy and on walks will constantly follow the owner. Their appearance is largely reminiscent of gray fox - sharp ears, thick wool, medium size and energetic. Swedish valhunds are successful in various sports competitions, and with an average life expectancy of 14 years and more are considered long-lived in the world of dogs.

4. Little Lion's Dog

A lion dog, even based on its name, rightfully takes a place in our list. Although they are not very similar to real lions with ordinary wool, the common unique style of grooming makes them very similar to large cats. It is rarely encountered today, a breed that is characterized by sociality, friendliness and vigor. She will be an excellent companion for those looking for a small, active dog.


Small Belgian dogs are not like wild animals, but they are known for being very similar to the Euches - the Star Wars race! This fictional race is reminiscent of teddy bears, and the hard-woof brussels parts of the griffons are compared with them. This small breed has a strong, crazy look and lively character, and is suitable for people of almost all ages.

6. American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog or Eskimo Spitz is a small breed of dogs, which is sometimes difficult for a professional to distinguish from snow-white foxes. This beautiful and pleasant-looking dog has a high intelligence and a relatively high life expectancy of 15 years or more.

7. Czechoslovak wolf dog