Cages for chickens for scalding quails at home

Quail meat is in great demand from gourmets from all over the world, but before it is in someone's kitchen, it is necessary to prepare it correctly. One of the stages of such training is the plucking of geese.

Cages for chickens for scalding quails at home Quail meat requires proper preparation.

Content of the article:

  • 1 Optimal time
  • 2 Preparation of quails
  • 3 Description of the procedure of slaughtering
  • 4 Removal from feathers
  • 5 Cleaning with the help of a purchased pen machine
  • 6 Varieties of perforating machines
  • 7 Self-designing mechanism
    • 7.1 Stages of assembly
  • 8 Summary

Optimal time for

Two weeks before slaughter, the quail diet should change to gain additional weight. Birds at the age of 1.5 months are isolated from herds and egyptian individuals and transferred to a special diet, and in 2 months - are killed. Keeping them longer, trying to feed, is unprofitable.

To prepare the carcass after slaughter caused less difficulty, it is better to get a pen machine. This is especially necessary if you have to process a large number of quail. It is also convenient that the perroshifalnaya machine can be used for birds of other breeds.

Preparation of

quails Before barking in the cyst, the stomach or intestines of the bird should be blank. For this reason, half an hour before the very act of the quail should not eat, just drink. If you ignore this rule, then the carcass can be broken up by the internal organs, and the remainder of the food will fall on the meat. Because of such negligence, the taste of meat and its safety deteriorates.

Birds selected for slaughter fall into two categories: adults and young people. The first ones are keratinized beak, smooth scales and peel on the paws. In the young( up to two months old), the beak is not yet horny, and the middle chest appendix remains soft. Of both categories, individuals with the most well developed thoracic and hip muscles are selected.

Description of the procedure for slaughtering

It is easy to kill quails if there is experience of slaughter of other birds. Although its features here too.

The work of this kind is single-queued, quail alternately pulled out of the box in which they were pre-planted, and fixed in a position upside down inside a special conical funnel made from a piece of tin and fixed to the table. Under the funnel there should be a capacity of blood. The head should be cut off between the second and third cervical vertebrae. Large scissors or a garden trimmer will fit this.

After clipping your head, you need to wait half a minute to bring the glass of the carcass to the end. Then put it in a bucket and cover with gauze.

Cages for chickens for scalding quails at home The quail is fixed in an upright position inside a special conical funnel made from a piece of tin.

Removal from Feathers

When all harvested quail beheaded, their carcasses are scalded in a vat with warmed to 55C with water. It takes 30-40 seconds to suck one carcass.

Then the carcasses are placed on a table, and next they put a pelvis under the feathers. In the first place get rid of the largest feathers of wings and tail. After moving to the processing of the sides, breasts and other areas. Fine feathers that are difficult to rub off manually, burn a burner or burn it with paper.

Cleaning by means of a purchased pen machine

Perforating machines operate as a centrifuge, and consist of:

  • metal or plastic casing;
  • rotating disk( replacing bottom) with a radius slightly smaller than that of the cylinder body;
  • electric motor operating on a belt drive;
  • foundation, to which the main part is attached;
  • rubber thumb fingers.

The device is easy to operate. Each of the carcasses should be scratched and thrown into the working centrifuge. During rotation, they will fight for the appearance of white fingers, and the feather cover gradually falter. It does not take much time.

After rotational movements have helped remove the feathers, the main part of the apparatus - centrifuge - is filled with water to get rid of waste and dirt, then the used water goes on a special outflow. Only the whipped quail remains. All modern mechanisms are distinguished by a smooth, comfortable surface for washing. In addition, they have antibacterial properties.

But such a car can not only be bought, but also made by yourself.

Cages for chickens for scalding quails at home Perforating machine can be bought or made by yourself.

Varieties of

Hand-held Machines Depending on design features, perforating machines can be classified as household or industrial varieties.

Industrial designs, above all, are larger and used in small farms, and in poultry farms. An independent assembly of such a mechanism, most likely, nobody needs, so it makes sense to consider only the options for the assembly of household porous machine.

The consumer cages for chickens for quail resembles a plastic cylinder with spiked spikes on the inside that are responsible for the appearance of friction and removal of feathers.

Cages for chickens for scalding quails at home The plastic cylinder of an erosion machine has on the inside of the spike joints, which cause friction and remove feathers.

Official manufacturers supply a product that is almost identical to this schematic description. But the devices of different firms and companies may differ in capacity, capacity, and hence, the productivity of them will be different.

Independent design of the

mechanism Before proceeding with the assembly, it is desirable to develop a drawing machine for quails.

Cages for chickens for scalding quails at home For a stand-alone design, you need to draw a schematic drawing of a rotary machine.

After that, you can take the appropriate cylinder( maybe it will be a plastic or metal container).

To assemble a quill machine with your own hands, you will need the following tools and related materials:

  • drill;
  • hammer;
  • hollow fingers( they are, unfortunately, expensive and they can not be made by themselves);
  • bars on the base( 50x50);
  • screws or nails.

Approximate dimensions of the capacity-basis mechanism are about 80 cm in height and 70 cm in width. The overall dimension is 200 cm and 170 cm. The material from which the cylinder is made must be of a significant thickness( not less than 1.2 mm for metal samples).

The role of the base container will fit and remove the drum from the old washing machine.

Stages of assembly

  • At the bottom of the side walls of the selected cylinder, make openings for the fingers and one move for the outflow of water with feathers( note that the fingers must cover not less than a third of the total surface, and the optimal distance between them - 3cm, they are also lubricated with oil to facilitate entry into the harvested holes).
  • Cages for chickens for scalding quails at home Thumb fingers fix on the side walls and bottom of the cylinder, pre-lubricating them with oil.

  • Gently remove the bottom of the barrel, do openings under the thumb, place all the items on the prepared points.
  • Use a sleeve to attach a sheet of thick plywood in the form of a circle of appropriate diameter to the bottom of the outside.
  • Attach the disc to the bottom of the sleeve and connect it through the belt drive to the electric motor.
  • From the harvested bars, collect the frame and install a barrel in it.
  • Pick the base( something strong, heavy and stable, capable of resisting large oscillations).
  • Attach the lower part of the design to the rotational element.
  • Put the water( so that it poured over the floor inside the carcasses) into the cylinder or set up a hose near the hose with a shower cap for self-washed feathers.
  • If the water comes independently, then the upper part of the mechanism can be covered with any lid of appropriate size( this is primarily necessary to prevent the water from entering the engine and prevent it from breaking).
  • It is advisable to check all points of connection and isolation once again, and after that it is possible to start the pen removing mechanism.


    A separate collection of a mechanism for scalding quails, as well as a clutter, is not easy if you approach it responsibly. Do not forget, after completing the assembly, first test your device on a pair of three carcasses before loading it in large volumes of work.

    As an alternative to self-constructing, you can always use a purchase kit for the assembly of a similar device. By cost it will turn out cheaper than the purchase of the ready.

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