When to dig gladiolus bulbs and how to store them

When to dig gladiolus bulbs and how to store them

In the autumn of the year, many flower growers are asked about when and how to dig out gladiolus bulbs. The terms for this are quite stretched, and to a greater extent depend on the climate in a certain area where culture is growing.

When digesting gladiolus bulbs

It is believed that the most favorable time for the digestion of bulbs - from September to the late fall, when frostbite is already starting. Do not forget that in order for the bulb to fully mature, it will take about 40 days after the plant has blossomed. But it is not always possible to adhere to these terms, so not compliance with these rules is not so critical, and even a completely mature onion superbly overwintering.

In order to determine mature onion or not, special skills and knowledge is not required. Its upper scales gently passes to the root, and the so-called cubs are wrapped in another, more dense and dark scales, and they perfectly easily separate from the large bulb. If suddenly on gladiolus, more precisely on its leaves, in the middle of summer there are stains of dark brown color, then it can be said that the plant is most likely affected by the fungus. In this case, to preserve this species of gladiolus, it is necessary to dig up the bulb urgently, and not wait for a generally accepted term. So you can give the plant a chance to survive.

When to dig gladiolus bulbs and how to store them

Once the gladiolus bulb has been dug out, the stem and root of the plant must be thoroughly cut off as much as possible. Then you need very careful that in no case do not damage the new bulb, remove the aging bulb. For this you can use an ordinary knife, but not the side to be cut, but stupid. The onion should necessarily be clean, without muddy dirt.

Wash it with plain water, but then dry thoroughly, so that it does not rot. With the help of a special solution( it can be from manganese, or from fundazolum) it is possible to carry out a prophylaxis, keeping a gladiolus bulb in it for at least half an hour. And after that, it is also necessary to dry thoroughly. By natural means, the bulb is dried out from the moon and longer. You can dry it using a hair dryer, or, for example, an electric fireplace, only without overheating or overheating the culture. It will take very little time, provided that the bulbs are not very much. This method of drying will prevent the emergence of diseases and various fungi. With natural drying there is a high probability of the disease. Therefore,

How to store gladiolus bulbs

It is better and safer to keep bulbs in a dry basement. But, unfortunately, not every gardener has such a basement in his yard, so one more reliable place to store the bulb can be considered an ordinary refrigerator. The bulb needs to be wrapped in paper, leaving a few holes to allow it to breathe. From the top, put in an ordinary polyethylene package, which should also have holes. Some bulbs are stored in regular women's nylon tights. This is an old, proven and reliable way.

When to dig gladiolus bulbs and how to store them

At all times, it is necessary to get the bulb sometimes, to do a thorough examination, so as not to miss the moment, if it suddenly starts to spoil. Closer to the fortieth day of such a rest, the onion may begin to germinate gradually. To avoid this process, it needs to be extracted, diluted and dried thoroughly. In any case, you need to watch very closely these bulbs, because if you do not follow the usual rules of their storage, you can get rid of such a beautiful flower.