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Jack Russell Terrier: description of breed, character, duration, cost

Jack Russell terrier: description of breed, character, duration, cost

Even those who do not really understand the breeds of dogs, probably unmistakably recognize the Jack Russell Terrier - a sweet little and nimble dog on short legs and a whimsical character, whose energy, without exaggeration, will be enough for ten.

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  • A History of
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It is only worthwhile to create such a dog in my house and about the formerokoyi and silence can be forgotten. The description of Jack Russell Terrier breeds is that this clot of energy and positivity requires constant attention and, I must say, he always receives it, since it has become an unmistakable favorite of all its members since its appearance in the family.

A History of

As the Jack Russell Terrier

was launched, the history of the breed goes back to England in the nineteenth century. The father of this kind of terriers is considered by Pastor Russell, who loved hunting and actively engaged in the withdrawal of appropriate for this occupation of dogs. Baptizing fox terriers, boarders and leylandes, he sought to obtain a hard-working, energetic, fearless and not terrifying beast of the breed, which would at the same time work well with people and their relatives. The main accent of the holy father did the tempered dogs, considering their appearance is not the main thing.

Although some aspects of the exterior pastor still paid attention. In particular, he preferred dogs mainly to white color with small hanging forward ears and a fairly long tail for which the hunter could be pulled out of the hole.

The other hunters who liked dogs that are distinguished by incredible courage and agility, extraordinary intelligence, and powerful jaws attracted the attention quickly to the breeder's breed.
Jack Russell terrier: description of breed, character, duration, cost

The contribution of Australian cynologists to breed breed

The pastor was not involved in visiting exhibitions with his pupils, so there was not a long time for a special standard for this breed. For the first time he appeared only at the dawn of the last century thanks to the efforts of Arthur Heinemann. However, in this standard, it was a question of dogs with legs of normal length, while hunters were more in demand than dog-breasted dogs. Because of this, there was a vivid debate over the possibility of the existence of two different subtypes within a single breed.

The current appearance of the Jack Russell Terrier has gained after the attention of cynologists from the Green Continent, where several representatives of this breed caught in 1965.Unlike Pastor Russell, local cynologists and breeders did not worry about the efficiency of terriers, so once the aggressive hunter gradually turned into a meek and merry companion for the whole family.

The final approval of the standard took place in 2001 under the number 345.

Description of the breed of the pupil

Now, let's turn to the description of Jack Russell Terrier breed, the character of the pet and distinctive features. Jack Russell Terrier is the perfect companion for a person who, however, has not lost the habits of a true hunting terrier, so he is constantly in search of work and adventure, not for a moment, slowing down the crazy pace of his life.

Relationship with other pets

Jack Russell Terrier sees a hated enemy in any dog ​​that is larger than its size, especially for dogs. Slightly seeing on the horizon of a dog or a Rottweiler, he will break out of the leash, dig the earth and bark freakily, demonstrating with all his appearance the willingness to pounce on a stranger and teach him. Naturally, such clashes can not be admitted, as the possibilities of jack russell much inferior to his arrogance, so the fight with a big dog may end up for him poorly.

In a completely different way, the representatives of this breed are small dogs: they consider them harmless and like to arrange with them fun outings along the lawn or in the park.

To cats living with him in one house, Jack usually feels the most delicate feelings, but when he encounters an unknown cat on the street, he will not forget the chance to attack her. It is not necessary to keep decorative rabbits or other rodents in the house, and try to avoid contact of the dog with any birds, as they awaken hunting instincts in it, with all the consequences that follow from it.

Jack Russell terrier: description of breed, character, duration, cost

Attitude to households

This dog does not feel the soul in every member of his family, but also requires an appropriate attitude to him, he wants to win the attention of everyone who lives with the same roof. Jack russel is constantly in motion, also not letting others rest and calming down only during sleep.

If there are children in the family, then they will definitely find a common language with the dog and will enjoy incredible enjoyment of the games they share with him. However, you must remember that this is still a terrier, he will never tolerate a gross or careless attitude to himself and can bite if he was hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to explain in advance to children that it is impossible to treat the dog, as if it is a kind of toy, and to fall into the extreme, insulting her, or, conversely, teaching her to sleep at her bed, ask for various delicacies, but should treat him with love.and respect. Only in this case, a really strong friendship is established between the dog and the children.

The main nuances of the character

Jack Russell Terrier - the breed is very specific, with a strong character and restless temper. Before deciding to start such a dog, you must carefully weigh all the pros and cons of its character, think carefully about whether you can withstand its energy, pay enough attention and provide frequent irregular walks. If you leave the jack of a house for a long time, then he will be forced to seek for himself occupations, resulting in damage to furniture, shoes, wallpaper and everything that will fall into his paws and teeth.

To reduce the damage to the puppy, care must be taken to ensure that it has all kinds of balls, pipes and other toys. But he will receive real pleasure only if one of the households plays with him.

Another favorite occupation of Jack Russell is begging. Moreover, even if I plunge myself, he will still pretend that he has not eaten a week and just dies of hunger. Looking at his honest and dedicated eyes, it's simply impossible to share something delicious with him. However, it is highly undesirable to do this, since in the end this can turn into obesity and problems with the health of the dog.

Jack Russell Terrier is a dog with an endless supply of energy that does not like to miss and miss out on others. To create such a companion is desirable only to those people who have a similar temperament, which lead an active way of life and never get sad.

Rules for maintenance and care

Features of the diet

In the diet, the representatives of this breed are unpretentious, and can feed them as buying ready-made feeds, and cooking food from fresh produce on their own. The small size of the pet allows you to include meat and fish in his diet, as well as dairy products, without worrying about the family budget.

Since jack russel spends a lot of energy and strength throughout the day, its menu must contain a large amount of animal protein( up to 70 percent).The rest of the same 30 percent is the carbohydrates and fiber that the dog can receive from the porridge, boiled vegetables, and fresh fruits.

The maintenance and walk time of the

Jack russel is poorly adapted to live on the street, and best of all, it feels like being under one roof with its masters. However, this does not mean that you need to torture a dog, instructing her to go to the toilet on the tray and walking only on holidays. It is necessary from the very beginning to accustom yourself and the puppy, that immediately after awakening or eating it is laid out to go out into the toilet.

In the morning and evening it is advisable to go for long walks, during which you can run and play with the pupil, and also to subdivide it. The jack russel is naturally endowed with an extraordinary intelligence, but it needs to be developed so that the dog understands the wishes and demands of the masters, fulfills their commands. In addition, prolonged walks tire the terrier, and he will not want to do captivity in the absence of people at home. For the representatives of this breed there is no better reward than fun and dynamic games with the owners, and their favorite exercise is an appendix.

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Life expectancy and possible health problems

These dogs, like most small breeds, are quite healthy and live on average for one and a half or more decades. Although, of course, totally from health problems Jack Russell Terrier is not insured. Often, these pathogens show the following pathologies:

  • eye diseases, primarily associated with destruction or retinal detachment;
  • dysplasia of the pelvic and elbow joints;
  • deafness.

As a rule, these diseases are hereditary, and their treatment is extremely complicated. In order to minimize the appearance of such cases in the future, it is recommended that all dogs be tested promptly and thoroughly, and prevent the reproduction of those who have complex heredity.

Distribution and value of

Today, dogs of this breed have become quite widespread, so in virtually any city you can buy a puppy jack russel. However, it is highly desirable to buy a pet only in the presence of pedigree RKF or SCOR, since without these documents no one will give a guarantee that you do not become the owner of a dog with a poor heredity in the form of a disease or complex nature.
Jack Russell terrier: description of breed, character, duration, cost
If the jack russel is acquired solely as a companion for a family, not an exhibition dog, then you can save by taking a pet in the pedigree of which there is a mark on the ban on breeding. This means that the dog is purebred, but there are slight deviations in its exteriors. In this case, the cost of a puppy will be at 10-15 thousand rubles, if you plan to attend exhibitions, then get ready to lay out about four times more.

In any case, it's best to buy a dog in an officially registered kennel rather than out of hand. So you protect yourself from many potential problems. If you believe all the reviews, the description of jack Russell terriers is completely converged in reality.