Animal Care

Why do hamsters bite?( Jungar, Syrian, etc.)

Do hamsters bite?- a frequent question asked by new owners of domestic hamsters. Parents who are going to buy an animal for children are also asked this question.

Short answer - yes. Hamsters, including Dwarf Dzhungarsky and Campbell, bite, but only

under certain circumstances.

Creepy .Maybe you make a lot of noise? The hamsters are in the noisy part of the house? Noise is the most common reason why a hamster can be frightened. In addition, the rough ratio of small children can also upset the hamster. When you first bring your hamsters home, leave them in their new cage for a couple of days so that they settle down and get used to the environment. Gradually teach them the presence of man and human voice so that it was not a strong stimulus for them.

The smell of products. A hamsters can bite you simply because they think your fingers are food, not because of fear or aggression. They have a very developed sense of smell and they can easily take their hands for the remnants of food. Wash your hands after food, so you minimize the risk of hamster bites.

Protective Instinct .Hamsters are territorial animals, so they can see you at risk if you start to throw your hands in their cage or nest, especially if you are unfamiliar to them.

Frightened, Suppressed Hamster .If you suddenly offend a hamster, then do not expect a courteous reaction from him. The common cause of the disorder is a sudden or unexpected awakening, an intrusion into the nest. It will be better if you let them wake up on their own if you want to play or interact with your little pets.

Tips on how to make a hamster not bite

  • Do not insult a hamster, especially when he is asleep. He must wake up naturally.
  • Allow your hamster to know about your presence before you put your hands in his cage.
  • If they are developed territorially - play with them in a neutral area away from the
  • cell. Wash your hands after contact with food to remove any traces of products from your skin. Otherwise, the hamster might think your fingers are their food.
  • Develop good relationships with your hamster and make an effort to tame them to get in touch with people.

How to escape the hamster bite you

Do not worry hamster and do not raise a voice to him. This can only aggravate the reasons for which he fears you.

If your hamster is inclined to bite, gently and calmly blow on his muzzle. He does not like it, but if you do it with caution, he will not accept the punishment too bad and will quickly refuse to bite you. This is a soft discipline that really works and in most cases leads to consistent results.