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Urethral rash( vasculitis): what is it?

Vaginal rash is a disease characterized by the appearance of skin rashes. Rash is often compared to such skin irritations that occur after contact with the nettle. For this reason, the pathology is sometimes compared to the hives.

Skin rashes on

can occur in both children and adults.

1 Sources of the problem and its types

Urticaria vasculitis( urticaria) occurs as a result of inflammatory processes occurring in the walls of the capillaries and vessels located in the epidermis. Causes of the disease can be triggered:

  • taking some medications;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pathologies that are chronic in nature;
  • is an allergic reaction to some foods.

Urethral rash( vasculitis): what is it?

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A vaginal rash can be primal, that is, it affects only the skin, and secondary. In the secondary form, the pathological process is provoked by progressive infectious diseases, the presence of tumor neoplasms of malignant nature, defeat of glomeruli of kidneys and other diseases. Typically, the secondary form has a more severe nature of the flow.

Skin rashes in medicine are subdivided into the following types:

  • Cold-free rash. The provoker of its occurrence is low temperature.
  • White Dermatography. If you spend on the skin( lightly pushing) some object, for example, a ruler, then after a while in the touch of the ruler with the skin formed white swollen stripes.
  • Red Dermatograph. Under the skin there are bright stripes of red color that arise due to the irritability of the vessels.
  • As a rule, the skin rash is stored for a long time. But there are other forms of this pathology, in which skin rashes can persist for several months:

    • vesicular rash;
    • tuberous;
    • papular.

    Urethral rash( vasculitis): what is it?

    2 Symptoms of Urtic Acid Vasculitis

    Urticar vasculitis manifests itself in the appearance of peculiar nodules or blisters on the skin. Rarely, when this pathology appears, the pimples appear. Blisters are different in size and can cover any part of the body. The duration of maturation of one blister is approximately 4 days. When he burst, hemorrhagic rash appears in his place. If you click on the object glass, it will not change its color.

    Urethral rash( vasculitis): what is it?

    Vasculitis can damage not only the skin. Many patients have symptoms of inflammation of the joints and disorders in the functioning of the organs of the digestive system. Approximately 10% of patients have lesions of the CNS( central nervous system) and the emergence of conjunctivitis. Lymph nodes may increase.

    Other symptoms, other than bubbles, characteristic of uretic vasculitis, are not always visible. For this reason, it is very important to consult a doctor and complete a diagnosis. The doctor will be able to determine exactly what caused the problem: urticaria or urticular vasculitis.

    Symptoms of manifestation of the pathological process may vary, depending on which vascular vasculitis was damaged. That is, if the uretic vasculitis affects the vessels of the epidermis, then the symptoms will be expressed on the skin. When the inflammatory process occurs in the vessels of the brain, the pathology can lead to a stroke. In case of damage to the vessels of the cardiac muscle - myocardial infarction.

    Urethral rash( vasculitis): what is it?

    Intestinal rash in young children can lead to fever and a slight swelling.

    3 Diagnostic measures

    A successful and early diagnosis is the key to successful and rapid treatment. As soon as a person has health problems, it is recommended not to delay the visit to the doctor.

    Urethral rash( vasculitis): what is it?

    To get rid of the problem, first you need to find out the real reason for it.

    Diagnosis is performed by means of a histological examination with a fence of biopsy of pathologically damaged areas of the skin. To ensure that the diagnosis is as accurate as possible, it is recommended that samples be taken from multiple sites. Particularly important and informative is the biological material of those tissues where the first skin rash occurred.

    At vasculitis indicates the discovery of cellular tissue destruction and the presence of fibrinous layers.

    Additionally, urine and blood tests are recommended. Due to the fact that the immune system plays a very important role and often decreases its functionality leads to the development of various diseases, the patient may be advised to undergo an immunological examination.

    Urethral rash( vasculitis): what is it?

    It may be advisable to contact a parasitologist and submit an analysis of the presence of parasites in the body, which are often the cause of urticarial rash.

    A complete list of necessary analyzes will be issued by the doctor. In different patients, its contents may vary slightly. Everything will depend on the individual characteristics of the patient.

    4 Methods of treatment for the pathology of

    Depending on what caused the pathology and the treatment is prescribed. If in the process of diagnostic measures it was found that the urethral rash was caused by the allergen, then in addition to symptomatic treatment, the patient needs to get rid of the source of the pathology( that is, allergen), and everything will come to the normal.

    The appearance of a rash associated with a disease in one of the organs will require additional diagnostic measures. On their basis, it will be determined which disease has developed, it caused damage to the body and how to eliminate the pathology.

    All medicines, their dosage, the period of treatment, the way of use and other, is prescribed only by the doctor for each patient individually. An independent attempt to cope with a pathology is not recommended, as such actions can lead to disastrous results.

    The standard treatment for urethral rash on the skin is as follows:

  • Receiving antihistamines.
  • Accepting Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.
  • It is not recommended to wear things made of wool. Also, you should not give preference to hard( rough) materials that can damage the skin.
  • Must be careful about body hygiene. In addition to the cleanness of the skin, it is necessary to monitor the purity of nap and bed linen. Clothing too should not be dirty. All items of personal hygiene are purely individual.
  • Proper nutrition. Human foods can significantly affect the course of the disease. If there are doubts about the right nutrition in the presence of this pathology, it is recommended to contact a dietitian.
  • Body care products can cause allergic reactions and complicate the treatment process. For this reason, it is recommended to prefer natural remedies.
  • Using decoctions or infusions. Accelerating the process of disappearing rash on the body can be with the help of folk medicine. Well recommended broth with herons, calendula and chamomile. But before using this method, you need to consult a doctor and rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction to one of the used folk remedies.
  • With urticaria vasculitis, if the disease is not yet in the active form, the patient may be offered a blood replacement( plasmapheresis) and physiotherapy. Purification of blood from toxins and other harmful substances is carried out using special high-tech equipment.