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Why do young and old cats leave home - the reasons

Sometimes cats come home. Some come back in 2-3, or even 5 days, others disappear forever. What is the habit of our pets to go and not to return? Why do many owners shed liters of tears in hopes of even seeing their cat at least once, but do not get this

opportunity? Where are the lovely whipped-striped goers? Or rather, why? It is difficult to give a unambiguous correct answer to all these questions, but one should try to explain this behavior of the instincts laid down by nature.

They say cats are going to die. As if they were looking for a special place, going far away from home, so that the owners could not find their insensible bodies. However, it's hard to believe that a young, healthy cat or cat will go to die. After all, such cats, too, sometimes do not come back. Therefore, the problem of pet care should be considered from two positions, based on the age of loss.

Why do young and old cats go from home for a reason

Why do young cats come from?

A healthy cat sitting on a balcony or on a window sill:

  • Can feel the smell of a walking cats and jump to it. This sometimes happens, even if the cat did not go to the street;
  • Observe how close the bird is and, without feeling the danger of height, just jump behind it;
  • Interesting events outside the window, falling leaves, can also attract the attention of a pet.

Healthy cats disappear for the same reasons. Having fallen out of the window or balcony, the animal's new and unfamiliar territory is lost and, obeying the instincts laid down by its ancestors, tries to hide in a cozy place( for example, a basement in the house).And there - new troubles. Homeless courtiers do not really like the "new ones", because they are therefore suffering from a lack of food, but they will have to share with one more company.

Why do young and old cats go from home for a reason

A pet almost does not know how to defend themselves from a pack of homeless dogs. Of course, he will immediately try to climb a tree, where no flock can get him. And if the trees are not near? One medium sized cat can handle a maximum of three dogs that do not exceed its size. Has anyone seen that the dogs formed flocks, relying on the size of each other? It is unlikely that this is possible. Homemade cats, however sad it may sound, could simply break the yard dogs. This is especially often the case, if a dog lives in a house other than a cat, and a whore-striped girl simply does not think that the best friend of a person can offend his sister.

The house is located near a high-speed road, posing a potential threat to your pet's escape. Machines can easily harm a little cat. Not many drivers will stop to see the state of the animal. The units will take them down to the veterinary clinic. Accordingly, a pet may simply die of injuries.

In the autumn-winter period, cats often heat under the hood, being on the wheel. The driver will drive the car and break, and the cotepillar will not have time to escape. High probability of fatal outcome.

In rare cases, pets do not go home because they can not find a way. Usually acute sense of smell and visual memory help get to your native penetration within 3-5 days.

Why do young and old cats go from home for a reason

Why are adult cats going?

All of the above reasons can be attributed to older honey. In addition, old cats usually go and do not come back not because they do not want, but because they can not. Even in the wild, a member of the lion's share will not "go for a rainbow" near his family. He will find a distant cozy place and calmly spend there his last hours.

It is said that adult cats can drag on serious troubles, remove from the host's trouble. True, in such cases they go irrevocably. You can not even try to find a pet - it just disappears. Of course, having shaken tons of material in the expanses of the World Wide Web or in the city archive, it is theoretically possible to find so-called cemeteries of animals. But not the fact that it was just that there was a pet. ..

Instead of the sequel

Like your little fluffy friends, play and talk with them, share the secrets, keep it and timely review the vet - then the kitty will live a long and happy life, pleasing all households theiractivity and causing a smile. Health to all pets and masters!