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What is a water towel warmer?


Towel Trolley in our time is an integral part of the overall modern interior of the room. The hours when the laundry was long dried on the ropes, which stretched across the room, went irrevocably. At the current market of sanitary ware there are attractive and versatile

products that will perfectly be in harmony with other furniture and provide assistance in the household. Electric and water towel warmers are precisely those products. The water heater is considered to be the most popular.

In Russia, the towels produce plants that have the technology of processing stainless pipes( bending, welding).According to the manufacturers, each product undergoes a test of pressure of 22, 5 MPa, which is 225 meters of water column. The price will naturally depend on the size and number of connections.

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Grota towels( manufacturer Noginsk).

Advantages of water towel dryers

Water appliances have several advantages:

  • The presence of a huge selection. In the shops of sanitary ware, where you can buy a bath, there is a possibility to buy a towel rack of various shapes. They can have different shades, dimensions, design. For example: ladder, M-shaped, P-shaped. In general, it is possible for any bathroom to choose a towel rack design that will look great in it.
  • Availability. Such devices cost far less than their electrical and combined counterparts. Everything because their design does not represent anything complicated. It is simply a curved pipe, which passes warm water, heats the room.
  • Simplicity and ease of connection. This requires only a pipe lining. Water towel warmers can be connected by means of special fittings. No welding is required, but unlike electric appliances, it is not necessary to look for a safe socket with grounding.
  • Security. It is possible to install the water towel rails in a room with high humidity or with a dangerous environment. There is no need to worry about electromagnetic radiation or the probability of electric shock, because the source of heat is simple water.
  • Long service life. Everyone knows that the system is simpler, so it works longer. The water bath towel in its design does not have any complicated mechanisms, automated options. Just a special form of a pipe that will last for a long time. His replacement often occurs in the case of bathroom repairs or redevelopment.
  • Economic exploitation. If you decide to buy water towel warmers, then be sure that your work will not increase your payment for water or electricity. The operation is already included in the heating system of running water paid at fixed rates.
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    What is a water towel warmer?

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    A water bath towel can simultaneously perform several functions:

    • to be a decoration;
    • to dry different linen;
    • to carry out heating of the bathroom;
    • to be in the role of an extra hanger.

    Those who bought and installed a water towel rack, soon appreciated its unusual functionality and the benefits to the bathroom. It is unlikely that it can be called a magnificent subject, rather, a water towel rail( ladder or another) is necessary in any apartment or house.

    Features of the

    Water Tumble Dryer Water towel warmers have proven themselves to be more cost effective, because the money will need to be spent only on purchase and installation. There is no separate board for using them. The most important thing is the presence of heating in the house or access to hot water. It is also important that such a towel rail ladder is not too expensive.

    Any buyer can purchase this product that suits him for the cost and material.

    Currently producing a towel rail in bronze, producing glass, brass, copper, steel and others.

    Famous Russian manufacturers produce stainless steel towel dryers. Due to its remarkable technical characteristics, this material is the most resistant to highly aggressive coolant environment, and is fully adapted to the present conditions of use in hot water supply and heating. Water towel warmers with side connectors, manufactured in Europe, produce brass and copper, and as in Russian heating systems, technical water is used, their use is very limited. This can be seen on numerous photos. As the production of water towel rails( and stairs including) from stainless steel in Russia is well developed, there were companies from Europe that place orders for the production of products at local enterprises under their own brand. However, it is they who control the quality of finished products for the bathroom.

    Water bath towel warmers for design on:

    • coils;
    • M-shaped models;
    • P-shaped;
    • ladder.

    A huge selection of models of water towel warmers for the bathroom allows you to provide basic and comfortable heating. Depending on the size and type of the device, the heat output varies from 130 to 850 W / h.

    Comparison of Water and Electric

    There are some differences between the two types of instrumentation data. Let's deal with them.

    Towel warmer tied to the bathroom. So, putting it in this place, the opportunity to move to another room will no longer be. A towel warmer electric works from the network, and it can be moved across the entire area.

    In case of major repairs of the house, this device must be dismantled. And upon completion of the repair and laying of pipes it is necessary to again call a specialist for its connection. The electric device can only be disconnected from the network and carried out in another room.

    There is also a possibility in the summer of a long shutdown of hot water supply. The bathroom will become cheesy and uncomfortable, the laundry will dry for a long time. Therefore, an excellent way out will be the purchase of an electric appliance.

    The most recent difference is that the water towel warmer is the most economical compared to the electric one.

    Connection of water towel dryer

    Since the water device is different in size, shape, and arrangement of the joints, there are 3 ways to connect it:

  • Lower( horizontal) connection. This way is rare. It is used if this device has a complex design and large dimensions.
  • Diagonal. This connection method is most recommended for different models of the "ladder" type. This ensures optimal circulation of the coolant in the product body.
  • Vertical( side) way. Water towel warmers with side connections have P-shaped, M-shaped, as well as model "ladder".Their height should be no more than 60 sm.
  • After you have selected a water towel warmer and a specific connection method, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence in the kit, besides it, a set for assembly and connection to the system of supply of coolant. Not all manufacturers are in the set.

    Selecting a towel dryer

    It's definitely very convenient when there is a huge selection of water towel warmers in bronze, gold and other for the bathroom. Still, you need to make the right choice, based on your capabilities and needs. Here are some recommendations for choosing this bathroom product:

    What is a water towel warmer?

  • It is better to buy a water towel warmer from a famous Russian manufacturer. Because this unit is specially designed for local heating systems and hot water supply. With this you can also save on the price of the product being purchased.
  • From what material a water device is made, it is essentially important - stainless steel or black. In addition to attractive appearance, high-quality material is able to increase the life of this product.
  • Need to concentrate on the coating. The best option would be nickel, chrome plating or using a special paint.
  • Select a water towel warmer so that it meets the set water pressure in the heating system. In this regard, its safety and durability are very important. Reviews of people who bought such devices, say that the most resistant to electricity are seamless towel dryers made of stainless steel.

    Water units must have dimensions and shapes that match the area and design of the bathroom. You can make the right choice if you look at the photo of water towel warmers on our site. Reviews of those who bought such products, show that they were able to significantly increase the level of comfort of life.