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Modern furniture for a small bathroom

When you come home, after hard work, I want to rest, of course. And what do we do first and foremost? Correctly, we are going to wash off the remnants of labor everyday life. Go to our native bathroom - and what do we see? The tiny space in which the Soviet architects somehow

charmedly wanted to contain all the objects necessary for the normal existence of human beings. And, oddly enough, they almost succeeded. Only where to turn around, having such a small bathroom, what bathroom furniture should be chosen to increase the space? Do not worry, we'll help you find answers to these and many other questions.

Actual design for the bathroom

A small bathroom requires its owner minimalism in everything.

But do not be afraid, it's not bad at all, and even the other way around. Here is proof for you. We suggest that you consider the following situation: you came to visit your friends in a huge house, you take an excursion, showing a room in the room, and then you go to the bathroom.you are intrigued. The door opens. .. And your view is the same little space that you see in your every day, but not a gorgeous spacious bathroom. Consequently, we can assume that the owners or the designer could not correctly dispose of this area.

In most Soviet apartments, a bathroom and toilet are separate rooms, although it is very difficult to call them rooms. Therefore, skilful owners combine a bathroom, thereby winning a certain number of residential meters, which can be freely used for an additional locker for your personal belongings. Extending the bathroom, there is a place for the washing machine, which before it stood in the corridor or in the kitchen and constantly closed the passage.

The design of the bathroom must be thought out in detail. The first thing you need to do is finish the ceiling and walls. Since the bath is the wettest room in the apartment, the best option is to lay it with tile. It is recommended to buy a tile of light tones for the visual expansion of space. Specialists recommend to put a darker tile on the floor than on the walls. You can buy a tile with a variety of horizontal or vertical lines, which in the first case will visually increase the bathroom in height, and in the second - in width. Put tile modules in a non-standard way, experiment with the pattern - this will allow you to increase the size of the bathroom.

Modern furniture for a small bathroom

Prefer the hanging ceiling with a host of built-in LED bulbs or mirror tile. Larger light will give your bathroom a visual volume. A precondition is the presence of a window. Little, great - no difference. The main thing is that it was. As you know, it contributes to the increase in direct sunlight, which illuminates your bathroom with light and warmth, while increasing the space.

One of the most essential bathroom accessories is a mirror. Where is it without him? The main rule is that the mirror should be large. And it does not depend on the parameters of your body, no. Everyone knows that the mirror is light. It's just that you can create more space just by hanging such a great item or ordering mirrored caskets that will serve as this indispensable assistant.

To increase the space of your bathroom, you must abandon cumbersome furniture and replace it with a built-in wall( if there is such a possibility).The same applies to home appliances. A washing machine, a water tank, a boiler - all this should not immediately be struck. Lockers that hide all these necessary devices will look more concise.

Possible interior style for your bathroom

Classic is the foundation of the foundation. This style is suitable for conservative, self-confident personalities. Symmetry is the main note in this style. If you prefer a classic interior, you should buy a marble and / or granite tile for the bathroom design. All bathroom furniture must necessarily match the color scheme that you have chosen for the treatment of walls and ceilings.

Modern - the most commonly used for the design of the living room, but recently it began to apply to the design of the bathroom. This style is characterized by the division of space into several zones( so-called zoning).All equipment is hidden from third-party eyes, but is in quick access. The bath should be discarded, giving preference to the shower cabin or sitting, corner bath. Do not forget about the accessories, they will be a great addition to your interior.you will be satisfied.

Modern furniture for a small bathroom

Etnostil is also suitable for bathroom design. There is a sense of plenty in it: wooden and stone inserts, wickerwork( for example, baskets for linen) will not leave indifferent even the most zealous conservative. You will have to file a penny if you want to impress your friends, acquaintances, neighbors. But it's worth it, believe me.

And, of course, minimalism( nothing superfluous).This style of interior is characterized by clear lines and contours. All items must be angled, not rounded, perhaps even with a dark border that highlights the idea. The color scheme includes 1-2 colors or several shades of the same color. The main idea - to free space and not clutter the interior with unnecessary details.

Required bathroom accessories

The final stage of your bathroom is the choice of accessories. It depends on them whether the room will be comfortable and cozy. Therefore, the purchase of accessories should be treated with special care. First of all, you need to decide what exactly you need, which design will be the most acceptable. Let's make an approximate list of the necessary accessories.

  • Mirror. As you have already remembered, it should be large to reflect as much light as possible. But this does not mean that this item will look cumbersome due to its parameters. First, find a place for the mirror, measure the parameters( and better measure the length and height).Buy a mirror so that it fit into the interior, and it was not like a sore eye.
  • For the warmth of your soul, and first of all your feet, you should buy a pad. On the way to the store, think of the color that would fit your bathroom tone or darken a few tones. You should choose the dark mat, as it will visually increase the space, and another plus - it is less visible dirty spots.
  • Buy your hooks for your towels. It is better to choose ceramic, they will serve you longer than plastic, which under the weight of a wet towel can quickly break down, and you will have to go to the store again with a new batch of hooks.
  • Toilet items must match the color of your choice.
  • Towels should be chosen based on their own preferences, but do not forget: different colors of the same products will not look laconic in your stainless bath.
  • Furniture for a small bathroom

    Bathroom furniture - that's what you can not do without anything. If you have a small area of ​​the apartment, then you have not once thought over the issue of expansion of space and the purchase of bathroom furniture, which did not take up much space. Let's take a look at what kind of bathroom furniture of small size( 60 cm) is offered by us.

    Modern furniture for a small bathroom

  • Bathroom Furniture Onika Coral 60.10.This set of furniture includes:
  • cupboard with sink. Dimensions( W / W / D): 542 /830/ 300 mm;
  • mirror. Dimensions( W / W / D): 600 /682/ 170 mm;
  • pencil case. Dimensions( W / W / D): 300 /1900/ 274 mm.
  • Bathroom furniture Fly 60. Ingredients of the kit:
  • curbstone with sink Flay 60. Dimensions( W / W / D): 550 /800/ 310 mm;
  • bathroom mirror Florent 60. Dimensions( W / W / D): 600 /790/ 23 mm;
  • bathroom closet with linen baskets. Dimensions( W / W / D): 350 /1940/ 340 mm.
  • Wall chest of drawers with 4 drawers in width 60 cm, made of high quality materials.
  • Bathroom Furniture: Wash Basin and Twins Locker. The kit consists of:
  • pillow cabinets for washbasin with dimensions 60 /37/ 46 cm;
  • washbasin with rectangular sink in sizes 60/46 cm.
  • Bedside table with washbasin Viola. Overall dimensions: 605 /614/ 338 mm.
  • In order to create a cozy and comfortable environment in the bathroom, you need to choose bathroom furniture based on your own taste and not to forget about the styles. Qualitative, functional, stylish furniture for the bathroom will definitely complement the interior and will satisfy all your desires. All about choosing a sink with a pedestal look here.