Pulmonary headache: causes, symptoms and treatment

Today, you will find out what a headache is like, what is the symptoms of it, its characteristics, the causes of headache, consider the recommended treatment in such cases, several health advices to avoid such headaches.

Pulmonary headache: causes, symptoms and treatment

Headache attacks have different causes and signs of manifestation. In modern medicine, several forms of its manifestation are classified.


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Symptoms of Tumor Pain

Attacks arise on one side of the head, can be felt in the temples. Duration is satisfied varied from ten or fifteen minutes, and can be felt up to several hours. Very often in the course of an attack, the nose can be laid, tears appear, swollen eyelids, an intensified sweating on the face appears. Such specific symptoms help to correctly diagnose the type and cause of headache.

A similar headache often manifests itself in men, but in general, not more than one percent of all suffer from headaches. Such manifestations begin to appear after twenty years. Scientists argue that they can be hereditary.

Most often, such attacks occur occasionally, and may disappear for a few years at all. Such attacks are called cluster headache. Usually headache attacks are strong, felt in one place, are characterized as permeate.

Why are clusters? In translation, the word "cluster" means "group".Such attacks can occur several times a day, after which it may not manifest itself for several months or years. Specialists include such manifestations of megranoosnoy neuralgia and primarily the removal of pain, with further identification of the causes of their occurrence.

There are several reasons for the appearance of a headache:

  • ; disturbance of the nervous system;
  • disruption of blood vessels;
  • disruption of the normal work of the hypothalamus;
  • sharp climate change;
  • overstrain body, stress;
  • inflammation of the nerve endings;
  • dilated vessels.

To lead to such factors, excessive consumption of alcohol, nicotine and narcotic substances. This causes the manifestation of such pain in men after twenty or thirty years.

Lifestyle in general can affect the manifestation of headache attacks. Nightlife, overwork, and insomnia can be associated factors that will affect the nature and frequency of headache.

Any injury to the brain can lead to an attack. They may occur during rehab or may occur periodically afterwards.

Spread a bundle of headaches, maybe the load on air travel, be a result of strong feelings and unpleasant sensations.

What is pulmonary pain characterized?

  • pain begins sharply;
  • is felt on the one hand;
  • attack comes without additional preliminary features;
  • may cause pain in the area of ​​the ear, affect the eye area, forehead, temple;
  • increases heart rate, throbbing sensation;The
  • pain attack comes at one and the same time.

To diagnose pulmonary pain, you need to contact a doctor, if necessary, to undergo a test. An experienced doctor will quickly and correctly diagnose these signs. In this case, the patient himself will be able to help him. If possible, take note of the following manifestations in the diary:

  • as the attack comes up, with what feelings;
  • is a recurring attack, preferably precisely by dates and time;
  • side effects - vomiting, nausea, tears, undead;
  • what happens before an attack;
  • which actions or drugs soften pain sensations;
  • What remedies do you use, the use of phytotherapy and folk remedies;
  • general condition and sensation of the body, insomnia.

Recommended treatment for

Pulmonary headache: causes, symptoms and treatment The treatment process takes place in the use of anesthetics and preventive measures. At an acute attack, it is possible to use a mask for inhalation, you can even have a portable inhaler. If you breathe a few minutes of pure oxygen, the pain may disappear.

Tryptanes are used in medicinal products, which can be used in parallel with inhalations. There are sprays with analgesic effect. Nasal spray with lidocaine can help, but not every body is susceptible to this drug. Therefore, the effect of the application may not occur. Puchkovaya headache may retreat from the use of folk medicine.

Home treatment

If it is possible, at home you can take off the main attack. To do this you need to cook:

  • freshly squeezed juice from carrots, spinach and dandelion, or cucumber;
  • if the attack is caused by fatigue you can eat salty herring;
  • make a napkin of raw eggs and boiling milk;
  • mint decoction,
  • broth of dream grass, broom;
  • decoction of elderberry flowers;
  • broth watch three-piece;
  • Broth Kernel Broth.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the possible use of medicinal herbs and folk medicine in the treatment of bouts of headache. A positive effect can be achieved by taking a mustard bath.

Get the right result even after a bath of hands or feet with the addition of mustard. The water is heated to a temperature of forty degrees, and within ten to fifteen minutes this bath is taken. After that, you need to rest with clean water. The headache attack will begin to retreat, as the blood vessels, normalize their work.

Punch headaches can be treated with the use of psychotherapy. In this case, an individual approach is required. Usually, they use a method that involves the exclusion of excessive blood flow to the brain. But this must be done at the first signs of an attack comes.

A very important point in the treatment of headache attacks is prevention. When performing some rules it is possible to reduce the frequency of attacks of tufts of pain, and maybe even complete treatment from them. Such cases are known in modern medicine.

Rules that will help avoid headache

  • conducting various training on relaxation, stress relief, strain, fatigue;
  • a healthy lifestyle;
  • proper nutrition;
  • Learn To Avoid Stress Situations;
  • to do sports and physical education;
  • to abandon alcohol, nicotine, narcotic substances;
  • medical treatment only upon doctor's recommendation.

Puchkov's headache is also called cluster. This name comes from the word "cluster" - a bundle. This name refers to the period of time for which pain attacks occur.

It all happens in the following way:

  • headache;
  • frequent headache attacks;
  • for a long time without headache attacks, maybe more than a month.

In modern medicine, there are two types of headache:

  • episodic;
  • chronic.

How to distinguish cluster headache:

  • occurs unexpectedly and rapidly increases;
  • attack lasts about an hour;An
  • attack can occur during sleep, before awakening;An
  • attack may be accompanied by nervous and excitement;
  • pain experience always arises from the same side;
  • predict an attack is virtually impossible, it is not influenced by external factors.

After the attack, there is relief and a feeling of fatigue. Punch headache often affects men. Doctors have established a certain pattern and called it the syndrome of "lion and mouse."

Such men have a large body, well-folded, pronounced facial wrinkles. This appearance is associated with the lion. By character they are usually very indecisive, they doubt about it. Noticed all the mouse habits. It is sometimes advisable to carry out an operation to treat such attacks. Such testimonies are not frequent.

Sometimes stimulate brain work with electricity. But not all doctors support such methods of treatment. When establishing such a diagnosis necessarily need to visit the doctor of the neurologist and only he can put the final diagnosis and choose a course of treatment.

Pulmonary headache attacks can change their periodicity and strength over time, and may even disappear. It all depends on the peculiarities of your body.

Summing up

Punch or cluster headache is one of the hardest types. Only compliance with certain rules can help to get rid of such manifestations for a long time.

It is necessary to pay attention to their health and at the beginning of frequent headaches attacks should consult a doctor, if necessary, to undergo a medical examination.

There are a few key points that can form the state of your body:

  • mode of the day;
  • power supply;
  • physical activity.

With the right approach to this constituent, the human body works at the right rhythm and regulates vital processes itself.

It should be remembered that outdoor walks are just needed at any age, especially when sitting indoors. The use of drugs helps to relieve pain. Apply them skillfully and on the advice of a specialist.

Modern medicine is well-known for traditional medicine, which will bring positive results in the elimination of headache attacks. You can use phytotherapy, massage, acupuncture, meditation. Such methods are the most harmless. A set of activities is allowed to help the body cope with any failures in its work.

Ointments from medicinal herbs, application of vegetable oils can become a good preventive measure. When choosing such methods it is necessary to establish the absence of an allergic reaction to any ingredient in the substance used.

It is necessary to apply phytotherapy within the limits of permissible norms. In its use it is necessary to make certain breaks or to replace the method. In case of any negative effects stop taking and immediately seek medical attention.

There are many proven recipes and tested dosages in its application. Listen to expert advice on this issue.

A headache can be a harbinger of very serious illnesses, therefore at detection of such necessarily it is necessary to follow the instructions of the doctor.

A preventive review is required every year to detect and prevent any deviations in the work of any organ or system. When conducting such reviews you can get recommendations for the use of analgesics and medicinal herbs.

Puchkova headache can be directly related to the strain and fatigue of your body. Treat these manifestations with extreme caution and apply any treatment only after establishing causal relationships.

In today's life stressful situations arise in everyday life and at work. Learn to independently conduct relaxation or meditation sessions. Such methods are absolutely harmless and can help to cope with beam headaches. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs cause irreparable damage to your body.