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We choose fences from profiled flooring: photo and video

We choose fences from profiled flooring: photo and video

Economy version of the fence -

floor fence According to the ratio of price, quality and performance, the corrugated board is one of the best materials for the construction of fences and fences. In the photo - fences made of corrugated board, which are worthy to become a real decoration of the landscape

of any suburban area and are able to reliably protect the house from unwanted intrusion, and personal life from third-party eyes.

Please note! Corrugated sheet is a universal kind of sheet metal rolling, which allows to create presentable and functional structures, which will serve for many years.

An important advantage of this kind of metal rolling can be considered and the aesthetics of the construction, which is very well seen in the photos presented on the site.

Benefits of the fence from this material

The corrugated fence has a number of advantages:

  • Durability of the material provides durability of the operation of the fence - the fences of corrugated board will serve no less
    than 50 years.
  • Resistance to virtually all types of negative influences. Corrugated cardboard is not afraid of corrosion, does not burn in the sun and is immune to temperature fluctuations.
  • The corrugated fence provides reliable protection of the site from unauthorized penetration of people, protects the peace of living from animals and foreign eyes. The
  • Material provides enormous opportunities for creating a unique look. In the photo you can see various variants of the fence of corrugated board, as well as combinations of metal sheets with other materials - brick, stone, wood. Moreover, all these fences are aesthetic - the fence from a solid metal sheet is not only practical, but also very beautiful.
  • Easy to maintain. Due to the presence on the surface of the sheet of special polymeric coatings, the fence does not require periodic dyeing.
  • Gates installed in a solid metal fence can be both simple and automatic.

Types of solid metal guarding structures

Depending on the method of installation, several types of profiled fences are distinguished:

  • Enclosures constructed with pitting. They are ideal on mobile soils. When erecting such structures to a depth of about 1.2 meters, the pillars between which the sheets of profiled metal are mounted between them are hammered. This is the simplest way.
  • Fences made of pillars. This method is used for arranging structures in soils with seasonal pinkism. The technology allows to erect a building at any time of year, including in winter. Depths for pillars are performed with a drill. After installing the pillar they fall asleep with rubble and gravel boot. To give stability, the boot is tamped in a layer.
  • Fences built with concrete pillars. This construction method is applied on impenetrable soils. Deepening is carried out with the help of a drill, but after the installation of the pillars, they do not fall asleep with boot, and poured into a concrete mixture. A distinctive feature of such structures is high stability, reliability and durability.
  • Fences, erected on a ribbon foundation. This type of enclosing structure is the most durable, reliable, durable and very beautiful. The design of the foundation on the foundation can be absolutely any. From the fence can be mounted gates of any type - awning, sliding, automatic, etc.
  • Fence with brick pillars. Another very nice option. The profiled sheet is perfectly combined with any other materials, including bricks. This type of fence can be combined with forged elements, fence blocks, lattices, etc. Variety of enclosing structures with brick pillars can be seen in the photo.

Mounting of a fence made of profiled metal sheet

We choose fences from profiled flooring: photo and video

Installation of fences from profile sheet

Corrugated skirting is easy to install. It is possible to install a fencing structure from profiled continuous metal rolling independently. Many photographs can be found on the web or in the specialized literature.

All installation work is carried out in several stages:

  • Constructing the foundation of the tape or the local. It is more difficult to fulfill a tape foundation that covers the entire area along the perimeter. When setting up a local pouring only pillars.
  • Piling. The simplest construction of a profiled sheet can be done using metal pillars. It's possible to diversify the design and create a really unique building with brick pillars, but this choice will make the work more expensive. It should also be taken into account the fact that the erection of brick columns will require the involvement of specialists.
  • Installation of living houses. Most often they are made of metal profiles to ensure the strength and stability of the entire structure.
  • Installation of sheets. To the habitats of the corrugated boxes are attached to the screws by means of screws. In order not to disrupt the design, the components are selected in accordance with the color of corrugated sheets. In areas with high elevation heights, sheets can be mounted in steps. This way of installation allows you to bypass even strong fluctuations - slides, slopes, embankments, without changing the design of the fence. The number of degrees is calculated based on the features of the relief. What looks like a construction mounted in steps can also be seen in the photo.
  • Gates and gates are installed last. Gates can be made of both profiled sheets and other materials. If necessary, an automation unit is mounted. The automatic gates from the profile sheet are lightweight, so they can have different ways of opening / closing.


Profiled sheet - excellent material for fitting the fence along the perimeter of the site. Such buildings distinguish not only the diverse design and the many installation options, but also the practicality and durability of use. All-metal fences are by far the best in terms of price and quality. Presented in the photo versions of the gobelins fence - the best evidence of the unique qualities of this material.