How much is the ostrich and the height of an individual

What do you think, why you can meet him more and more often on farms? It's easy to guess if you know how much the ostrich is. The maximum weight of poultry reaches 250 kilograms. However, depending on the variety, the mass may vary greatly. To know which bird is more profitable to grow

all, let's find out which ostrich is the largest.

Ostriches - the amazing birds that came to us from the mysterious African continent, Australia and the Middle East. It is logical that the names of subspecies reflect their place of residence.

How much is the ostrich and the height of an individual The largest bird of the planet -

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The height of the Australian non-flying bird is 1 meter 50 centimeters and the weight of the ostrich reaches 55 kg. Male specimens have a greater mass than women, and can reach 100 kg. During the egg laying, the male loses a third of the weight, since it is he who hatches the chicks. Mother is currently eating food.

Live in a grassy and shrub area and feed grass with food and insects. With pleasure eating cereal herbs, the Australian authorities have decided to partially shoot ostriches if they do damage to agriculture.

You can recognize it by a plumage in which all shades of brown are present. The head and neck have deeper dark colors, gradually illuminating below the trunk. On his legs, he has three fingers used to protect him. The male and female look the same. You can distinguish them by lifting the tail and pressing the cloaca. If there is a sexual organ, then there is a "boy" in front of you. Otherwise, you look under the tail "lady".However, for such peepments, not everyone will decide - the ostrich can easily kill a person with one kick of his leg. Thanks to the strong lower limbs, they run at speeds up to 51 km / h and can perfectly swim.

Newborns of Australian non-flying birds are quite tiny - up to 400 g. The laying contains 25 eggs, and therefore, more than two dozen babies are hunted at one time. The weight of one egg is 700 - 900 g, which corresponds to 10-12 chicken eggs by weight and volume.

Ostrich is an ancient animal. However, at some stage, his mental development was stalled. The tiny head contains the same tiny brain. Ostriches are very insolent and frightened even by their shadows, and as food they can easily hide from the bottles or all that fit into the beak.

How much is the ostrich and the height of an individual Him - a bird weighing 160 kg


These are the highest and most heavy birds among their brothers. Their growth is 2.5 meters, the weight of the female ostrich is 120 kg, and the male - 150 kg. Not surprisingly, the bird with such dimensions was noticed by farmers. Huge eggs weighing 2.5 - 3.5 kg go for food. From such an egg you can cook an omelet for the whole family.

Average weight of newborn chicks - up to two kilos. The chicks develop quite quickly. For a year, a couple of African ostrich hatches up to 40 ostriches. In adulthood, this number of birds gives up to two tons of dietary digestible meat. Feathers also go along the path. They are used in jewelry and for souvenirs. From one ostrich get up to 2 kg of feathers! The feathered males on the body have a black color, feathers of wings and tail are white. But the females are not so beautifully colored - in dirty brown tones, wings and tails have dirty white featherbeds.

The length of a step of an African ostrich, due to long legs, is 3 meters, and it runs at a speed of 50 km / h. Unlike him, on his legs he has only two fingers, which he repels from predators. In nature, "Africans" live in dry rocky terrain, to improve the digestion of food swallowed small pebbles. The African Bird has a well-developed herd instinct. The flock can be up to 50 individuals.

Strong legs - a great protection from large predators. One stroke of an ostrich can easily kill or seriously injure a lion or a tiger.

How much is the ostrich and the height of an individual The weight of an African ostrich - over 200 kg

Somali gorio

In the East African country, Somalia has an ostrich type that is a subspecies of African. In the female gorio is a brighter brown feather, unlike other species. The head, neck, and thighs of the birds are not ripe, just like their siblings. Long eyelashes, huge eyes and straight flat beak are distinctive features of the goria.

Males and females hatch their chicks in a pair: females, and males - at night. Newborns have a weight of 1 - 1.3 kg, while growing very fast. Over the season your ostriches are increased to 18 - 20 kg. The maximum weight of adults reaches after the fourth year of content. The height of the ostrich after 3 years - 250 cm, and the weight varies from 100 to 170 kg, with the females much more massive males.

Nutritious goria plants, with food not only grass, but also bushes, leaves. However, with equal pleasure, they rejoice with small rodents and insects. In the absence of food, the ostrich can live without water and food for up to two days.

How much is the ostrich and the height of an individual Average weight of Gorayo - 170 kg

As the

grows fast When the growth of the chickens is about 25 cm, and each month it increases by 25-30 cm. And in its maturity its growth will be about 2.5 meters.

At home, its maximum weight and height of ostriches reach up to three years, but on farms, bird is slaughtered, usually up to one and a half years. But you can get an egg after two years of content. For the year, the ostrich averages between 80 and 120 eggs.


Cultivation of domestic ostrich is a profitable business. From one carcass you get:

  • tasty meat, reminiscent of beef taste;
  • eggs consumed in food;
  • souvenir feathers;
  • leather, from which make bags, belts and other leather goods.

Homemade ostriches have long been not exclusive, and ostrich farm has firmly taken its place in domestic agriculture.

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