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LG G2 mini review

LG G2 mini review

To produce miniature and simplified versions of their flagship smartphones is now fashionable. This is with enthusiasm and proved by leading manufacturers of mobile devices. After all, as a rule, a modern top smartphone has large dimensions, and this may not suit everyone. Therefore, in the situation in the

, relatively small devices such as the LG G2 mini come to the aid of this situation. How significant are the differences between the LG G2 mini and last year's flagship G2?

Overview LG G2 mini. Design of

In the appearance of the difference between the LG G2 mini and the older model is minimal. Here are all the same rear buttons on the back cover, and the main controls and connectors remained in the same place. The material of the case is soft plastic. Therefore, to describe the design of the device is not a special sense, since this copy of the LG G2, only reduced.

Overview LG G2 mini. Processor

Unfortunately, the South Korean manufacturer has decided to seriously trim the technical component of the LG G2 mini. Now, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8226 inside. This is the average chip, which consists of four cores operating at a frequency of 1200 MHz. That is, it's better to forget about performance records right away. But for uncompromising users, such a processor will not cause crashes on a part of the speed, because the menus, applications and simple games function at high and stable speed.

Overview LG G2 mini. Screen

As the mini version belongs, the screen has become smaller. The LG G2 mini has an IPS 4.3-inch touch screen with a very modest resolution of 960 by 540 pixels. The diagonal is almost an inch smaller than the screen size G2, and the resolution has been reduced by half. However, the quality of this 4.3-inch screen is still decent. The only claim is noticeable pixels, which are often very clearly visible.

Overview LG G2 mini. The operating system

The LG G2 mini runs on a very refined Android 4.4 operating system. The KitKat version brought many innovations that still need to be discovered by the users. I would like to note the increased stability and excellent system performance. Of course, there are other notable innovations. The unique and user-friendly interface from LG is mandatory here too.

Overview LG G2 mini.

Camera The prestigious G2 was a high-quality camera. To some extent, this tradition has been moved to the LG G2 mini. But got a simplified 8-megapixel version. The pictures are of good quality, especially on the street and with sufficient lighting. There is a LG G2 mini and a front camera.

Overview LG G2 mini. Conclusion

The smartphone LG G2 mini leaves a very dual impression. The device is very different from the G2 in terms of technical capabilities, and not for the better. On the other hand, LG G2 mini is a very interesting solution in the middle segment of the market, where there is a serious struggle. All will determine the final price, as well as the commitment of users.

LG G2 mini review