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How to make a cat with a cat for the first time - Practical advice

How to make a cat with a cat for the first time Pratičeski tips

How to build a cat with a cat for the first time

If you decide to introduce and build your cat with a cat in order to get offspring, then be prepared to have some days in your house bored really definitely do not have to. The behavior of the newly-hatched "newlyweds" may turn out to be unpredictable by the

itself, regardless of their character and temperament, even from the time of day. Be prepared to find out relationships day and night, especially if the cat with the cat meet for the first time and did not have dating before.

In addition, you need to be very attentive and caring for the guest or guest, depending on which territory you will have a wedding. And so if you've planned this charming event, this article is for you!

Behavior of animals will depend first of all on who( cat or cat) stays at home, that is, in its territory, where the environment is familiar to the animal and it feels like a master. Those who are invited to meet in a strange home will, of course, feel uncertain, feel some stress and maybe defend or hide.

If there is a cat at home and a cat is invited as a groom, then be ready for the fact that on the very first day a modest gentleman, getting on the face in the literal sense of these words, is hiding under a sofa or closet. Most likely, he will be there until the Norovist lady herself shows up the initiative to acquaintance and will not go into contact.

By this time, be sure to take care of your guest and put him a separate bowl with food and water. It is desirable if these bowls are his own, brought by the owners of the kitten along with him. From his own dishes, the cat will eat more confidently in a foreign territory. And, if he has somewhere hid, then food and water should be put where the cat and sits, because he himself will never come to eating. And keeping a visitor hungry - it's impolite and not good!

How to make a cat with a cat for the first time Pratičeski tips If the cavalier is bold, then, having received a pair of scratches on the nose, which, incidentally, is quite normal on the day of dating, however, he will quickly agree with your favorite.

When the owner of the territory is a cat, the invited bride may even first be a sizzle on him and scratched. This reaction is explained, first of all, by the fact that the cat feels unprotected in a foreign territory. She also, as in the case of a modest fiancé, needs to provide all the conveniences, good nutrition, give the opportunity to sit in the chosen cozy place and calm down, after which she will begin to become more interested in the courtship of the cat and will soon cease to be afraid.

Very often, cats during sexual intercourse may partially or even completely refuse food. In fact, there is nothing terrible about this. It simply comes to the fore other natural function of the body, and the appetite for the time decreases or disappears. The main thing is that refusal to eat did not last more than one or two days, and did not cause significant harm to the health of the future cat-mom. Refusing to eat for the same reason can also be a gentleman.

Anyway, when this necessary and, most often, short period of dating the bridegroom with the bride, this wise nature will take its own. Then from your hedgehogs, scratches and hide-and-seek games your pupils will go to the expected classes. You will only have the right to feed them, especially the kitten, because now its body needs much more nutrients than before. In addition, it is necessary to prepare in advance a large and comfortable house for an expectant mother with kittens. And after some time - with joy to wait for replenishment in a happy cat family!

How to make a cat with a cat for the first time Pratičeski tips