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The 10 Best Gowns for a Housewarming

Novosillya is an unusual event for a family or a single person. Cozy accommodation creates a joyful atmosphere, raises the mood. But the housewarming may be different: moving with all the things that were kept at the previous place of residence, and settling down almost without things. Of course, the

makes it easier to choose a gift to someone who moves with the minimum set of necessary items and without furniture. Before buying a gift, you should know exactly what is missing, but you really need new homes, which design in the premises.

Tipping the donors

If you nevertheless decide to give furniture to the newlyweds, we advise you to find out more about it at home owners themselves. A large gift can create a lot of trouble residing. Do you know what kind of apartment or house in a new building? Then there should not be any problem with the choice. But let's consider the most popular options.

Option # 1.Set of tableware or cutlery

In the kitchen can not do without knives, spoons, forks and cups. If the owners in the old place had a shortage of utensils, then it's time to give them a good set.

Option number 2.Anything from furniture

Before you buy a chair or table, stool or other kind of furniture, it's better to find out whether they need them in such subjects. And if so, in what exactly. Agree to give the best really the right thing.

It will be a huge mistake on your part if you buy, for example, a dresser, but it will not fit into the interior or fit into the room / hallway.

Option number 3.Bath accessories

For a bathroom or a bath can choose a variety of options sets: shower gels, brushes, shampoos, lotions. Another option is: a bathrobe and towels for all family members. Of course, you need to know the size of each clothes. Beautiful slippers can be a great gift.

Instead of bath accessories and clothes, you can buy a shelf, soap or mirror. But you need to make sure that the owners do not really have such a thing.

Option # 4.Indoor plants

A housewife loves flowers? Give her a lovely flower that does not require special care. Such a gift can be, for example, an orchid phalaenopsis.

Hydroponics for gardeners and gardeners will be a great gift. Buy in the specialized hydroponics store the appropriate plant for growing vegetables and greens at home.

Option number 5.

Lighting Accessories Beautiful bras, floor lamps or table lamps can decorate the room. But you need to choose a lighting device that is suitable. If you have not seen a new apartment, it is worth taking a universal, but a nice option.

Need a room or kitchen chandelier? Talk to the newlyweds, ask what they want to hang and where.

The 10 Best Gowns for a Housewarming

Option number 6.Kitchen Appliances

There is no multivariate or blender? Be sure to give the necessary device for the hostess so that the dishes are always delicious, and a little time was spent for cooking.

A good gift will be a weather station or clock that will look perfect on the kitchen wall. And the owners of the apartment will be comfortable to know what time.

Option number 7.Pictures of

Before choosing a picture, find out which wall color is the interior design. Choose a picture that perfectly fits into the interior.

Option number 8.Plaids, bedspreads, pillows, bedding

It will not be overwhelming if you buy blankets or pillows for newborns. And newlyweds should be given a set of bed linen.

Option # 9.Cleaning equipment

Vacuum cleaner - the best assistant in the house. On the other hand, you can present a modern mop with a comfortable spin. A good gift will be a humidifier or air purifier.

Option number 10.Inventory, plants or garden technique

If the newlyweds moved to the private sector, and the plot allows planting, consult with the owners. Ask whether they want to get as a gift seedlings of specific plants or they dreams of barbecue or brazier.

There can be a lot of ideas. The main thing is that the gift is not in the future superfluous for the family. If you do not know what to give, then choose a gift that suits everyone. For example, a large beautiful vase or a lovely jar with tea.