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Feedback about Ariston water heaters 80 liters after 2 years of use

The water supply in a private house is difficult to set up, which only costs to drill and arrange a well. And when you do this, you still need to hold water in the house, equip the pipes, automatics for the pump and of course connect the boiler.

When I just bought

my house, there was nothing there, water was carried from the column 20 meters from the house, and about the hot water did not even have to dream. However, over time, we did everything and the first time we spent water in the house - we decided to connect the boiler. Now we have hot and cold water at ANY time, and our private home has become like an apartment. So, I'll tell you which heater we bought and our feedback after a year and a half of use.

We also honored reviews before buying and decided to stay on an inexpensive model from the Ariston company. Immediately there was a question - how many liters to buy a water heater, so that you could take a bath and do not wait for reheating water. So we took the model at 80 liters. Here it is in the photo:

Feedback about Ariston water heaters 80 liters after 2 years of use

The fastening of such a heavy machine to a wooden wall became possible only thanks to the powerful self-screw cutters, they are very thick and strong. Our heater hangs on three "dugers" with a thickness of 10 mm

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So, now let's look at it closer. He looks like this( top photo), big and round. Of course, it was possible to buy and flat, but it would cost considerably more expensive. We bought our own for 5500 rubles( now in 2015 it is already 8000 rubles).

Feedback about Ariston water heaters 80 liters after 2 years of use

Characteristics of the machine and its advantages

  • Power 1500 Watts.
  • Power-free protection is a very useful and useful function to keep the water heater, there will be no water inside. You went, drank water, forgot, then they arrived, included - and he will take and not burn, because there is such protection and he will not even turn on.
  • Automatic shutdown if the water supply in the tank has stopped. The same as the first function to protect the device. For example, our case( for private houses and summer residences) - the pump was broken in the well, the water supply was stopped and Ariston was immediately disconnected, he would not be burned out of work without water.
  • Temperature range - 40 to 80 degrees, step 10 degrees. We always put the maximum, because the wife is very fond of taking the bath after work, so it is necessary that the water was always very hot. Incidentally, a tank of 80 liters of fully heated water is enough to take a bath to one person. Also, it takes about 2 hours for the water to heat up from scratch. That is, you came home, turned on the heater, and after 2 hours it was already disconnected, because it had a temperature of 80 degrees - the maximum for this model.
  • Warranty on a water heater - 5 years, while for 2 years there were no breakdowns( tuk-tuk-tuk on a tree).
  • Another feature of the heater is the ECO function, the main purpose of which is protection against bacteria. Why is this? And all is simple - when you leave the house for a few days, and water from the tank do not drain, then the water is inside. Therefore, when you arrive, to disinfect the water inside the tank - press the "Eco" button. A couple of times enjoyed this feature.
  • Also, if you ride for a long time, you can throw water from the tank through a special valve. So even better and recommended by manufacturers.
  • What else is - automatic switching on and off, saving power so to speak. Also, from the additional "plush" you can note a special anticorrosive coating of the inner surface of the tank, a coating of silver. Maybe this is such a big guarantee on the tank.

Feedback about Ariston water heaters 80 liters after 2 years of use

Using the data of a water heater for 2 years, I can say that very pleased with the purchase, really worth the inexpensive, which provides our family with hot water. Electricians do not spend a lot, according to our calculations, in the month it goes about 700-1000 rubles. A little bit that the house was constantly hot water. Hope my feedback was helpful to you.

Update article:

After 2.5 years, we had to completely replace the heating element, because the water we have very hard. Replacement of the tin with the anode came out of 700 rubles, given to clean the workshop. If you do it yourself, then you will spend money only on the purchase of a tin, they cost about 400-500 rubles.

In general, it is recommended that once a year to clean the water heater, look at the shadow and the body itself. As a rule, anode is lost, due to which the scale is destroyed. The heater itself still works without complaints like a clock. I recommend.