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Benefits of buying a home directly from the developer

Benefits of buying a home directly from the developer

Choosing a home and buying it is one of the most important stages in the life of a modern person. Despite the fact that previously residential real estate was mostly bought in the secondary market, today cooperation with proven construction companies is becoming increasingly popular.

Real estate from a developer has several advantages over the secondary market. We recommend the site http: //sevproektmontaj.com/, which presents the most advantageous options for new real estate directly from the developer.

It's no secret that those who are present in this market and unscrupulous developers who fail to fulfill their contractual obligations. Such developers undermine confidence in the new way of acquiring real estate. However, fraudsters can be taken to clean water, if you consult with experts and lawyers. Therefore, the choice of a construction company needs to be given special attention. Then the cooperation will only have a positive effect. Consider the main advantages of housing from the developer.

New apartments from construction companies have a clean history. The buyer will be the first owner of the apartment, as it receives it directly at the stage of construction or even design. Nobody claims to the object, unexpected heirs or other owners who are counting on your real estate can not appear.

Application of new construction technologies and modern materials guarantees high quality of housing. This is a distinct advantage of the primary real estate before the secondary market. The apartments have new plumbing, wiring, windows and doors installed - it will for a long time deprive them of communicating with the employees of the housing and communal services.

Price - the most advantageous for apartment buyers from the developer. The earlier an agreement on the purchase of real estate will be concluded, the lower its cost. When the house is put into operation, the cost increases by 20% or more compared with the price at the design or construction stage. Subsequently, the price may increase even more. Among other things, the buyer, who concludes a contract with the developer, can count on a installment payment. This service saves money, as interest on loans or mortgages is always much higher. It is also worth mentioning that for the purchase of an apartment from a developer, young families can use the funds of their parent's capital.

Since new apartments are sold with rough finish, the new owner can independently devise a design. If the contract is at the stage of designing the house, then you can choose the floor, the orientation of the apartment on the world's sides, the placement of premises. If desired, the buyer can immediately agree on the complete processing of the apartment for the individual design of the project. In this case, you can immediately go to the apartment after putting the house into operation.