Ostrich fat: application in cosmetology and medicine

Ostriches are huge non-flying birds from Australia. Indigenous people of those places very much appreciate their long-legged pupils. In addition to good nutrition, they receive from the birds a healthy substance - the fat of the ostrich to him. What kind of help can a person give such a natural

substance, from which the ailment can cure?

Ostrich fat: application in cosmetology and medicine some ostrich fat is sold in such axis in

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What is the useful fat

Valuable fat to him from the ancient Australian aborigines was considered irreplaceable in problems with skin. He coped with strong burns and wounds, gave analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. However, with the intensive development of civilization, this miracle tool has been forgotten. Relatively recently ostrich fat has again become popular.

What's on

Tenderness, a pleasant, quickly absorbed substance remotely resembling butter. It is spit out from the back of the carcass. It turns out pure deodorized substance, the consistency is similar to goose fat. Many farmers, divorced long-legged birds, meat are pushed to the background. Their goal is to get ostrich oil.

With one bird, the healing substance reaches seven kilograms.

The composition of the product is amazing. Ostrich fat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which protect cells, participate in important biological processes of the body. The minimum amount of phospholipids allows him to quickly and deeply clot in the skin without residue. The presence of linoleic acid has a beneficial effect on the muscles and joints.

Ostrich fat: application in cosmetology and medicine Fat is easy to absorb into the skin

What diseases is treated by

Ostrich fat: application in cosmetology and medicine Fat is widely used in medicine

Widespread use of the substance around the world proves that among such remedies it is not equal. Individuals of this type of birds recover from traumatic injury in a short time. This feature attracted scientists, as a result, the tool firmly consolidated its position in medicine.

  • At strikes, dislocations, stretches it relieves pain, cleans swelling, relaxes muscle fibers. Blood circulation is normal, the healing effect is intensified.
  • Soles and abrasions are cured without leaving even a trace. Deep penetration does not allow skin damage to develop again.
  • Has a beneficial effect on joints in arthrosis and arthritis, heals minor internal damage. Quickly pain-relieves the aching parts of the body.
  • Dermatologists prove that oysters oil is effective for them in any adverse skin conditions. He is subject to acne, psoriasis, any kind of fungus, dry or scorching eczema.
  • Postoperative scars accelerate heavily, and they become smoother and more elastic.
  • Reduces veins in varicose veins, a unique penetrating property. Fat it, absorbed deeply into the tissue, restores damaged blood vessels.
  • Along with coniferous essential oils, it helps with colds and infections.
  • Capsules filled with this elixir, restore the mucus in problems with the gastrointestinal tract, even in patients with oncology.
  • There is a unique case of cure for the leg gangrene. The patient had to amputate the foot, but fat contributed to the complete attenuation of the process.

    Elixir of Beauty and Youth

    Such a useful substance was noticed in cosmetology. Its use helps to bring beneficial particles to the deep layers of the skin. Combined preparations with oil create miracles.

  • Creams of ostrich fat help overcome acne and acne, literally in the eyes of the most powerful inflammation.
  • Sprays and masks based on this substance awaken hair follicles during baldness, the volume of the hair extensions increases significantly.
  • Protecting ultraviolet rays with special ostrich fat-based suntan products. Created goods and frostbite.
  • Oil is a part of massage creams, ointments for athletes.
  • There is even soap with an odorous ostrich oil that moisturizes, smooths dry wrinkled skin, literally wipes out all the blemishes.
  • Struggles with cellulite. Regular massage sessions with ostrich elixir will have a tremendous effect.
  • If during and after pregnancy lubricate the skin with such a substance, problems with stretch marks will come to naught.

    Ostrich fat: application in cosmetology and medicine Masks of ostrich fat perfectly rejuvenate the skin

    A unique remedy in the home medicine chest

    If you are lucky to have a jar of ostrich oil, you can use it as a folk remedy for any strokes, cuts, sores and bruises. He is not contraindicated in childhood. When applied, the wrapped cheeks and lips will become soft. All damaged seats are lubricated by light motions several times a day.

    If the specific scent of a cleaner remedy is unpleasant, it can be improved with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

    Ostrich fat: application in cosmetology and medicine We recommend mixing oatmeal oil from

    Summary Due to its unique properties, it is used by many people who suffer from virtually incurable diseases and have a chance of recovery. Its penetrating ability allows you to transport to inaccessible places useful substances, not only the oil itself, but also the drug that is connected with it. And also allows a person to preserve beauty and youth for a long time, and, without making much effort.

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