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Processor - how to choose the best

Today I will tell you may not be new information, but it's definitely useful! The processor is a key part of a computer that computes and executes commands received from programs. There are now two of the most popular processor manufacturers - Amd and Intel. In order not to be mistaken, I'll tell you how to choose

properly for your computer in 2014-2015, you need to know the basic specifications and do not forget about the tests that show the real possibilities, but in more detail read below or you can watch videos that beforethe ends of the article.

How many cores are needed for games 2015?

The number of cores should not be overlooked. Today's stage of development does not allow to increase frequency, therefore manufacturers are forced to develop a direction capable of parallel computing. That is, to increase the number of cores, at the moment they are from 2 to 8.This option tells you how many programs you can run at the same time, without losing the speed in games, programs. For the most popular games, you will need 4 cores for a comfortable game in the coolest toys like World of Tanks, Crysis, STALKER, NFS and so on.

Processor - how to choose the best

intel stickers

What is the optimal frequency?

Clock frequency is a parameter that is measured in gigahertz. For example, 2.21 GHz tells the buyer that the processor can complete as many as 2 billion transactions in one second. That is, the higher the frequency, the faster the information is processed, enough for the office and 1.6 GHz, and for games from 2.5.Clock frequency is the most important parameter, so you need to pay attention to it first!

Processor - how to choose the best

Models AMD

Cache and Frequency

The output and input information rate shows the bus frequency. The higher this indicator, the faster the exchange of information occurs. The frequency of the bus in gigahertz is measured. But the high importance is the high-speed memory block or cache processor. It is located directly on the core and performs functions of increased productivity. Compared to RAM, the cache processes data much faster.

There are three levels of memory cache: the

  • L1 is the smallest volume level, the size of which is 8 to 128 KB.But it is the fastest;The
  • L2 is slightly slower than the first, but exceeds its size level. It has options from 128 to 12288 KB;
  • L3 is the third level that loses at the speed of the previous one. But its volume is much larger. The third level can be completely absent as it is intended for northern solutions and special editorial processes. Its dimensions reach 16384 kb.

Other parameters

Less important, but still relevant when buying a processor, such parameters as heat dissipation and socket.

The socket is a connector where the processor must be installed in the motherboard. For example, if the marking indicates a socket AMZ or Intel S1155, then the motherboard, respectively, requires an identical socket. The heat setting parameter shows the degree of heating during operation. This indicator should be considered first of all when choosing a cooling system. Heat emission is measured in watts and varies from 50 to 300 Watts.

An important feature is the support of a variety of technologies. The parameter defines a set of commands that are designed to improve performance, for example, the SSE4 technology. This is a specific set of fifty four teams that are designed to increase CPU performance while working with media content and gaming applications.

The core of the internal circuit consists of semiconductor elements. The scale of technology that is determined by such semiconductor elements is called the technical process. The elements consist of transistors, interconnected. The technology is being improved year by year, the transistors are proportional to the size, so the performance of the processor increases. For example, the Willamette core is executed in accordance with the technical process of 0.18 μm. It has 42 million transistors. At the same time, another core of Prescott corresponds to the technical process of 0.09 μm, and the number of available transistors is equal to 125 million.

What is the best choice for Intel or AMD?

If you apply the acquired knowledge in practice and compare two modern processors, then the following picture will turn out. For example, the AMD FX-8150 Zambezi has a clock speed of 3600 MHz, and the Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge is limited to a 3400 GHz clock. That is, the first is characterized by rapid action. Comparing the model data, it becomes clear that AMD leads the number of cores - 8, Intel is only four. But this is a rather controversial point, since most programs may not be optimized to work with four cores, but not one of eight. Intel also loses the cache volume. His third level cache is 6144 KB, and AMD 8192 KB.The second level cache in AMD is also more than 8192 KB, and Intel's figure is 1024 KB.

Based on these key parameters, you need to choose a processor that is more agile in the games or the tasks in which you will use it, so that 100% determine the choice is first of all to look at benchmarks!

Processor - how to choose the best

So it looks like the process of those

Top best processors for PC

When you buy a good processor, you need to focus not only on features, but also on public opinion( reviews, forums, expert opinions).You can consult with familiar programmers who know exactly what to buy or rely on the opinions of acquaintances, recently bought a processor. We also ranked the top CPUs for your computer for 2014-2015 so you do not sit idle hours on the forum, or read about cursed reviews. The most frequently purchased models, unambiguously, have both good quality and an affordable price. The list of the best models will help you to navigate in the innumerable variety of modern devices Intel and AMD.It is also worth taking into account individual preferences. Which models are best suited for gaming and home use, while other models are more for office work, but not for games.

Processor - how to choose the best

AMD vs Intel

CPU up to 3000 rubles

  • Celeron G1820
  • INTEL Pentium Dual-Core G2130 ( if you are collecting a simple computer on an Intel then this is the best choice)
  • Celeron G1620
  • Trinity A4-5300
  • AMD A6 6400K
  • AMD A65400K
  • AMD Athlon 5350 ( best entry-level processor)

Processor - how to choose the best

Best processor for 4000 rubles

  • INTEL Pentium Dual-Core G3420 ( optimal for Intel)
  • AMD Athlon X4 860K
  • Trinity A8-5600K
  • AMD FX 4300 ( best for itsthe money for the gaming company of the entry level)
  • Core i3-2120 ( if you find a good hemp replacement)
  • Pentium Processor G3220

Best processor for 5000 rubles

  • AMD Athlon X4 860K
  • FX-4300
  • FX-6300 Best buy for your money
  • FX-8320
  • Core i3-3220
  • AMD Richland A8-6600K
  • AMD Trinity A8-5600K 3.6GHz / 4MB
  • Core i3-4130

The best processor for gaming 2015

Processor - how to choose the best

Core i7-4770K

  • Intel Core i5-4440
  • AMD FX-9590
  • Core i5-4670K
  • Core i7-3770K
  • Core i7-4770K ( the best processor forgames for today)
  • FX-8350 ( good choice if you can find and if you are collecting a system unit amd)
  • AMD FX-6350
  • AMD Richland A10-6800K
  • AMD FX-4350

Processor - how to choose the best


And if in Wawith an unlimited amount of money, these three models are exactly what is needed for the most powerful system block, but finding such devices will not be easy to believe it's worth it!

  • Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition
  • Xeon E5-2650 v2

By rating I told you what and where, see the photo below for more information on everything.

Comparison of Intel and AMD 2015 processor tables

Processor - how to choose the best

Processor - how to choose the best

Processor - how to choose the best

Processor - how to choose the best

Processor - how to choose the best

Processor - how to choose the best Processor - how to choose the best Processor - how to choose the best

What is the Intel or AMD CPU?

All about AMD

All about Intel


Sure you will be much easier to choose the best processor for your home computer, letting you just sit on the Internet, work in office applications, in 3d editors, or chop in the most powerful games. You only have to collect the necessary amount to buy and run to the store! Good shopping!